If Not For The Poets?

If Not For The Poets?

A Poem by incompleteicarus

Rape CW

I once knew a girl who asked 
Why there were so many 
Rape poems written by teenage girls?
She said it with a sneer and a look 
Down at the page of scrawled words in my hands. 
I asked her who should write the rape poems, 
If not for teenagers?

She shrugged and sighed, 
There should be no rape poems, 
She said with that faux sincerity 
Of someone that has never looked 
Into the eyes of a man forcing himself 
Upon your fragile body. 
I replied with the torn throat that 
Had been ripped by muffled screams, 
But who would talk about rape
If not for the poets?

There was a pause in the conversation, 
And she sat herself down with the 
Ease of someone that has never felt 
Their will crack under the weight of a forced kiss. 
She smiled at me, swept her hair back 
And leaned forwards. If no one talked about it, 
She reasoned, there would be no fuss. 
The paper in my hands crumpled.
I muttered, would it stop happening 
If we talked about it?

Her nails became interesting at this point, 
And I knew she had never had to 
Use them as a weapon. 
She didn't look at me as she said, 
Of course it would still happen. 
So why, I asked, should we stop talking about it? 
Stop writing about it? 
Stop thinking about it? 
She couldn't answer me. 
When she stood up and walked away,
I wasn't surprised.

© 2015 incompleteicarus

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Added on November 18, 2015
Last Updated on November 18, 2015



Hull, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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