My Kind of Guy

My Kind of Guy

A Poem by Tyrae'

The perfect guy for me.

When I'm finally ready for another relationship.
After my heart stops wanting you.
I'm gonna find someone who'll do all the things,
That you would never want to do.

This next guy,
Yeah, he's gonna be freaking amazing.
Hopefully he'll be the right combination.
Of all the good things I've had,
And of all the good things I've never had.

He's gonna love to play Just Dance,
On the Wii.
Just like I do.

He's not going to mind reading a book
Side by side with me while we cuddle.
In fact he's gonna love it,
Or at most he'll enjoy it.

We'll go exploring 
In the woods.
Or walk long distances in one direction for hours.

We'll hang out at the playground,
Climbing on jungle gyms,
Swinging on swings,
And Sliding down slides.
He's gonna be the first person,
To teeter totter with me.
Even though we're both almost 18.

We'll play chess together,
And he won't care about winning.
He'll just enjoy the thrill of the game,
And the kiss he'll be getting or giving at the end.

He'll love to sing,
And for once,
I won't be afraid of singing in front of him.
I'll give it my all, knowing that he won't criticize me.
He'll make me comfortable around him
And will always support me.
We'll like most of the same music,
And we'll burst into song frequently.

He'll love anime,
In all it's many forms.
We'll watch thousands of episodes together at my house. 
In Japanese of course,
Cause my guy will understand
That anime in english sucks butt most times. 

Hmmm...maybe this guy will know
How to treat a lady.
He'll give me respect
And won't expect
Me to pay half of the bill each time we go out. 
He'll open doors for me,
And will always want to hold my hand,
And will offer to walk me to class.
He won't leave me standing in the middle of the hall,
Watching him walk away.
This guy won't be able to leave me angry at him. 

He'll be thoughtful,
Buy me chocolates and candies all the time.
As well as souvenirs from places that he visits.
All because he was thinking of me. 
This one will write me poetry,
Maybe even sing for me,
Or draw pictures of us together in his favorite memory.

I'll find him extremely attractive,
And he'll find me beautiful. 
He'll make sure to compliment my style.
I won't ever get jealous,
No matter how many girls try to change his mind about me,
He'll be sure to show me,
How much he cares about me.
Both verbally and physically.

He'll be patient,
With me and understand my boundaries.
We'll ease ourselves into the physical aspect of the relationship,
I won't be afraid,
Because I'll know
That I'm his type
And that he finds me beautiful just the way I am. 

He'll be honest
At all times with me.
He won't be afraid to speak his mind.
But he'll make sure not to hurt my feelings.
He'll get his point across without ever having to be harsh. 

Most of all.
We'll have so much to talk about.
6 months into the relationship,
And we'll still be flapping our mouths. 
The topics will be endless,
He'll make nice jokes that I can laugh at.
We'll keep each other entertained,
Write a book together,
Share the fame.
The deep conversations will never stop.
We'll speak of aliens,
and ironic histories.
Together he and I will try new things. 

He'll be sweet,
And nice,
And kind.
He won't mind picking me up,
Or giving me a piggy back ride. 
He'll be my best friend. 
I'll love talking to him,
And he'll never make me cry.
Nope not once. 
This would be my type of guy. 
I'll be to him,
What he'd be to me.
We'll think of each other,

But who knows if a guy this perfect for me exists?
Boy, do I wish
That there was someone like this. 
And hopefully,
There is. 

© 2012 Tyrae'

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Added on June 21, 2012
Last Updated on June 21, 2012
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