chapter 1

chapter 1

A Chapter by Kat


it was everywhere. all around me i could feel it's heat. long toungs reached up hungrily along the walls of my bedroom, devouring everything in its path. "KAIYA!" my mother's voice screamed, soon followed by my father's. i jumped out of my bed and looked for a way out.all the walls, and the door were covered in flames. i looked toward the window, every few seconds the flames moved to the side of it, forming a break just big enough for a three-year-old girl to fit through.... i dashed towards it, and stopped quickly. at the next break, i lifted one lock, then the other, and finally heaving the heavy window up. the fire was licking the back of my legs now, the whole room aflame. i got ready, and at the next break, i jumped. it was a two- story fall, but i landed on my feet without a problem, thankfully. theres one problem solved, now where were mom and dad? surley they were out here too? "MOM, DAD?!" i screeched. then i heard running, thinking it was my parents, i ran to them. large arms scooped me up, and i had a smile ready for who i thought was my father, but when i looked up.... "AAHHH!!!" i screamed at the stranger in heavy yellow clothes. i threw myself out of his arms and landed clumsily on the ground. usually i always land on my feet, but for some reason, i felt i should act like im not. i turned and ran around my burning home, toward the front. but around the corner... was... a giant red truck? thats not my car.... there were more of the people in yellow with a big tube spraying water at the house. i didn't see mom or dad anywhere. interrupting my thoughts of where they could be was the first man in yellow, who i had recently escaped. "wait, come back!" he yelled. i squeaked in fear, and ran past the other men in yellow, heading to the forest. i had to get away, but what about my parents? that thought stopped me in my tracks. turning around, i saw i was surrounded by the men in yellow. uh oh.... "where are my parents?!" i demanded. they looked sad, why are they sad? "sweetie, they..... they're gone..." one of the yellow men said. "what do you mean gone? gone where?" i said confused, backing into the forest. "come with us sweetie, then we'll talk." another yellow man said. "ok..." i said warily. what was going on? i followed them to the front of the house again, but my house didn't look like a house anymore.... it was all wet ashes... where were mom and dad? the yellow men walked me over to a black and white car, with big red and blue lights on top. they talked to a man there for a while, occasionally throwing pitying glaces my way. why are they looking at me like that? after a few minutes, they brought me into the car with the man and drove me to a place they called an "orphanidge" what was that? the man took me inside and sat me down at a table. "your parents...." he started. "where are they?" i demanded to know. i was sick of this waiting. "they're gone sweetie." he said. "yes, i know! gone where?! and who is this 'sweetie' person?!" he sighed. "kaiya, your parents are dead." he said sadly. i stared at him. surley he was lying. how could they be dead? it coulden't happen. "and now you have to stay at this orphanidge" he said. "it's a nice place, you'll love it." i was sure he was lying at this point. this was crazy, why would anyone tell a little kid this? waht kind of sick people are these? i was silent as he led me to an overly perky woman. "hi there!" she said. "follow me and ill show you where you can sleep!" she said. she started to walk down a long purple hallway, and i obediently followed.

© 2011 Kat

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