Great, again?

Great, again?

A Poem by icaros13


Make America Great Again

What does this even mean? I assume it refers to a time in our history when freedom, money, and "good Christian values" flowed like falsehoods from the president's mouth. I often hear folks talking about the lack of values in today's society. If we're not blaming the liberals, we're blaming parents, or media, or any number of other things. These things aren't the cause. They are the symptom.

In the space of American history that MAGA refers to, my grandfather bought a forty acre farm and raised his family on a check from SSI that was $40 a month. That's right, one zero. It would certainly be "great" to be able to do that again.

In this magical time, a man could go to work, whatever work that may be, and his wife could stay home and spend all of her time with her children, teaching them the values and ideologies of their family culture. She could love and nurture her children, and provide a secure, loving environment for the entire family.

What happened?

It began with the demonization of labor unions. Right to Work laws left workers rights unrepresented, and employers were back to being able to exploit labor. Wages stagnate.

Momma has to get a job.

Now, your children are being raised by strangers. Strangers who do not share your values, culture, or love for your child. Children are sponges. They absorb who they spend the most time with. Dad and mom spend most of their waking hours off making money while baby waits in the staging area.

Our economic system killed family values.

© 2019 icaros13

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Added on April 6, 2019
Last Updated on April 6, 2019
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Kansas, OK

For we have thought the larger thoughts And gone the shorter way. And we have danced to devil's tunes, Shivering home to pray; To serve one master in the night, Another in the day. ..I do love.. more..

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