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Just When I Thought I Liked His Personality

Just When I Thought I Liked His Personality

A Poem by Tyrae'

Realizing that your ex's personality irritated the crap out of you anyway

We have boring conversations.
All I find myself wanting to do
When talking to you,
Is yawn,
And find some reasonable excuse 
To go to bed
Or to do something fun instead.
All you talk about are video games.
They may not be lame,
But my thoughts aren't the same
As yours are on the subject.
You just want to keep talking,
And talking about it. 
For crying out loud,
Just shut UP about it!
All you want to do is drum.
Forget any kind of physical fun.
There's no leaving the house for you,
Cause there's nothing else you'd want to do.
I mean it's not like you have the money to see a movie or two...
All of life is logic,
Logical answers,
Logical jokes,
To you,
There are 
Logical dancers,
And a such thing as Logical hope.
You Logically live your life
You attempt to do everything perfectly.
Even when purposefully,
Taking a hypothetical knife
To a person's self esteem.
Now I'm hoping
To find someone else.
Someone keen on showing,
Their interest in me.
For pete's sake,
God send me someone interesting,
Someone with curiosity,
Is the person that I'm picturing. 
That person I'm picturing,
Certainly isn't you.
You were someone who couldn't even take interest in the things that I do.
Someone who criticized for fun,
And lunged huge bricks
At carefully built,
Ant piles.
you were someone who saved our date money to buy video games.
I can't believe you were so cheap,
That you couldn't even buy me anything to eat.
Our conversations dragged on,
Cause you were being a drag.
That was the least amount of fun,
I've ever had.
You wouldn't play along with me,
You called it immature
Childish even.
But I think you were too stuck up,
To see,
All of your own immaturity. 
You may have broken up with me,
But chatting with you wasn't that great you see.
So, I'm saying goodbye,
To all the nights,
I had to spend talking to 
someone as dull and as boring
As you.

© 2012 Tyrae'

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Added on August 3, 2012
Last Updated on August 3, 2012
Tags: personality, boring, dull, ex boyfriend, realization



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