Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by Faith Cherry

I was laying in bed, having a pretty weird dream. It was about my mom, sadly she divorced my dad when I was born and left us, but she came by once or twice a year to see me. In my dream she came over and she gave me my birthday gifts and left. Oh, my birthday is also on Christmas of ’95. Forgot to mention that, sorry. Anyways, back to the dream.. After she gave me my presents, I gave her hers, which is a thing of make-up. This makes me feel like a sad excuse of a son but it’s not my fault that I don’t know what she’s like.. She’s never around and I don’t have her number or any way to contact her. She doesn’t know to much about me either. I guess you could just say that we’re both clueless on each other. Then out of nowhere, my mom went to hit me with a bat, but I woke up right before it happened. Don’t you hate those kind of dreams? The ones where you think they mean something? Like something somewhere is trying to tell you something but you just can’t gather it cause it’s just not accurate? Well I do, I always get the strange suspicion that every time I dream something, it’s telling me that something similar to this will happen or that exact thing will happen. I’ve witnessed dejavu before, it was creepy. I had a dream about something and it happened the next day. It still happens with me, dreaming about something and it’ll happen within the next day to the next 2 months, I never know.

  I look over at the clock and see that I woke up 30 minutes early. I thought to myself “Why not take a shower?” I mean, I’m awake early and I couldn’t last night so I guess it’s a perfect opportunity. I got into the shower and I felt this weird spook upon me. Like something is watching me while I’m standing in my shower with no clothing on. I decided to continue with my shower and not worry about it, it’s probably nothing. As I was in my shower all I could do was over analyze everything and just think to much. I was thinking about my dream, was my mom out to get me or was someone else? That feeling that I have right now.. Is someone watching me? Is there a ghost in the shower with me? I’m naked, what do you want? The next thing I know, a funny vision came into my head that someone broke into my house and was going to kill us and I’d have to fight them naked. Pleasant, yes? I washed my hair and my body, and just as I went to step out, I slipped and fell back into the shower with a hard knock against the brick wall. “What just happened?” is what I thought. I got up and was surveying the floor to see what had caused it to be this way. Nothing came to mind, but it seemed a bit weird to me. I looked at the clock and it was 6:10, I decided to hurry and get my clothes on and hopefully I had enough time to eat some cereal. Just as I had finished, here’s the bus, or what I’d like to call the cheese wagon. I dread the bus sometimes, but sometimes I don’t. I grabbed my book bag and left a note on the counter telling my dad that I’m gone to school, I’ll see him when I get home, and I love him. I want my last word to everyone is me saying that I love them, or at least something nice. I’d feel bad if they died the next day and the last thing I said wasn’t to nice or acceptable to anyone. As I was walking out the door, I saw a cat jus t walking down the road. I call him Pez, he’s the neighborhood cat I guess you could say. I don’t think he belongs to anyone, if so, he’s never home. As I was walking onto the stairs to get into the bus, the driver, Mr. Sanston, looks at me and gives me this painful look and tells me to go sit down. I do so, I’m not one of those jack a*s teenagers who don’t respect their elders. Those people piss me off. We got around the interstate and the bus driver and passed out and I seen that we were about to wreck, nobody else noticed though. I was panicking; I didn’t know what to do. My adrenaline was sky high. I built up the guts and ran to the front of the bus and asked the driver if he was ok, but sure enough, he was indeed passed out. I heard a kid say from the back “Loser”. Prejudice, aren’t you? I moved the driver to another seat and nobody was attending the bus for that minute, but as soon as he sat down, I picked up another gear and ran to the wheel. I’m definitely not an expert at driving, but I have my license. A kid seen that we were about to crash, the same one that called me loser, and he suddenly said “Oh s**t, steer this way, do this and that.” And I replied “Why should I? Don’t you think I’m a loser? Plus, my plan was already to go a certain route because I seen what was happening.” He looked at me like I just had been shot. It’s probably cause that is the first time I’ve talked to anyone beside my teachers or the bus driver since school started. I started to head for school and went to park the large cheese wagon until I seen a dog start to run out right in front of me. That always gets me, why do animals do that? Do they want to be killed or do they just want to see if we’re willing to stop and not hit them? I don’t know what runs through their mind but it beats the heck out of me. I stopped long enough for the dog to move, then I went a parked the cheese wagon.

    Everyone started to unload and exit, a few girls gave me a look of desire for some reason. Am I a hero now? Surely not. When everyone was gone, I went to the bus driver and was trying to help him out, there were drawing on his face and all I could think was “pathetic”. I got him off the bus and I sat him on the stairs outside of the building and I went to run inside to get the principal or someone that could help out, but before I could run in, Mr. Sanston pulls my leg and makes me trip. I got up, turned around, and looked at him and said “Why did you do that?” He replied “You don’t have to get them, I don’t need help, I don’t want anyone knowing about this. Kid, you done good. Thank you for noticing what was happening, I guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Go and head onto class.” I wondered why he didn’t want me to inform the principal, but it’s probably cause our principal is kind of mean and would probably fire him. Which I, nor Mr. Sanston wants. I went to first period, which is history. I don’t like history that much but I might as well go ahead and learn it. You know what they say, history repeats itself. I manage to make straight A’s in there, I cram before the test. Cramming isn’t a good observation but it’s better than failing. I sit on the front table alone, all of the jocks, cheerleaders, and other people sit in the back. My teacher, Mr. Rowfer, walked in and said hello to me and then class started. Not just 5 minutes later a girl walked in late. Not just any girl, Janice Johnson, the prettiest girl in the entire school. All of the cheerleaders were jealous of her and envied her. That’s pretty much all I knew about her, wait, she loves cats. Yeah, that’s it. She came in and went to take a seat beside her friend, Lei Stimorenson, but before she could, Mr. Rowfer told her to sit up front beside me. Now we have assigned seats and I'm sitting beside the prettiest girl in school. She looked at me until I met her stare, I greeted her by saying "Hey, I'm Kingsley." I pretended to not know her name in hopes that she wouldn't think I was a stalker or like every guy in the entire school. I'm not a stalker, I just know everyone's name, just in case something happens and I need to confront someone. There she goes, getting a chair, and coming to sit right beside me. After she got settled, she turned to me and said "Hey, I'm Janice. It's nice to meet you, sorry I'm assigned next to you, I hope it's not a problem. I know this is kind of sudden to start asking questions but why do you always sit alone? I notice you everyday and all I do is see that you're alone." I looked at her in astonishment, and I thought to myself, me? She notices me? She seems that I'm alone? Someone notices me? Then I looked up and said "Well, I don't really have any friends here so I guess you could call me a loner." She bowed her head like she was thinking "I shouldn't sat with him those times he was alone." But honestly, I don't know what she was thinking. All I could do was admire her perfect brown hair which always fell right into place. Then she looked up at the ceiling then back at me and said "I'm so sorry--" I interrupted her by saying "No, it's not your fault. Why should you be sorry?" and she continued "It's just that I feel bad whenever I see someone alone, and I never did come to accompany you. I just let you sit there alone, with no one to talk to. I don't know why, I just did. I shouldn't have." Then next thing I know, I realize that we have been talking for over 45 minutes, somehow, I have no clue. The bell rings for us to switch classes, and I get up and start to walk out but she stops me by laying her hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see that she was trying to gesture me to stay in there, so I did. She hugged me and apologized again, now I was starting to feel bad. 

© 2012 Faith Cherry

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Faith Cherry
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Faith Cherry
Faith Cherry

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My name is Faith, I've always been interesting in writing and making creative stories and what not.. I couldn't find anywhere to let it out so I heard about this and thought "why not?" Hahah, yeah.. I.. more..

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