Inside The Red

Inside The Red

A Poem by incompleteicarus

For a prompt from tumblr, I wrote about "inside the red".

We are stood two feet apart and she won’t
Look at me, and I know why. I know that
Inside of the red of my rage there was 
A flicker of something darker. Her eyes
Open. I can see red and black fire, 

She hates me.

I know this because I love her. I know
This because there are flames licking at my
Heels. I need to run. I know this because
In her mind blood is leaking from my neck 
Dripping to the dirty floor beneath us. 

I need this. 

Her eyes will not leave mine and I’m not strong
Enough to look away on my own. I
Have always needed her to hate me like 
This. Because inside of this red, this black
Hammering heart that's inside of her chest...

She loves me.

With everything she has and I am her 
Curled fists, crashing against the waves of this
Pulse of anger. I cannot ask her to 
Forgive me, not after pushing her this 
Far. She won’t forgive me anyway, not
Knowing I made her do this. I need to-

I am sorry

I raise my hand, the blood is everywhere
I can feel my knotted veins loosening,
The blood is dripping down my fingers from 
These crescent shaped wounds. I am panicked. The 
Fire is burning me now, I need to run. 

She needs this

She needs to hate me. We both need this. We 
Need to look inside of this red romance 
To see that we are destructive beyond 
All reasoning. She is asking me to 
Love her. I can’t refuse. I am asking 
Her to forgive me and she can’t refuse. 

I need her.

There is no space between us, our bodies 
Touching. Fingers in my lover’s hair. Her 
Lips reach mine. The red overwhelms me. I
Need this. She tastes like blood and fire, I
Cannot escape this. She needs me, I need
Her. I need her. I need her. I need her. 

© 2015 incompleteicarus

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Added on November 17, 2015
Last Updated on November 17, 2015
Tags: lesbian, love, hate, lovehate, relationships, blank verse, iambic pentameter



Hull, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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