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Ever since my last relationship, it has been trouble me everyday of my life. You see, my ears can tell from others thinking about me. Left and right ears has different way of knowing a person thinking about. I can not tell what the person is think but, i know exactly they are think of me or talking behind my back. I had this since i was born. It has been trouble me a lot because i do not know how to control this. I wish there is another person who feels the same as me and has the same ability as me.
My left ear, ability is strangers. Whoever is out there is thinking or talking about me; it will become red and hot. As for my right ear, ability only for love ones. When it's red and hot, meaning my lover is thinking about me strongly. 
In reality, even after my first relationship is over, i still can sense my ex is still thinking about me from my right ear. It gets hot and bothers me at night. Whenever my ears are red usually meaning i can't sleep because people are thinking about me. No matter how tired i am, i still can't sleep. The only way to let this curse to another person is for me to kiss new person that I like and also for the other person to kiss me back. That way, I will no longer under my ex's spell. But, this has to be a serious relationship or else it won't work.
When i am outside, shopping. I will always have my headphone on with music; loud. The reason is that sometime i can feel what others are thinking. For example, if i see two kids. One is hyper and the other is quiet. From there i can see them when they grow up and so on. it bothers me because i can't control what i see.
Another thing is that, everyday i have to warm myself up in the shower. My body absorb heat. High heat. For a normal human being would say the heat is too hot for you're skin and can not stay there longer than 45mins. Somewhat i think i am abnormal human being.

Anyway, If there are anyone out there who has the same reaction as me. I would love to hear from them because i been trying my best to look for them. 
If you are, you can email me or comment below please.

© 2012 Death God

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Added on December 16, 2012
Last Updated on December 16, 2012


Death God
Death God

Poughkeepsie, NY

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