Silence Drops

Silence Drops

A Story by Masaking

I’ve been trying to finish up a controversial crime report the past two nights. The night I was about to submit the report, I felt especially anxious for my own safety. It was late and I was alone in my apartment typing away. When the clock hit midnight, my phone rang, jolting me out of my focus. I panicked, jumped, spilled my coffee on the table, and froze up for a few seconds. When I calmed down a little, I surveyed my surroundings, from my report to the spilled coffee then back to the ringing phone.

The ringing stopped, and I started to clean up the mess. I picked up my phone to see who had called, but it only showed unidentified number. I placed my phone back on the table. As soon as I placed my hand back on my keyboard, I received a text message that began with, "Do not report…" Then I noticed something wasn’t right. I scrolled down to find more texts: “or this…” and a picture of me in the house taken from the outside, through my window.

My eyes opened wide, my heart was racing. I shook my head twice, before rereading the last messages. I knew the picture was of me and I shut down my laptop. I was terrified. I didn't sleep all night and was on edge all day at work the next day, although nothing unusual happened at work.

After the long day’s work, I walked to the train station very late at night. I felt someone behind me the whole way. I heard footsteps with every step I took; but every time I stared back, there was nothing there. Maybe it was all in my head.

I checked my watch and saw that the last train was leaving. I started to pace myself to make it, and I clearly felt a presence right behind me. As I went faster, I heard shuffling and a splash from a puddle. He was probably the one who sent the message to me.

I got to the train right before the doors closed; he was a few steps behind. I glanced back outside right before the doors closed, and finally saw his face. He was right outside the door as the train left the station, waving at me.

© 2013 Masaking

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Added on November 10, 2012
Last Updated on March 26, 2013



Poughkeepsie, NY

Am back and alive! This account had been discovered since I was in middle school. Back then, writing fiction stories were the only things that brought happiness to myself. It was the only thing I .. more..

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