Please, someone pinch me. I have to make sure this isn't a dream.

Please, someone pinch me. I have to make sure this isn't a dream.

A Chapter by illthoughts

 The night went by slow, Skylar barely slept. How do I tell him.. It'll ruin our friendship... I can't... but I want to. Why can't he just tell me what's up with him and Audrey...? After hours of contemplating what she would do, the sun started to rise.
 "Great." She muttered to herself. She grabbed her phone and began to move her skinny fingers fast across the keyboard.
 "Michelle. (: Heard you and Mike will be at Cayd's party tonight. I need to talk to you... text me back."
She sighed and dropped the phone onto her sheets, getting up. She wobbled down the stairs and met her mom in the kitchen.
 "I'm going out tonight." She stated. "Cayden's having a party."
 "You're not going." Her mother said, bold. "You didn't sleep. I can tell."
 "I'm fine." Skylar lied. Sighing, she poured herself a bowl of cereal. She sat down at her mahogany dining table, across from her mom who was typing on her laptop.
 "I want to talk to you about your dad." Her mother said, not taking her eyes off of the bright screen.
Skylar played with her cereal. "There's nothing to talk about. It's been 3 months since he..." She trailed off.
 "I know. You still seem... sad about it."
 "Well, I can't get over it as fast as you can. Sorry." Skylar replied, getting up and setting her bowl in the sink. "It's not easy."
Her mother didn't say a word. Skylar sighed and went back up to her room. 
 She sat on her bed, and her phone rang under her, making her jump.
 "Hello?" She answered, clearing her throat.
 "Stay away from him." A familiar voice said back.
 "You'll regret it if you go to that party tonight." And she was gone.
 "Right." Skylar said, dialing Cayden's number.
 "Hey, this is Cayden. Not here ri-" Skylar closed her phone.
 "Of course."
Skylar showered and got dressed, sending Cayden a text to call her every few minutes. She shook it off, guessing his phone died since it had gone straight to voicemail.

 "Skylar, someone's at the door!" Her mom called from the stairs.

 "Why can't you get it!? I'm busy!" Skylar called back, buttoning the top button on her pants. She heard the door open from downstairs, and heard the soothing, deep voice she loved along with her mother's.

 "Cayden's here!"

 Skylar spun around almost immediately.

 And there he was. His beautiful dirty blonde, medium length hair complimented by his gorgeous baby blue eyes. 5'9", a perfect height for Skylar's 5'6".

 "Hey." He whispered, smiling.

 "Hi." Skylar squeaked, mesmerized by his beauty. "Audrey called me." She said quietly, looking down now.

 "She what..? She's supposed to be across the country.." He mumbled, pushing his light brown eyebrows together.

 "She said I'd regret it if I went to your party tonight." Skylar said, grinning. "I laughed, actually."

 "Can we not talk about Audrey for a second... ? I actually came here to tell you something." Cayden said, taking Skylar's hand and sitting her on her bed.

He sat next to her and sighed deeply.

 "I know we've been friends forever, and we've been through a lot together. It's done nothing but made us closer." He whispered, taking her hand in his. "I've had the biggest crush on you since kindergarden, Sky."



© 2010 illthoughts

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