A New Day

A New Day

A Chapter by I'd Rather Write

My swollen heart;
Brittle to painful memories of the past;
Tender to my own harsh criticisms;
Slowly eroding
From constant drips of rue into my bloodstream . . .
Day . . .
After Day . . .
After Day.

. . . If I could only make things right this day.


Death strikes at the tip of a needle . . .
Every night . . .
Over and over again
As changing of the guard takes place;
A fresh supply of air from the Lord;
An extraordinary creation in the birth
Of another gorgeous day.

Peeping beauty emerges from the sky.
Birds awaken,
Harmonious chirping fills the air,
Squirrels play tag,
And nature radiates the wonderful feeling
Of a new beginning;
A new life.

My body has rested;
My mind is refreshed;
My heart and soul is rejuvenated
By the birth of the new child
---The early morning baby---
That has been born this day!

It is THIS time of the day’s lifecycle
That I feel the most hope;
The strongest;
Fresh air fills my lungs
And I smile.
A new chance for me
To step forward
And make things right.


My plans are big this new day
And I step forth several paces,
But my results are little;
The morning child quickly becomes an adult by noon.
The adult quickly grows older.
The strength in my body begins to weaken
And my mind fatigues.
The evening matures into an elder
As tainted air thickens in my lungs.
The old man begins to close his eyes for a rest into eternity.

My heart begins to swell, again.

. . . Why couldn’t I have made things right this day?

It’s late.
I’m tired.
The very old man is slipping away.
It‘s nearly midnight.

His passing away is about to close the book of opportunities for today

And transform them into yesterday’s sealed memories.

What will the memories be?
. . . Three . . . Two . . . One . . .

He’s gone.

Another death strikes at the tip of a needle;
Though, his existence gave me hope.
He gave me an opportunity to continue my faith in God
And to find my way closer to my goals;
Closer to making things right

© 2013 I'd Rather Write

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Added on December 28, 2011
Last Updated on April 11, 2013
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