A Chapter by emma

"Don't. Move." 


His voice cut through the silence like a knife. I froze, but my heart didn't. My pulse shot up and pounded against my skin so forcefully I thought it was going to tear through my neck. The frigid October air circulated around me and chills slithered up my spine. I heard his footsteps and waited for the warmth of another body next to mine. Except when his hand touched the back of my neck, there was no warmth. Only icy fingers. 


He inhaled deeply and sighed audibly. "You smell so good.


I turned slowly and faced him. His eyes were shockingly blue, the same colour as his cheeks and lips. I didn’t recognize him, but I’d seen enough of his kind to know what I had to do.


I took a tentative step away. “I have to go.”


The boy grabbed my hand and I yelped at the touch of his frozen skin. “No. You must stay.”


I wriggled free. “I’m so sorry, but I’m not equipped to help you.”


His eyes blazed red. It took maybe a whole second for the colour to transition. “You are the only one I have seen for years.


“I’m young and not trained.”


“Better than a worthless human.”


Before I had a chance to flinch, he grabbed my shoulders and thrust himself into me. His lips landed directly on my racing pulse and he bit in. Pain enveloped me and I started seeing black spots. I let out an ear-splitting scream as he gulped in a huge swallow of my blood. The world fizzled away and I was left in the in-between of life and death. The familiar white world was still creepy even though I’d been there at least ten times. I was alone except for the boy.


“Stop!” I cried. “Stop drinking! You could kill me!”


A sadistic smile crept onto his lips. “Would that be such a tragedy?”


I lunged for the boy, but he disappeared before my fingers could curl around his neck. The ground beneath me gave way and I tumbled into the abyss of nothingness.



The ground was cold, even compared to my skin. I checked my pulse and found nothing. I rolled my tongue over my teeth and felt the fangs that shouldn’t have been in my mouth. I sat up and saw my body on the ground, bleeding bite marks on my neck.


“Hey!” I yelled. “Wake up!”


My body twitched. I crawled over to it and punched it hard in the face. The eyes opened, a deep red. The boy had done it"he’d transferred himself into my body.


The boy jerked away from me when he saw that he was staring at himself. “Did it work?” he asked in my voice.


“Yes,” I growled. “You have two hours before the magic reverses. Use your time wisely.”


The boy in my body hopped up and took off without looking back.


I angrily watched him/me leave. The coppery taste of blood in my/his mouth was unbearable, since I knew it was mine. I spat a few times, but there was still an aftertaste. I rubbed my eyes with my cold, cold hands that weren’t mine at all, and sighed.


Why did the ghombie have to find me tonight of all nights? I was supposed to be meeting up with Chase tonight, and now that was all ruined. If ghombies could cry, I would’ve started then. But since they were two types of dead, they couldn’t cry, and since I was stuck inside the body of one, I couldn’t either.


Ghombies are ghosts and zombies mixed together. People who die once and come back as a zombie, then are killed again, and come back as a ghost, are called ghombies. I’m a ghombie-whisperer (as Skye would say), meaning ghombies can contact me and ‘possess’ me by drinking my blood. But only for a limited amount of time. Which is what happened tonight.


I’m not trained to un-possess myself if something like this happens, and now I have no control over the situation. If I was trained, I could keep the ghombies from drinking my blood. My mother has the responsibility to train me, but she’s an alcoholic, so my grandma has taken over. Theoretically. She hasn’t ‘found the time’ to train me.


So now I’m stuck in a ghombie body until time runs out.




After two hours of wandering around aimlessly in circles, the boy in my body appears out of the blue. I touched his arm ever so lightly and instantly feel the awful pull. I was literally being pulled out of his body.


The white world returned. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like the real world’s colour melts away in seconds and all that’s left is white. It’s like standing in the middle of a sketch.


“One more hour. Please.” The boy begged, but he was already being ripped from my body.


“No! You already stole two hours from me!”


His tears glistened on my cheeks. “Please. You have no idea how beautiful it is to be normal again.”


“Maybe if you’d asked instead of stolen, I would’ve given you more time.”


That was a lie. I had no idea what I was doing.


There was a giant clang and I was dragged out of his dead body. Everything went black.



When I opened my eyes, I was looking at his body, not my own.


“Thank God,” I murmured.


I stood up, brushed the dirt off my jeans and started to run away. But the boy grabbed my hand just seconds before I took off.


“What is your name?” he asked.


“Andrea.” The one piece of advice my grandmother taught me was to never show fear, and never back down. It didn't seem the wisest choice at the moment, but what do I know? 


“Andrea,” he repeated slowly, as if tasting the name. “Greek, meaning strong and courageous.”


I stepped away. I was named after my great-great-grandmother, who gave her life to save her father. I was always uncomfortable with people knowing why I am named what I am. Don’t ask me why. It’s just awkward to me.


The boy smiled, but it didn’t reach his blazing eyes. “I do not mean to frighten you, Andrea. I am merely telling you the origin of your name.”


I took another few steps back. “Yeah. Look, this has been fun and all, but"”

“You lie. You didn’t enjoy this experience.”


I stopped talking. He knew I wanted to leave.


“Your right. I lied. Goodbye.”




I didn’t wait. I ran out of there as fast as I could and didn't look back. 

© 2012 emma

Author's Note

Reviews are always welcome! Criticism especially!

*awarded First Place!!! in the Just a Peek... contest*
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Ghombie... who would have thunk it... absolutely chilling and thrilling and so totally breathtaking ;) It's a fresh new story about a fresh new hybrid being, which I am now looking forward to reading!!! She seems like a likeable character as well, thanks for sharing it :}

Posted 7 Years Ago

"It took maybe a whole second for the colour to go from a deep blue to a fiery red." Describing the eyes again is redundant. Maybe say "...for the transition."
Otherwise this was great. Very original and it had a good pace.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I loved it :) it was so captivating. Literally chilling :) I am so reading the rest of this book :) Oh, but I just have to add, when Andrea says about it being fun and games, I think that you might to add a full stop or like the three dots ... but I could be wrong. Anyway, thanks! It was awesome.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I am stunned, very descriptive i loved how you made up the characters. I was interested thoughout the entire chapter.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Very well done very griping I wanted more. If you email me back it shows me signs of life and I will be back. If no return email within a week I will have to delete you. So please don't let me down.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Waiting for the 36th chapter... :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Worth the awards, for sure. At first I was a bit confused with all the switching bodies and such, but this write is very unique and entertaining. This story has great potential and seems to be developing a great plot-line. You are a fantastic writer and I hope to be seeing more of your writing in the future. Great job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Definitely worth the award! I'm sorry I didn't get to reading this earlier. LOL
~Jasmine Thousand~

Posted 8 Years Ago

Love this a lot! Cant wait to read more:)

Posted 8 Years Ago

i liked it. i want to read more.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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