He Said

He Said

A Poem by incompleteicarus

He said; 
you have a triangle of freckles on your left wrist; 
just above the bone; 
a right angle;
and a mole two fifths of the way up your spine.
I remember kissing it as you lay on my bed.

He said; 
I drank three fifths of vodka the night we broke up; 
but the bottle reminded me of you.
I drank it all and went to sleep. 
In my dreams you smiled at me.
I didn't have the taste of vodka in my mouth.

He said; 
I had you, kissing my lips;
and making plans to travel to Peru. 
I don’t remember why we were going to Peru, 
but I wanted to go wherever you wished to; 
so we planned the trip, 
which left me feeling a little hollow when I woke up.

I said;
I remember your lips on my skin, 
my bare back against your stubble.
I remember the freckles you drew dots between, 
so they wouldn't get lost.

I said;
 I remember drinking half a pint of whiskey before I could call you,
because breaking up with you would hurt. 
But sometimes you have to break bones before you can begin to heal;
we were broken, 
so I broke us more and now we’re both healed and healthy.

I said;
I dreamt about you too, 
although we were travelling through a forest,
where the trees snatched at our ankles.
The sky was the colour of your eyes. 
I remember waking up and feeling like
the world was collapsing in on itself;
but the sky hadn't fallen on us yet.

© 2015 incompleteicarus

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Added on November 18, 2015
Last Updated on November 18, 2015



Hull, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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