The Prius Plague

The Prius Plague

A Poem by InkBlack

My first attempt at Satire. Hope it doesn't fail.


How does one become socially conscious?

How does one become environmentally conscious?

“I know!

Let’s buy a hybrid car!

But it can’t be just any hybrid car,

I has to be a Prius!”

The rich yuppies say

While wasting electricity on their big screen TVs

And leaving their Blackberry chargers in the wall socket.

Eating filet mignon nightly

And leaving their bikes to collect dust and rust in the garage.

They give generously to their bretheren

White the lowlies are still eating grass.

But that’s okay,

Because they’re saving the world.

They do have a Prius after all.

© 2011 InkBlack

Author's Note

**DISCLAIMER**: I don’t hate Priuses (they are some nice-ass cars) or think everyone who owns one is like this. It’s just that I see them everywhere in my town where everyone thinks they’re so socially/environmentally conscious when they are so not. That and I just read A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift in English. I felt inspired to write some satire of my own.

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Added on May 19, 2011
Last Updated on May 19, 2011



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