What is Done?

What is Done?

A Poem by icelandicblue

    What is done
    is never really done.
    Death is an interruption
    of love that has no place to lite,
    of conversations interrupted,
    and of a longing that is greater
    than any universe could ever contain.

     What is done
     is never permanent.
     As long as we are here
     to remember, to laugh
     to cry and reminisce,despite
     your empty shoes and chair,
    as the ghost of your laughter that
    once lit the room with silk and leather
echoes within us

   Finality is a misnomer, you are there,
and we are here, but gone you are not.
   We long for the corporeal as
   we cling to the memory
   of all you were,
   and all we became because

 love is stardust
it changes form but never its essence,
and that is why
what appears to be over is just beginning.

© 2020 icelandicblue

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quite a long time ago i read one of those things that just kind of stick with a person .. it was said by a the Gunslinger, a character in Stephen King's "The Dark Tower .. the admonishment to not forget "the face of your Father" was central to what he was teaching his protege' ... our loved ones do not leave us as long as we remember them ... by name ... once grieving has reached acceptance .. we remember with sweetness along with longing and loss ... we loved them .. so we miss them all ... wishing you well Ice! glad i did not miss this new post ... will you be stopping by more regularly now? ... or just peeking in ;) love on ya! i do hope all is well for you

Posted 2 Months Ago

my dear friend lost her husband recently ---he was only 43 and they had been together 10 years, married for 7---
this would have been a perfect poem to read for his celebration of life that she held.
and she would love this poem and relate....she will always feel he is with her, and in spirit, he still is...and the love in her heart for him continues to grow.

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Thank you jacob. The space looks empty but it isn't if we fill it with memories and love. Nothing is.. read more
This one is a beautiful affirmation of life and love despite the apparent interruption of death. It does not minimize the impact of the "corporeal" absence; rather, it refuses to accept the finality of that absence. "love is stardust/it changes form but never its essence". That is exactly the philosophy I have adopted: no endings, only change. Really liked the message and the clear, spare delivery. Everyone dealing with bereavement should have a copy of this one.

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Thank you so very much for your review. We must believe in something...this is mine.

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