A Story by Escape My Fate

The story of a young girl. One who people may call crazy. Of a girl who people would gladly make her non-exsistant in this world.
She's thriteen years old and all she wants to do is to die. Regrets in her life. Lies she's been told, and lies she has said. All of it surrounds her soul. Stained her heart black. Tears flow all night long, until sleep grabs ahold.
Regrets of know things many people know she should not know. Regrets of seeing things that people would kill her for knowing. She know too much they said. If they let her live, they may need to extinguish her, they said. But who is they? Her only enemy, thats who. The people she tried to expose secrets of. Secrets that she knows the world deserves to know.
But all of this drove all her friends away. They saw her hiding in the shadows. Creeping around town at night. But as soon as they heard of her witchcraft they took no more. They left her crying in the halls. They left her with her open wounds. They cared no more. She was labled, the crazy girl.
They would all regret it, she told themselves. She gave up for a while. she tried to save their souls, ignoring her own. But once she fell into that deep depression, that black hole, she realized she needed to focus on herself.

© 2011 Escape My Fate

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wow. that was sad and good. i liked it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on March 20, 2011
Last Updated on March 20, 2011