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They Live Inside Their Phones

They Live Inside Their Phones

A Story by Donna Marie Gray

Society is changing into a species that does not interact with others personally. The cell phone has become the as gadget of choice. It's annoying and is a rude interruption when in a group setting.



By Donna Marie Gray

Perhaps it's just me... but I feel as though I have a fair number of close friends and yet, have none. My home telephone seldom rings. I have a cell phone that I keep in my purse; it is turned off because it's for my use only. My grown children and a few close friends have my cell phone number for emergencies.

I do not tell you this to get sympathy. It is my way of stating that if you expect to hear from me I will call you at your home. I will not chase you down on your cell phone (unless it's a dier energency). I feel if you are out, you are taking care of your business and I can call you later. Or else, I have left a message at your home.

Quite possibly you are on your cell phone even though you are out shopping, having lunch, or in the beauty shop, or maybe just sitting in the park enjoying the weather and taking pictures. In any case, you most likely are using your phone performing any number of activities for which there is an app.

Although I don't spend a lot of time on my computer unless I'm writing, I will check e-mails several times a day. Occasionally I will go on FaceBook to check on events that I have attended because pictures are usually posted of those events. FaceBook is also a convenient way for me to stay in touch with relatives all over the country and we all like to stay in touch.

Sometimes it's fun to spend a while in the morning or late evening playing cards or Backgammon on my computer, especially if there is nothing good on T.V. It's fun to have these conveniences for a rainy day or whenever I am stuck in for the day. Otherwise, there are things I'm involved in that take up my time.

When out and about I will notice two or three people together, each with a phone or IPod busily texting or talking on their devices. It's almost like they are unaware they are out with their friends. How annoying is that? And I know we all have witnessed the busy lady in the checkout line who won't even be interupted while stacking her items and paying the cashier.

There are many times that I feel everybody is living vicariously through the social networks and wouldn't know half of their "friends" if they fell over them. Some people post things that I find are inappropriate for various reasons. When a person airs their personal disagreements they should realize that the rest of us really don't care.

Does it occur to anyone besides me that people are evolving into a species that avoids interacting with other people on a personal level? As a living, breathing human being, I am excited about everything around me. Learning new things and enjoying different people and places broadens our views and can brighten our outlook.

And yet, people walk around with phones or ear-buds, talking up a storm to no apparent other person. They are busy texting on the go. I cannot help but wonder why they are so involved in conversations but not interested enough to spend the time with that person.

I really appreciate that I have the convenience of a computer at any given moment. So many time consuming functions can be accomplished in minutes rather than hours or even days. I also find really funny things to read and can count on a chuckle now and then during the day. But friends are important to me and being in personal contact... one-on-one is far more enjoyable than a quick and impersonal "back at cha!".   And I can promise you one thing. When you are out with a friend, or group of friends, if we all keep the phones turned off and in our purse, the world won't come to an end. We will not miss anything that can't be handled when we get home. Really! I can guarantee it!

© 2014 Donna Marie Gray

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Kye R.H. I agree there is a lot of benefits to social media and cell phone/texting. But these are things one should do when they are not with other people. Of course things keep changing, but it should not affect how people interact with one another on a personal level.

Thank you for your comments.

Posted 6 Years Ago

It's incredibly rude, if a person is out with friends and family, to ignore them in favor of their phones and social media.
Though, for many people, social media is a method for connecting with others they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. While human contact is preferable, I know I'd feel alone without the friends I've made through the world wide web.
The internet gives me a more direct an efficient means for finding people with common interests and experiences. It also allows me to compare and learn from more people and their experiences than I would otherwise, thus growing my understanding of people around me.

Text communication can be less-than-intimate for those who do not invest in it, but do not underestimate the powerful connections that can be made through social media. After all, we're all real people on the other end of the phone line, so to speak.

I do think that my generation often forgets the value of in-person interaction, and the importance of human contact for healthy minds and bodies. Ignoring the friend next to you and excluding them from your conversation with someone else is rude, regardless of whether or not the someone else is physically there.

Modes of communication and connection have changed and will continue to change, but all forms have value. We must balance them.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on August 21, 2014
Last Updated on August 21, 2014
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Donna Marie Gray
Donna Marie Gray

Virginia Beach, VA

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