When Can We Evolve From the Modern Election Process #5

When Can We Evolve From the Modern Election Process #5

A Story by Professor prestome UngYoBrock

A 2017 new article that continues where the 4tharticle left off in 2016 before the election ended in a Trump Victory. More important is:society is failing to evolve & is actually starting to un-evolve




This is going to be one of the longest and another important article of my: When Can We Evolve From the Modern Election Process Article series, but first I want to explain how I have also wrote 2 new historical books: the 2 books are both called: Impulsive People Lead Everyone To Get Involved in War… They are new regarding how society is in need for a much needed boost in modern evolutionary thinking. The 2 books are something that has just been missing politically and historically: Part 1 or rather my book 1 + TEA is located here: amazon.com/Impulsive-People-Everyone-involved-Example-ebook/dp/B06Y4F6YX5/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


Part 2/book 2 + EGGS is located at this link: amazon.com/Impulsive-People-Lead-Everyone-Involved-ebook/dp/B073GBMCG4/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


    Book 2+EGGS: contains more modern politics which can be seen to have direct correlations towards this series of discussing how the world should-evolve from the modern election process. Along with how people can perhaps get out of the corruption relating to current world politics starting with America? Anyways, they are 100% self published and located under the site: Amazon.com/Author/8    Print quality is not in High Definition, since they are my first books, and of course anything typed isn’t in high definition: you actually have to read… I am also working on a half fast free website just to organize all my scattered writings/projects of various outcomes… The Free Website at this moment is located here: Imortalone.wordpress.com


   Any writing that I have that gets removed from the internet, I will attempt to do something regarding reuploading elsewhere. Be sure to stay updated on my/imortalone's websites.


   I also want to start this article #5 on a few notes, 1. Politics move quick.. The quickness isn’t related towards who someone falsely votes for. It is directly related towards the Which are the groups that write the speeches for the puppet leaders to read, this is how it has been for over 40 years… Citizens have zero say in what these groups do. Point 2. Its been a little while since article #4 since these articles don’t-create any personal revenue for myself, and of course the elections had basically ended when I finished the 4th article. Point 3. is the age old unevolved-idea of how witting in general has little impact on the actual political world: rather it is my writing or someone else’s that says similar things… Point 4. The current idea of voting in America, is explained by Putin of Russia, where he talks about how the voting process is fake in America, because it is, and most American already know that it is a process that is corrupted. and doesn’t really do much too effect the politics in America in a positive manor.


   Also Keep in mind many American people haven’t been very happy with USA politics for quite a long time. From antonymous to Native-American groups, Antarctic groups, to Greenpeace political organizations towards pissed of citizens who react towards danger in a justified way such as innocent protesting, signing petitions, etc are thrown in jail because the corruption/politic officials refuse to go to jail… Yet the police have no mind of their own, since the police work for the corrupted people and are unable to do anything more then a citizen.. The police follow the idea that, they don’t make the rules they just follow them.. Rules that have been proven impossible to change and update over the last 7 years or more.. There have been nearly endless types of protests from stopping the USA government from destroying whats left of the forests to build on dangerous fuels like coal and oil.. Protests to help lower the amount of citizens in jail, to help education systems, to remove police and government power: yet the kings/corrupted people who start ISIS/Isil related terrorists groups continue to do the only thing they know how to do.. Kill and kill and toss people into jail..


  For an example of outdated ideas: I think its important to remember how coal mines often cause large amounts of human suffering… The price of coal isn’t worth the effect it has on the environment and on people… I don’t think coal should-be stopped all together but increasing its expansion in 2017-2020+ is unnecessary or rather need-to-be unnecessary.. Steps should-be taken to make sure that horrible human waste products like coal/gasoline etc are removed from human-necessity. The same should-also start applying to other dangerous chemicals; regarding being limited instead of increased. Throughout the Current uneducated and dangerous USA organization they have been reviewing various sites of of destroying even national monuments for these fossil fuels in 2017 and of course the years before.. “In July Trump’s/Obama/Hillary’s organizations have been looking to destroy over 30 National Monuments - From the underwater Papahanaumokuakea Marine In Hawaii to the Iconic grand Canyon so that these lands and waters can be destroyed and converted to fossil fuel drilling. However the destruction doesn’t stop there…” (Political GreenPeace).


  In the last article I posted here online: When Can We Evolve From The Modern Election Process #4. I discussed a few issues, relating towards American political inner-fighting. While one dictator potentially works with another dictator-Trump + Russia. All I want to say is the conversations between these people should-be public. Everyone is still debating about what they should do about it… There are investigations going on in 2017 regarding everything from election/voting corruption towards pointless-war with Korea… The idea of war hasn’t really gone away.. There are so many issues I cant possibly list them all, even of everything was public..



   The traitors in the U.S.A.Government seem to be a never ending list of people whose only experience is using scapegoat related tactics. The traitors that create the Assad/Isis regimes: is just the most obvious. Traitors that aren’t trusted by the current president nor the president before Continue to work at their jobs as if nothing happened and as if no one was hurt. Where is the capital Punishment for these lying murders? Who destroy the financial system and inflate currency while creating terrorist groups. Like how could politicians mess up any worse? The American politics don’t trust other Americans when discussing politics. Its as if society hasn’t evolved since the age of royalty and the years of the 1600’s never passed.. It’s going on 2020, yet the kings are still battling it out like uneducated selfish little children: and the peasants/citizens just have to sit in their towns and unprotected homes. Homes that don’t protect against the power of the kings. King Trump and King Putin King Kim Jung Un and others all talk about how people are endanger against transcontinental ballistic missiles. In July 2017 The are of North Korea continues to practice using their missiles just like a king would practice setting towns on fire. All the peasant knows as a majority is, “We will see what happens. (The USA Government and other governments) don’t like to talk about what has been planned (because the plans involve the destruction of many peasants/citizens). But Trump has made clear that there are some pretty severe things that they are thinking about, Trump said in Warsaw at a news conference with Andrzej Duda, the polish president. That North Korea is behaving in a very serious manner and that something needs to be done about it” (The Atlantic News July 6th article). People don’t want these sort of activities to be happening but again the human desire to protect the world isn’t shared by the USA Government and the educated-people can do nothing about it.. Someone doesn’t need to look very far to see thousands of lives being destroyed by combined politics and military groups in the present real world.


For a simple example relating to thousands of rules that seem unavoidable. Such as if you do 60mph in a ‘40 zone’, you will get thrown in jail in America.. While getting your car toed… Meanwhile you have criminals like the Clinton organization who cause war and huge unnecessary damage to the financial system in America.. Which is worse if you compare the actions? Seriously.. People who use get rich quick ideals and empower themselves with the use of the military force. These are the separation of classes.. Where the poor get hit with fines and nearly endless taxes while the top rich percentage of people get to use the military to force the world into debt and war… There really isn’t much that hasn’t been attempted to be destroyed by the USA in recent years. “racial discrimination against Latinos, Asian, and Black Immigrants communities in the USA Administrations is regular occurrence such as in April 2017..” (Daily Kos). Groups like the DACA Deferred action for childhood arrivals/border patrol are allowed to continue racial destruction of human lives.. This isn’t what people want but yet thanks to the unevolved election process this is what people get/have to deal with: annoying news of people complaining about the problems, obsessive spam emails, people paying corruption to have their opinion heard on various levels while also paying just to get news about current events that jeopardize their own personal futures, voting rights being restricted, racism, destruction of freedom/internet, fines/bails/fees/taxes for things that shouldn’t be taxed, segregation/limitations based on class standings relating to all aspects of life, increased numbers of citizens in jails/prisons/psychology care, and of course complete distrust of military police related groups who are allowed to hurt people on a regular basis. This is the society that is given to US on a plate that people/US have no choice over. The us as people isn’t the U.S. or rather its becoming increasingly difficult for people to have any sort of opinion in politics. And that is a different idea then large amounts of religious people joining the military…


I think the following comment section in a few pages that will be shown, is a similar trend from text messages, to in person conversations, to news sites, back to youtube; on how people are on a different level then the politics. People are pissed off. Like I personally almost question the history of politics in general due to the ridiculous actions that have been occurring recently.. Like when you look at the history of politics, the political people spoke about solving issues instead of causing them. Some politicians would like to use their money to bomb the citizens of the world: ‘solving the problem’.. This doesn’t solve the problem of class-warfare, nor does bombing solve the problems in other countries.. I back this statement up in my 2nd book with sources and a lot more extensive evidence. Inaddition, Former president Obama does a speech in Germany about the same time as NATO meeting of 2017. He and others address basic ideas like how church and state should be separated, and how the system should-be improved. Since the system supposed to put its efforts into evolving. “Where conflict resolution is the goal in areas where issues and war have been taking place. The System is supposed to deal with Climate change and the displacement of farmers and peoples way of life because weather patterns are changing. Issues that should be solved, because if there are disruptions in countries: like bad governments, War, poverty etc. It hurts everyone: governments like the USA can’t isolate themselves. People can’t hide behind a wall. There is enough to feed and educate everyone, if the governments are able to design a social compact that reflect the best values. Part of the goal is to create societies that are self sufficient and to make sure that governments are promoting the interests of the people from the bottom up opposed to just folks at the top.” (Obama 2017). I talk about this more in my two history books called: Impulsive People Lead Everyone to get involved in war. Free previews, and free full e-book downloads can be found all over the internet. The books are posted on Amazon so you can view it for free as an E-Book on there if you are already apart of Amazon, and you can buy a copy in-case the power grid goes out or anything like that.. The two books are different sizes each with over 150 pages of history and politics. And again can be found on various sites, and even some libraries if looking for actual physical copies.. If you are unaware or perhaps someone who works for the Government such as those who kill for these corrupted people and if you are interested in redirecting your efforts to something more positive: I do recommend them since the people closest to these corrupt people are those who are often on the benefiting side of the corruption.. And as a simple spectator, I can see how those who want to say something more positive then the never ending messages that are broadcasted, are those being ignored. Solutions are better then provocation, unfortunately that is an idea that many living in the 1600’s couldn’t understand, and you would think that those who are living in a society that is over 300 years later could-understand that concept.. But as most military/police/political organizations show: is that the thinking of modern society slips past the so called leaders who stick to harmful and outdated laws that hurt modern society..


Religion in general is one of the simplest things to point a finger at for blame since religion in general has a constant history of a huge organization that seeks large amounts of personal gain: obviously.. Well for an example of religion intolerance being suggested in 2017 I would suggest looking at the most recent of political actions: where Trump fails to understand the ideas that supposed to separate church and state: since Trump feels that the leaders of the church should-have more political power then they currently have.. Which is something that wasn’t voted on. The reuniting of church and state is a harmful situation that was already proven to be harmful in the past. Politics should-be politics and the church should-be the church. Here is an example of proof: “Trump's critics have questioned the sincerity of his faith, noting that the real-estate mogul Trump recently said he doesn't like to ask God for forgiveness. Hypocritically Trump unequivocally embraced the evangelical Christian community throughout the start of his Saturday speech in Sioux Center, Iowa saying how he is a believer in Christian practices.” (Colin Campbell) Although Trump was just saying that to increase army sizes and help his election chances… Since Trump looks to invoke/enrage the unjustified wrath/anger of the Christian groups, saying how that could be an army of 240, 250 million. Of course that isn’t counting the USA army which is already one of the largest military forces on the planet, without the need of over 200,000 million more people… People who are being provoked by impulsive actions by the corrupted establishment of 2017..


American politics are being mixed together with the dangerous French/British religions of Catholicism and the stemmed branch/slightly altered version of Christianity in 2017.. Failing to separate church and state is a direct link towards war.. Religious groups that are mixed with politics/king philosophies has always been a direct mixture/link that causes war and deaths of millions and billions of people.. Religious organizations that get involved with politics: typically cause more harm then good, and that goes back too various dates. What I want to bring up here is the French Religious Wars during the 16th century/ended in the 16th century.. The French Religious Wars was the name of an event where millions of people died in a total of 8 wars that were better known as the Huguenot Wars. The 1st of 8 wars was started by political infighting. Bias’s towards different ethnicities, and obviously religious ambitions to remove friendly competition regarding other religions: the definition of religious intolerance.. Ultimately the Guise Family, that was largely Catholic, fought against the Catherine De Medici Family: both were residents of France both wanting their own personal political ideas to remain ultimate. The Catholic church discriminated on females and was unable to withdraw their power over politics when the Catherine De Medici Family took control over France’s politics. As a result of the failure to lesson the power of the church relating to politics in France the Guise Family waged war against the political kings. And the Political leaders issued laws against the church restricting freedoms.. Another issue that increased the expansion of war in France was how the Catherine De Medici Family was part Italian so many French people didn’t like this fact either.. Ultimately I the conditions of war in the 1600’s is very similar to how the conditions of the current war in America 2017-that of course is looking to control even more land for selfish reasons.. Where politics and religions are having disputes while also failing to be separate organizations.. Trump Met with the pope just like a king would in the 1600’s in France and had many disagreements.. “From climate change to the need to integrate and accept migrants of all faiths. As they sat down opposite one another at a large wooden desk, POPE Francis(idk what number 2017?) signaled to the president Trump that it was best to talk out of the earshot of reporters and cameras, who were quickly led out of the papal library. The two then had a 29-minute chat with only the interpreter present.. It is hoped that there may be serene collaboration between the state and the Catholic church in the United States, engaged in service to the people in the fields of health-care, education and assistance to immigrants the statement said. Left unsaid was the fact that the Trump administration’s policies on migrants have been condemned by the France’s Church.” (US NEWS-Media Unlimited) Ultimately a suspicious very threatening meeting that left the current pope of France quite unhappy.. A topic that can be nothing more then a private discussion of continued genocide: private from the public until the public is dead: just like in the 1600’s… Where the armies typically knew nothing relating to the purpose of them causing genocide.. The Private meetings relating to politics shouldn’t be allowed.. That is the start of the bottom line of the advancement of society.. Current political actions aren’t advancing societies well-being and that's the bottom line..  



“Trump suggested on Saturday that he would have had "less difficulty" if he had proposed barring Christians from entering the US instead of Muslims.” (Colin Campbell). This statement isn’t based on any sort of fact, evidence, or logic.. The only thing sentences like that try to do: is too create a very harmful wall between two religious groups. Thus proving once again the dangers of the current political establishment in America. It shows how the USA organization is failing to separate church and state. It shows how the current establishment is corrupt[t and hungry for war. It also shows how the current president has a personal bias against an entire religion, while showing how most of what he say isn’t back by proof, logic, math, education, equality or anything modern. After this statements is why Trump and the current USA organization has taken the cake for the most memes created based on a world leader because the current USA establishment is nothing more then a dangerous joke when looking for help, equality, or security. Thus showing how the current establishment has failed to evolve with modern society. Ultimately, removing people from the USA isn’t something the USA has a history of doing.. America/US was designed to accept people and discuss issues in a group to arrive at a unanimous/united decision: that leads to action that should only benefit society: otherwise the decision being debated probably isn’t a unanimous decision… This is where the current system fails entirely from the election process to a single individual doing whatever they want to cause turmoil.. Something the French/British Governments/oppressive-churches did constantly in the 1600’s +.. For better historical understanding of the Wars of Religion starting in the 1560’s: “The powerful Roman Catholic Guise family and its partisans massacred a Huguenot congregation at Vassy (1562), causing an uprising in the provinces. Many inconclusive skirmishes followed, and compromises were reached in 1563, 1568, and 1570. After the murder of the Huguenot leader Gaspard II de Coligny in the Massacre of Saint Bartholomew’s Day (1572), the civil war resumed. A peace compromise in 1576 allowed the Huguenots freedom of worship. An uneasy peace existed until 1584, when the Huguenot leader Henry of Navarre (later Henry IV) became heir to the French throne. This led to the War of the Three Henrys and later brought Spain to the aid the Roman Catholics. The wars ended with Henry’s embrace of Roman Catholicism and the religious toleration of the Huguenots guaranteed by the Edict of Nantes (1598).” (The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica).




Here is a typical conversation showing the opinion of typical spectators of harmful political actions - names of those speaking are not listed just the dates:


Apr 28

I do have to give credit to Trump for one thing. Like the guy in this gif (meme Where a guy who was shouting and freaking out). Trump is someone I just can’t look away from.  With President Obama, things were on track and the government ran smoothly, despite GOP obstructionism, and I could look away.  I could go for days without looking at the internet to see what had been going on in the White House.  I knew the country was in good hands. With this guy/trump, this president, I can’t look away.  I click into Dailykos a dozen times a day, just to see what new train wreck is progressing.  Just to see what Little Donny has screwed up this time.  Just to see what misery he is bringing upon us.

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Apr 28

I quote Judge Smails from Caddyshack when referring to the evening lineup on MSNBC. I call all of those shows, collectively, “What’s that buffoon done now?”

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Apr 28

Love it!

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May 1

Works for me

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May 1

I do the same thing. UGH! You have to keep up with the Toddler-in-Charge and the messes he is creating.

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May 1

The Republican Party as a whole MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their utter lack of vetting this demonstrable disaster who ran under their banner.

But will Democrats do so?

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May 1

 LOL. Sad. Really Sad.

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May 2

He’s in the terrible twos. It’s all terrible: everything he says, and everything he does.

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   Okay, so now that is done, I just want to say the only thing I did when a mile wide bomb hit Afghanistan was send out a simple text message to some of my friends.. That’s about all I can do as a human of this society. What I said, was that I thought it was depressing, and that ww3 is going on.. There is soo much information on this event already.. If you want to read more, then my second Political Book with a link already listed should-do the trick.






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Impulsive People Lead Everyone To Get Involved in War. Prestome UngYoBrock. 2 books. 2017.


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I dont favor any sort of political party. I haven't profited off any of these articles on writerscafe so far. I also might alter the colors of the image of this series for each article by the time the 6th article is put online.

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