A Poem by Erin

Melancholy broken heart. A work in progress, still unfinished.


As I write this you sit somewhere.
Leaning into the chair next to you,
Whispering jokes and getting girlish giggles in response.
Not even jealousy turns my stomach sickly sweet,
But mourning.
Because I know she’s perfect for you.

You think and it’s already known;
A connection.
I was never a date,
But a rendezvous.
A boost to your ego.
I accepted this,
Because you are as close to a soulmate I have ever met or known
and my heart is broken.

You liked me in your own way,
Until she came along.
And she is beautiful,
Inside and Out.
I can find no fault with her, and I am oh so bitter about this.
I always amazed at how I got you,
Someone so far above me.
Now you have your equal;
Your other half.
And I no longer have to wonder this.
I no longer even have the right.
Because your arm hugs her shoulders
And conforms to her body,
As if you were made one.
I liked our jagged edges,
I though it made it all so much more interesting.
I guess I was wrong.
Maybe I expected too much of you,
That somehow you’d find my complications…
That you would enjoy the challenge.
You didn’t even get frustrated, just annoyed.
Then you saw an easier, higher step to reach,
And you stepped on me on your way up, without even a backwards glance

© 2008 Erin

Author's Note

It's not complete yet, I'm not sure how to wrap it all up, or if it needs a few more stanzas.
Any help will be wildly appreciated.

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Deeply honest, beautiful, bittersweet... Seems so vividly personal... Perfect contrasts (smooth/jagged.. status... pain/laughter)... Brilliant in so many ways...


Posted 12 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 11, 2008



Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plain, OK

I'm going to Vassar College in the fall after living in Oklahoma all my life. This should be interesting. more..

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