Call of the Clouds

Call of the Clouds

A Story by inconsistentsea

Loosely based on Ms Earhart, who did not have any infirmities and did not become interested in flight until she was 21 or so. 627 words

The meadow was warm and the butterflies cast flitting shadows on the tall grass. The sun felt like rays of joy on Amelia's face and the flowers were like colourful bursts of inspiration swaying in the breeze. Her hike had been leisurely. She stopped next to a stream to take a drink and take in the scenery. Never before had she felt so happy, like she belonged nowhere else.

She was alone, but that did not matter. She was not concerned being a small girl hiking in the mountains on her own. In fact she would have it no other way. Others would have only kept her from doing this in the first place. A solo hike on such a gorgeous day was a small victory, but one she celebrated with as much enthusiasm as a girl could. All she wanted was a bit of freedom.

Amelia looked around and couldn't help but notice a large tree nearby. It had nice low branches and looked perfect for climbing. She crossed the stream at a shallow part and headed towards the tree.

About ten feet up Amelia heard some rustling that was not her own climbing. She looked to her left and caught her breath. Two small black bear cubs rested a few branches away from her. Her mind raced trying to think of what to do, knowing that the mother would be very close. One of the cubs looked curious, as if it was going to climb over to Amelia's branch and check her out. The other cub was not so interested and it started to call for its mother.

Amelia strained to hear where the larger bear would be coming from. When she didn't hear anything for a few seconds she decided to take a chance and climb down. She almost slid down the tree, tearing gashes in her legs. She hit the ground. Some bushes nearby started to rustle and the mother bear poked her head out. It growled. Amelia picked up some large branches from the ground. She raised them above her head and growled too, trying match the volume of the bear. She kept eye contact and slowly moved towards a clearing. Her tactic must have worked because the bear started to back away and Amelia took the opportunity to get away.

She ran until she knew she wasn't being followed and caught her breath. She had never felt so alive! Or so close to death. She decided it was a good time to head home and after a quick drink from the stream she headed that way. As she was walking past a different group of trees, she could hear the birds chirping loudly. At least she thought it was the birds. She listened harder and it became garbled. Then...then she heard her name. Every bird was chirping her name.


She startled awake. It was her mother calling her. Beside her sat her copy of Heidi, open to the last page she was reading before she fell asleep.

“The doctor is here, Amelia. It is time for your check up,” her mother said, bringing her back to reality.

“Hello, Amelia. Have you have been doing the exercises I gave you since our last visit?” the doctor gently asked as he examined her legs.

“Every day,” Amelia replied truthfully. Since she had seen an air plane at the state fair all she wanted to do was fly. She had to do her exercises so that one day she could get out of bed and in to an air plane.

She looked out the window, daydreaming as her mother and the doctor spoke. The clouds in the bright blue sky were calling, and one day soon she would answer.

© 2015 inconsistentsea

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Added on August 13, 2015
Last Updated on August 13, 2015
Tags: flash fiction, adventure, child, earhart