dissecting it, dissecting me

dissecting it, dissecting me

A Poem by marcusami

more of thoughts than poem


when i was a kid i liked to take things apart. once id take them apart id like to put them back together again. thats when things would get tricky. getting all the pieces back to where they belong. the more you do this, the better you get at it, then you can help show your friends and family how to take the object apart and put it back together again.


i was thinking about how i dissect my life sometimes. i dissect myself till there is literally nothing there but my individual parts left on the operating table. And I examine them. i thought to myself do i over analyze and over think. Then i thought, its just like the toys, or bikes, or remotes i use to take apart and put back together. When you first do it, you might not put everything back right, and you might have to take it apart again, until everything is put back together correctly. Why take it apart in the first place? Because it is no longer simply an object that just does a task, but now you know how, and for the human dissection also why it does these task. And just maybe you put it back together better than it originally came.


once you have accomplished the self taking apart and putting back again, then you can help show others how as well.


Marcus Maraldo ©

© 2014 marcusami

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Added on February 6, 2014
Last Updated on February 6, 2014
Tags: self, retrospect, analyze



I've always liked reading and writing. I just want to connect and share with peole who may not be the same as me but atleast understand me. more..

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