A normal day? In my life? You're hilarious.

A normal day? In my life? You're hilarious.

A Chapter by illthoughts

First chapter down, woo.


 Skylar trotted down the stairs, eager to get out the door. Her mom stopped her abruptly.

 "Where do you think you're going?" she asked, looking up at Skylar.

 "Well, it's Monday, isn't it? I'm going to school." Skylar answered, annoyed. She pushed passed her mother and went into the kitchen. Skylar's dad passed away a few months before her fifteenth birthday. She and her dad were closer than a two people could be. They barely spent a minute apart.    

 "Who's driving you?" Her mom asked another question that could've gone without asking.

 "No one. I'mma skateboard. Like I do everyday." her daughter replied, grabbing a granola bar out of the cabinet.

 "You're going to hurt yourself on that.. thing. Get your helmet out of the garage." Her mother demanded. 

 "Nah, I'm good." Skylar said, as she grabbed her skateboard and backpack and flew out the door. She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and dialed the number she knew by heart. It rang twice, and went to voicemail.

 "Hey, this is Cayden. Not here right now, you know what to do." She sighed, and hung up, stuffing the phone into her light blue jacket pocket. As she skated, thudding over the cracks in the sidewalk, she thought, He always answers his phone... She then reached her overpopulated school. She sighed and stuffed the skateboard halfway into her book bag and ran to class, bumping into people and getting several dirty looks. She opened the door to her math class, the cold handle sending shivers through her body. She sat next to her best friend, Jenna Marie.

 "'Sup, Jennabear?" Skylar said, setting her bookbag down next to her chair. Jen sighed at the nickname.

 "Not much, Sky. Where's Cayden?" Cayden was Skylar's male best friend, they'd known eachother since kindergarden.

 "Dunno. He didn't answer his phone this mornin'." Skylar said, drowning in thought. She and Cayden always had a crush on each other; but neither had the guts to say it. 

 "Maybe he missed the bus this morn-"

 "Good morning, class. Take out last nights homework so we can check it over." said their teacher, Mrs. McCarthy in her high pitched, enthusiastic voice. Jen and Skylar sighed simutaniously and dug through their backpacks. After class, they walked out to the courtyard and spotted Cayden hanging out with the girl they despised.

 "Audrey..." Skylar said under her breath. Audrey considered herself the 'queen' of the school. She and Skylar never got along because she 'stole' one of her friends, Riley, who never really liked Audrey in the first place. Skylar and Jen slowly walked up to Cayden. Skylar nudged him softly with her elbow.

 "Cayd.." Skylar said, looking at Audrey. Skylar's heart thudded. 

 "Your phone. You uh.. didn't answer it." Audrey gave her a little smirk and looked at Cayden.

 "You didn't tell her?" Cayden's eyes shot towards Audrey. 

 "Tell me what?" Skylar asked, confused and finally taking her eyes off of Audrey and gluing them to the guy she secretly loved.

 "It's nothing really.. Audy just thinks we shouldn't.. talk." Skylar stood still, suddenly full of anger. She couldn't speak, so Jen spoke for her.

 "What do you mean 'Audrey said' ? Since when is she," she glared at Audrey. "the boss of you?" Cayden looked down, and mumbled something no one could hear.         

 "Louder." Audrey said, chuckling. Cayden cautiously looked up at Skylar, who was still frozen.    

 "Since I asked her out this morning." Skylar's heart dropped. Neither Jen nor Skylar could speak a word. Skylar closed her eyes and looked down, trying to cover the tears that were developing.     

 "Oh.." her voice was shaky, and Audrey laughed. "Come on Cayd, we have to get to class." A tear dropped from Skylar's eye at the nickname she had used. No one but Skylar called him that. And that was the way it was going to stay.

 "Hey!" Skylar yelled, looking up. She dabbed her eyes with her sleeve, turning the light blue fabric darker and damp.

 "Don't call him that." Her voice still shook, but she tried to hide it. She struggled to keep more tears from escaping her forest green eyes, which were now a little red and puffy. 

 Audrey scoffed, "Who's gonna stop me? He's my boyfriend," Skylar's heart skipped a beat. "I can call him whatever I want." Skylar looked at Cayden, her eyes full of dissappointment. Cayden could see she had been crying.

 "Sky.." he said with apologetic eyes, but Audrey yanked him away and off to class. Skylar didn't move. She couldn't. Jen started talking after a long 30 seconds.

 "..You okay? No, that's a stupid question. Why would he do that? He didn't say anything about liking her to us! And Audrey! It doesn't even look like she likes him!" Skylar wasn't listening. She'd been thinking about how hard it would be, seeing her enemy holding hands and ...kissing the guy she had been in love with for so long. That should've been her. It would be. She wouldn't give up.

© 2010 illthoughts

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nicely done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great emotions. The names give it a unique aspect. Try to liven the beginning. It gives your character a goal, but it doesn't draw in the reader very much.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow....I Really Like This! Great write!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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jasmine. fifteen. writings always been a passion, even though i've never really been good at it. more..