Just Another Day in The Life of Me

Just Another Day in The Life of Me

A Chapter by illthoughts

Fixed up the last chapter a bit, some of this might not make sense if you don't read the new beginning of chapter 1.


 The day went by slower than Skylar thought humanly possible. She spotted Audrey with Cayden a few times around school, and Cayden was being dragged around like a rag doll. Like he was nothing. After school had finally ended, Jen and Skylar walked to Cayden's house to confront him... to ask why he would treat them in such a way that would leave them both speechless.

 "What are we going to even say? It's not like we can just walk up to his house and demand an answer. Audrey could even be there." Skylar said in a panicky voice. "I don't think I can face them together again. Not while he's her little puppet."

 "Look, I'll call Cayden. No big deal." Jen swooped her backpack off of her back and onto the concrete sidewalk. She rummaged through the front pockets until she finally discovered her cherry red phone. Skylar sighed as Jen dialed Cayden's number, her heart beating faster with every sound the phone made as Jen pressed the buttons. Jen held the phone up to her ear, clanking it against her earring.

 "Hey Cayden, it's Jen." She had a certain tone in her voice that made Skylar nervous.

 "Who's that in the background...? Oh Cayd don't be like this... Sky and I are coming over to talk this out. I don't care if she's there." She slammed her phone shut and took Skylar by the hand because Jen knew she wasn't going to move. They passed house after house, making the occasional yappy dog bark. They finally approched Cayden's brick house, and Skylar took a deep breath.

 "You sure about this, Jennabear? I mean he's probably eating dinner... or maybe taking a shower. Yeah, he's showering. We should g-"

 "Oh shut up and go press the damn door bell." Skylar stood there for a second, mustering up some courage to ask him what was going on. I can't give up, She told herself, Not now. You can do it, Sky. She took a deep breath in and walked up the dirty front porch steps, passing Audrey and Cayden's backpacks laying next to the door. She raised her hand slightly, inches away from the door bell when Audrey answered the door.

 "Out." She demanded. "You're not welcome here, right Cayd?"

Skylar closed her eyes, once again trying to shield her tears.

 "Cayden, I need to talk to you," Skylar said, her voice weak. "Now. Without that." She said, giving Audrey a disgusted look. Cayden sighed and stepped out of the door.

 "Audrey, give us a second." He said, winking at her. Skylar looked towards the road when she heard the door slam. "Sky... what's up with you?" Skylar just looked at him and shook her head.

 "What's up with HER? Dude, where have you been!? Since when do you like Audrey!?" Jen spoke fast, trying to get her millions of questions answered. Skylar still shook her head, looking down now.

 "I don't like Audrey." Cayden said softly.

© 2010 illthoughts

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Added on July 3, 2010
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