A Chapter by WarCat

The world is going to hell, at least to those who care enough to pay attention or want to pay attention.  For years now myths have been becoming nothing more then just myths.  Vampires, sorcerers, demons, and more all exist.  The world of the magickal has always existed but recently more and more occurrences are happening.  Normal people have been starting to notice, but most people just keep ignoring them because they have been taught not to believe in them or just plain don’t want to believe them.

Not all of these creatures are bad, most used to be good. There are also elves, witches, and even some normal humans who all believe that magick is for good.  One of the organizations of magickal goodness is the Council of Light.  I am Cailin Zule Alexander, I am a one of a kind magickal creature.  I am part a mix of damphir(a breed of vampire) and witch.  Damphir can only mate with full on vampires or humans.  From birth we are usually trained as assassins.  Others have tried but either they didn’t conceive or the resulting mix died.  I don’t know why I survive.

We look like humans, we don’t have the beauty of other breeds of vampire but we aren’t effected by the sun, don’t crave blood, we have faster reflexes, we are stronger, and have better senses then humans.  As a witch I can work elemental magick and a little bit of mental magick.  Did I forget to mention that Damphir are technically immortal, we won’t die until we are either burned or beheaded.  The first time we are dealt a fatal blow our body stops growing besides hair and and nails.  Although I am 1065 years old I only look 18.

I live on a small island in Washington state called Shao Island, I am the warden for the island.  Normally, a island isn’t big enough to warrant a warden of its own but there has been increasing activity there over the past few years.  A warden is the person who looks after a certain amount of space for the Council.  Sometimes I work closely with the warden of mainland western Washington.  Shao has a small business district, a shopping district, a college, a farming district, and a vacation home district.  My house is in the farming district, along with my old, blue colonial house, I have a traditional, red barn, a chunk of the island’s forest and a small strip of beach on the Itta Peninsula.

I also do contractor work for the Island County Sheriff.  They call me in on the cases that are unusual.  Let’s be honest, most police departments don’t know what to do when they get a case of someone being tricked by a faerie or attacked by a vampire.

The council pays for a big chunk of my expenses but I share a small web design business with my girlfriend, Katheranne Reese to make enough money with a little left over to save.  Our office is in the business district on the first floor of a four floor building in the corner suite.

Katheranne has a stunning, tall body, brown hair, sole capturing green eyes, and an amazing smile.  Like me she isn’t quite human, but she isn’t a vampire, she’s an elf.  Yes an elf.  Kat is 585 years old, but appears 18.  Elves aren’t quite like vampires, they tend to be taller, faster, have better eyesight and smell, can work elemental magick but they have slightly pointed ears and always carry around the aura of the forest.

Both Kat and I have gone through extensive schooling, not only in magick and fighting but we have been to college many times.  There are points in time when we have decided to split up and each attend different schools.  I have 2 bachelors degrees and 1 masters, Kat has 2 bachelors degrees and 2 masters.

This is the world I live in, the world of magick.  Where the things you could never believe happen.  It often seems like there is evil lurking around every corner waiting to attack.

© 2010 WarCat

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Added on February 9, 2010
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A Chapter by WarCat