A Story by Donna Marie Gray

How to establish guilt without raising race issues. How valuable is video proof of crime? Reaching the brick wall.



by Donna Marie Gray

The decision has been handed down by the Grand Jury to not indite Officer Wilson. The threat of unrest in Ferguson with the outcome of the decision, regardless of what that would be, has been fulfilled. The burning, the looting, the total chaos was even worse than expected.

The on-going news reports have concentrated on why. They debate the various theories for why this this white officer shot and killed an innocent black teenager, but every single one of those theories end at a brick wall. That brick wall is the answer. The answer is one that cannot be spoken.

In trying to work around the problem of the brick wall we are faced with accusations of racisism, political correctness, denying reality. However, that leads to explaining outbreaks of rioting in 170 cities throughout the country in sympathy for the Ferguson disaster. And, again we end up at the brick wall.


We have been searching for an explanation that would be acceptable to those who are rioting for a cause, and those who are viewed as the cause. If that sounds a bit confusing, keep in mind "The Brick Wall". Also keep in mind the 170 sympathizing cities that have joined in the protest.

This devastating tradgedy keeps growing and growing until all reasoning is gone and we are still left with the brick wall.


Going out on a fragile limb here, there have been rumors of rioting and unrest about to happen here in our country very soon based on the racial inequality that exists. Do not fool yourselves regarding racisism here in America. It does exist. Adding to racial unrest, the media has now, in my opinion, overstepped its boundaries. They keep on feeding to the unrest by questioning one side of the story and then the other. It almost looks like they are trying to play each side against the other. This only extrapolates the situation, and increases the risk for more rioting.

It's time to let each segment of the investigation do its work and let authorities make the final decisions on how they will or will not proceed. The accusations against the Prosecutor are groundless, and the only purpose for them is to throw fuel on the fire.

I have very sad feelings for the Brown family. I understand their reasoning for wanting justice. This family is grieving over the tragic loss of their son at the hands of the police, specifically one particular officer who inadvertantly came into contact with Michael Brown. Since any shooting by police needs thorough investigation, Officer Wilson has to take the flack as he was the shooter. But, that does not make Officer Wilson a murderer. He was an officer doing his job and protecting himself against a threat to his life.

Apparently, all have forgotten about the video in the market store that clearly shows this allegedly innocent young man robbing the store of a tobacco product, and then pushing and shoving the owner into the wall and then getting away without paying. He is not portraying himself as an upstanding young man in his teens. He did appear to be a very large and threatening man. All of this incident seems to have vanished from the scene.

It also appears now that there was hanky-panky going on with the specialist selected by the Brown family to do an autopsy. He is neither a doctor, nor a professor as he claimed to be. Does it not seem that no matter from which direction one approaches this devastating incident in Ferguson, MO, there is yet another brick wall?

© 2014 Donna Marie Gray

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This is my attempt to encourage people to think. Getting beyond any race issues and asking parents to instill common sense in America's youth. If we analyze this particular disaster, we cannot deny that there are changes in this story daily, and there will never be a satisfactory outcome for anyone involved. All of the controversary can only lead to more valance rather than a solution.

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Added on November 28, 2014
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Donna Marie Gray
Donna Marie Gray

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