Suicide Girl

Suicide Girl

A Poem by Escape My Fate

I want to kill myself.

Why is it so difficult?

For someone to kill themselve?

Why do people care?

Its my life, Ill do what i want with it

So i have to take the first step, unfortunetly

If cutting urself, Is a cry for help

Mabey when i do suicide,people will finally listen

Even when its too late

Alot of other poeple?

Like what?

20 other people?

When 100 other people would kill me themselves

They may not be, but they've made my life hell

Well, i hope there happy, cause theyre ganna get what they want

Im selfish, for taking my life

But its worth it

Hell is better than here

Hell is better than my life

Then were shall i go?

Werever it is, its better than here

I make no promises, that i know, I will not keep

My life isnt worth it, If you knew

What i went through, every day

No, No pain, I feel

Could ever be understood

Ill grow up, to probely be a poet

And then kill myself

The sadness, wont go away

No matter how many poeple

Say im worth it

The number of people who disagree with always be greater

No they are not worth it, And i am within them

Nothing anyone will say, will convince me not to

Mabey not today, mabey not tomarrow

Someday, I will be in a better place

They are worthless, So am I

Seems were not that different, after all

Well, they went beyond that with me

They succeeded

What?, What am i worth?

Why am i worth anything?

Why is any sould worth anything?

We live, and once our granchildren die

No one remebers us, no one

We live only to be forgotten

I find no point in that

I make no promises,

I know, I cant keep

But i can promise this

Not today

Not tomarrow

Not in a week

Not in a month

But someday, I will

Commite Suicide

That, I promise

They won a long time ago

I choose, to let them win

I want out of this Hell Hole

I'm not worth it

Im not

I never was

And i never will

I see no point

© 2010 Escape My Fate

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Very sad and touching poem. Its sad because a lot of people feel and think this way. It's a terrible place to fall into and very difficult to crawl up out of.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on October 25, 2010
Last Updated on November 21, 2010
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