Why Roses are Red

Why Roses are Red

A Story by LoveIsAMyth

A story I wrote in fifth grade, so don't make fun of me!


Once there were two girls, Rose and Helen, and they were walking on the streets of  at dusk.

        Then Rose spied a strong, young man across the street and instantly fell in love with him. 

Meanwhile, Helen had also seen the man and she, too, had fallen in love with him.  

The young man was oblivious to the drama that was bound to crash down on his head, for he had already seen young, vibrant Rose across the street and had fallen in love with her, as many of the town’s men had.

Helen was always one to be jealous of her sister for it was Helen who had the brains and it was Rose with the looks, and because brains were not valued in women back then Helen was the one left mostly alone. It was not that Helen was ugly, for she was a little above mediocre, it was that she was next to Rose most of the time and, since Rose was beautiful, possibly more beautiful than Venus herself, Helen was ignored more than half the time.  

After they returned to their large, extravagant house they confided their love of the man to each other. 

Soon after Helen realized the man was more likely to fall in love with Rose for reasons just explained if she remained next to Rose for much longer. The next night Helen told Rose she was going to take a walk alone that night. As Helen stepped into the brisk evening air she spotted the man coming towards their home. As he got nearer she realized he meant to come into their house.  

Rose had also spotted him and automatically assumed he was coming to see not her, but Helen. Helen knew that he was coming to see Rose and ask their fathers permission to see her. 

And for reasons known the young man was indeed coming to see Rose. 

As the man reached the door he asked for permission to see their father. As

requested the young man spoke to their father and as the father did not know the man or his wealth the young man was denied the pleasure of seeing Rose.

At the same time Rose was listening from the room beside her father’s.

The young man was leaving when Rose stopped him at the front door and asked him to meet her by the city wall at dusk.

Helen knowing that her father denied the man was plotting to foil Rose’s plan and win over the young man. 

Meanwhile, at the front door Rose had learned of the young man’s name, Thesis, and Thesis of hers.

The next day at dusk Rose’s father asked Rose to meet him in the courtyard at dusk, for Rose was turning of marring age that week and wished to know who she planned to marry.

Thesis arriving at the wall could not find Rose so he waited.

Rose had denied every claim her father made of her loving any man and so he told Rose to eat her dinner. 

As Rose hastened through her dinner Thesis was waiting for Rose and after he had waited about an hour he presumed Rose dead or that she did not love him anymore he ran himself through with a knife.

Helen mourning her loss of Thesis came upon his body and assumed that he had been killed by a bandit and ran herself through with the same knife.

Rose ,finally, had gotten free and was going to meet Thesis by the wall. When she came upon her dead companions she assumed they had been murdered while seeing each other too stabbed herself with the knife that had killed her companions.

By sunup all three were dead, and unknowingly when Rose had died her blood had stained a rose forever and that is why some roses are red.

© 2010 LoveIsAMyth

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Woah, and you were in fifth grade!? Psychopath!!!! Lol, just kidding! (I'm one to be talking. Hehehe) I like it though. So many people die and for the silliest reasons. That's why love is a bad thing. XD I really like it though, that plot is really good.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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New Orleans, LA

I don't believe in love anymore. Fate is stupid, I say choose your own path. If there's something you want, don't wait around for some magical energy to make it so. more..