I am not done with it, but I want to share my progress

I am not done with it, but I want to share my progress

A Story by Brateous

This story is organic. I might go on longer hiatus on it to collect ideas and inspiration for it.


The light barely filtered through the translucent black bed sheet drapes, giving objects in the room shades of blacks and white. Usbeorn was asleep for a while, well at least in his mind it was for a short amount. Something woke him up; he was having a pleasant dream and it all ended when his sister rattled the door to the apartment with the jangle of keys. She didn’t know if her brother was asleep nor did she care. She felt really exhausted from today’s work and tossed the keys off-handedly on the black granite countertop that skid making a sharp metallic sound before it stopped, it was silent again. Ahlani was half stumbling down the corridor to turn on the light switch. Usbeorn was wide awake and could see on his left side, a bright light peeking into his room as Ahlani opened the door slightly and majority of that light covered in her silhouette. He contemplated whether he should look back or continue sleeping. By the time he figured what he wanted to do, she had already closed the door and turned off the hallway light. She then proceeded to her room and plopped on the bed, which made a small squeak that Usbeorn heard.

Usbeorn removed his light green feather-filled cotton blanket, revealing underneath, a naturally skinny white boy wearing light shade of blue uniform. He swept his brunette hair with his hand to the right side and sat up, slightly turning his body so that his feet touched the cold pine floors before standing up. Though, he wasn’t paying attention, the room gained more and more contrast due to the light from outside through the bed sheet curtains. Usbeorn glanced forward; a sky blue clock illuminated in red 10:67 AM. Still staring at the clock, it slowly passed to 10:68 AM. He looked to the door and reached the silver metallic brushed door knob. His gut felt uneasy and chose to ignore it. The feeling quickly faded away. He shrugged and continued until he felt a feeling of dropped stones in his stomach and saw the corridors repeating what he saw over and over. Unable to move, he stood there with his hand on the door knob before he let go making a clang sound, bringing back the normal corridors most people would see.

He shook his head and closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead and muttered to himself “What the hell just happened.” He stopped rubbing his forehead and his eyes widened slightly and blinked just to make sure what he was seeing was what he was seeing and proceeded down the corridor. As he walked along, he saw that Ahlani left her room wide open. She lied on her stomach passed out in her black uniform with her work shoes still on, snoring away. Usbeorn observed her with one eyebrow cocked, and then shifted his attention to getting to the living room with the kitchen on the other side.

His stomach started to growl and he muttered to himself quietly, “Time to make food.” He stumbled into the kitchen first to see what there was to eat. He went to the fridge and opened one side of it and there was on the shelves, few apples and a half-eaten salad on the top shelf. He quickly skimmed and noticed a small container of butter on one side and on the other side was a tin foiled covered glass bowl with very pink steak pieces that was marinated in Ahlani’s seasoning; just looking at it made Usbeorn hungry. His stomach growled even more. On the bottom shelf were leftover sauces from fast food and containers of condiments. He rubbed his chin and considered his choices wisely. He chose to eat the half eaten salad and grabbed himself an apple.

He sat on a red circular cushion stool on the other side of the kitchen and started to wolf down the salad. The salad wasn’t that bad, but it was a bit too light for his taste. He took the apple threw it upwards in the air and he grabbed it, took a satisfying crunch and the sweetness came rushing to his taste buds. The juice of the fruit ran a little bit down by the corner of his mouth. He took his thumb and moved it towards his mouth as a temporarily way of getting that reminisce back before it went away. That apple was delicious; I sure got lucky on that pick. He got off the stool and sat on the brown leather couch in the living room with a wall mounted black TV. On the side of the TV are white bookcases with whole array of random miscellaneous books. None of these books are grabbing my attention. He looked to his right and there are the balcony screen doors and the blinds for them were slightly open. Outside, it started to drizzle. The drizzling picked up a lot more and outside was grey. A light flashed for about 10 seconds and a sharp eruption of thunder occurred. He was now wondering if Ahlani was still up or still asleep.

He went into the kitchen and looked at the clock and it read 11:19 AM. Great 49 minutes has passed. I wish time would go faster. He was unhappy so he went to look for something to do. He remembered that he had a puzzle that was given to him when he was five by his father. Usbeorn’s father said in a fatherly voice “Son, I want you to have this.” He rubbed his chin in a delicate way that wouldn’t upset the look of the chin hair. He looked up to the ceiling then straight at Usbeorn in the eyes and said, “This thing I have, your great-great-great grandfather found this while breaking down soil and it he struck it and that same force struck him back, being curious he dug it out from the soil and found this.”

Usbeorn’s father revealed a slightly darken purple bag with an etched white hand stitched of a strange symbol in the middle of the bag and he sharply inhaled and exhaled and he opened the bag and reveals a Codex. The Codex was tarnished silver with the same symbol as the one of the bag. Usbeorn’s father frowns and said, “Don’t be deceived by how it looks.” He demonstrated with the Codex, but the pages weren’t opening at all despite being held by the spine and being shaken gently, nothing happened.

Usbeorn was amazed that something like that existed in his world. He didn’t understand what was happening. Usbeorn’s father scuffle his son’s hair a little and put his hand on top of his skull and said in a heartwarming way, but bluntly, “Usbeorn, when you are older, you and I can both work to open it like how grandpa and I did.” He took his hand off his son’s head and laughed at the dumb mistakes he and his dad did while trying to open it.

The bag was sitting on the desk that held a single desk lamp and a 360 portable black speaker. He felt pricks of sadness overwhelming him emotionally. Dad, I am going to make you proud. I am going to get this codex to open. Usbeorn had a determined look on his face and wiped his tears on his arm. He walked over to the bag and it looked like it has been collecting dust for a long time and wiped the dust away to its colour of purple, opened the bag and there was the Codex undisturbed for many years. Reaching inside the bag, his hand felt warm. As he pulled it completely, it was what he remembered as a child: the silver, the Codex, it not opening and had a nostalgic moment with his self.

“Okay time to get to work.” Usbeorn said to himself. He tries the old fashion method, complete brute strength. He took both of his hands on the side and tried to pry it open. Alas, the silver Codex didn’t open. He threw it out of anger and threw it to the side and it hit the wall. A loud sonic boom echoed on his wall as the dissonance rippled through the building. The Codex looked like it was halfway into the wall and slowly fell down like butter. He saw that and tried to pull the Codex out, but no luck. S**t, f**k, s**t, this isn’t good. The Codex stopped and tilted to a lower degree until it fell to the ground, the lightning flashed pure white several times through the window and many thunder booms occurred.

Usbeorn had no clue what was happening. He knew this Codex was strange, but he shrugged it off and picked it up. Fortunately, it opened one of its pages. It showed marking, symbols and images that he didn’t understand. Please don’t lock me out, please don’t lock me out.  He took his chances and closed the book and quickly opened to that same page again. Though he didn’t understand, he never had seen anything like this before. He closed the Codex and put it back in its bag and grabbing his apartment key to 462 before heading out.

The corridor outside the apartment was eggshell white and looked quite dull except that it was warmly lit by amber-coloured lenses that are spaced out evenly. A man in a dark green uniform had muscle that extenuated that made Usbeorn intimidated. He felt self-conscience about his skinny body and he darted his eyes elsewhere. The person in the green didn’t care if Usbeorn was there; he was busy with his own life. As soon as they passed by without saying anything, Usbeorn let out a sharp sigh outwards and continued heading towards the main floor.

The main floor’s middle was a mosaic of Old Earth with multiple shades of colours of stone floors around the middle that spread out covering the main floor. There were so many different coloured uniformed people. Well time for me to make friends… He gulped and quietly blended in the crowd. He looked around, but all he saw were the consumers and the vendors. These vendors were wearing warmer colours.

“Oranges! Get Your Oranges! 5 credits for 4!” a Southern light scarlet red vendor bellowed to the crowd. Usbeorn heard it, but chose to ignore it. People bumped and pushed Usbeorn around as he made a quiet attempt at speaking. However, something caught his eye. This very odd purple thick clouds from his peripheral vision. When he tried to look at the smoke with his two eyes fully, it disappeared instantaneously. Usbeorn’s curiosity perked up and wonders where it came from. He walked through the spectrum of vendors. When he transitioned from the warmer colours to the cooler colours, he saw the traffic of consumers and vendors were becoming slightly less and less.

Usbeorn saw smoke, but it was just white. “You there, boy” the old man said pointing at Usbeorn. Usbeorn looked around him which there was no one, but him and he said, “Yes, you there, boy, come here” The old man’s uniform was nothing like anything Usbeorn saw. It had many different fabric stitched together. It was so strange to Usbeorn that he looked away and not giving the old man the chance. The old man laughed and there was a scrunching sound in Usbeorn pocket. Usbeorn reached for what is scrunching in his pocket and it was card. On this card, showed and said “The Fool.” Not realizing it, the android polices did their daily routine, seeing anything strange through their scans until one of the Androids hyper-primed to a card. A lot of the information was lacking such as where did it come from, how much credit it is, rarity, contraband or not and so forth.

Usbeorn shrugged and put it back into his pocket when suddenly the sirens were blasted and echoed the main floor. People moved out of the Android’s way as both of them walked up to Usbeorn and said, “You, boy in light blue, authorize yourself or be quarantined.” He stood there in fear as they were asking him for his ID. Damnit I forgot my ID. Let me see if I remembered. His standing in fear slowly melted away as he attempted to recall his ID from scratch. “Hello, my name is Usbeorn Kinnick and my ID is 5641243-VII”

 “UNAUTHORIZED, QUARANTINE!” The short Android said after running the name and the ID

“Whose ID was it?” said the taller android cocking his eyebrow


“We will have to detain you until further questions.”

The taller android pulled out from his side, handcuffs. It cuffed Usbeorn’s hands and kept them close together. Usbeorn tried to pull it apart, but the magnetic properties to it was much stronger than him. He was later escorted out from the main lobby with the card in his pocket as people mutter amongst themselves of the situation. The colours of his face turned almost pale white. He didn’t say anything and bought over to the police station in the building.

When the three of them were approaching inside of the station, Usbeorn saw people in the same handcuffs as he was in except they were in some type of detainment area. One of them inside of it was looking down. Usbeorn looked at him and he looked up. The horrors of the man’s face were enough to make him feel noxious in his stomach and looked away. The detainment unit opened up and Usbeorn was told to by the taller android to wait in here. He complied and waited in the area. Beads of sweat formed on his face and hands, he knew he didn’t belong here.

Not one person in the area talked to him, which gave him relief. It wasn’t until an officer, a female in a dark navy blue uniform, said “You, boy, come with me.” She pointed at Usbeorn. He gulped and had this uncertainty in his eyes. His heart raced as he knew he hasn’t done anything wrong. He got up and stood by the door as the officer opened it. The others that were detained looked at Usbeorn going through the door. The door closes behind him as he followed the female officer.

“Go here and I will be there one moment with you” she said as she pointed at a room with white window blinds. Usbeorn nodded and walked over there. Each step he took his heart was racing harder. The door opened and it was a pretty bare room with a few things in the general area; one table, two chairs, 4 cameras in the four corners of the room and one single giant light disk protruding a little bit on the ceiling. He took a seat on the chair. The chair felt hard and cold as he tried his best adjusting to make himself feel a little more comfortable. After several minutes, she came into the room with the taller Android, some paperwork and pen. Usbeorn was quite scared when he saw the glance of the android looking at him. The android put a circular key in the middle of the magnetic handcuffs and it canceled the magnetics that kept Usbeorn hand in place. Though it is deactivated, he still had the cuffs around his hand.

“Officer Tweg noticed that you had an interesting card.” She said as she laid paperwork and a pen on the table and added “You also done Identification fraud” She finally sits down on one of the chairs as Taller Android is right next to her, stoic with his arms crossed.

Oh s**t, am I in trouble? I should’ve known to bring my ID, but I was looking at the Codex. He stared blankly at the person across from him. Usbeorn snapped out of it and pleaded “Please! I am sorry! I will bring my ID card! I thought I remembered it from top of my head!” He started to cry because he didn’t know what to do.

The female officer rolled her eyes and said “Kid, look we are not playing the bad guy. It is our duty to keep harm away from people.” She thought about it, sighed and said “I will tell you what, give us the card that is in your pocket and you can go home free, okay? We scanned your file on the database and you are a clean slate, nothing wrong happened to you that imposing that kind of thing.”

He sniffled, tears around the collar of his uniform and few drops on his lap. He couldn’t think at all, so he just nodded his head. She took out from her pocket a button. She sets it aside on the table and took the pen and written things on one of the paperwork. He eventually collected himself seeing that he wasn’t in trouble, technically and finally said “I will do it.”

She said “Alright, however, you need your cuffs together.” Usbeorn complied and did that and it remagnetized itself back. She takes the button and pressed out a thin object from it and puts it in the front. It clicked a few clicks and the cuff becomes larger for Usbeorn to take his hand out. Holy shi- “The card” Pressing the button back to a button before putting back in her pocket.

Usbeorn almost forgot about the card, he went to his pocket to grab it out and put it on the table and said, “Could I now le-. “ The female officer interrupted his sentence, turned one of the paperwork and said “Sign here.” Usbeorn didn’t really look at the paper, but he complied and signed it.

She took the card from the table to inspect it. One side it showed a picture of the fool and underneath it was letters that said “The Fool.” She inspected the other side and it showed a picture of Old Earth.

“This is the card?”

“That is what Officer Tweg scanned.”

“I see, I will have our forensics take a look at this and yeah, you are free to go now, next time won’t be this easy.”

The doors, Usbeorn heard but not see opened up for him from. The tears on his face dried up and as well as his collar of his uniform. He felt relieved and sighed in content that he wasn’t in trouble, not with Ahlani, the law enforcements or anything. As he walked away, he could hear the pen being used on the paperwork. Not daring to look back continuing until he got out of the interrogation room. On the other side of the door was many desks and officers discussing about certain evidences about other cases. I lost count of time he thought to his self. Briefly walking around not trying to stand out he finally found a clock. This clock rod was moving quicker than a metronome, flashing 12:45. Usbeorn’s eyes squint to see and observed that it was a small particle of light that activated and deactivated to show the time as the rod moved. Eventually through trial and error and some officers helping Usbeorn out, he finally made it to the main floor of the Law Enforcement’s Headquarter. Just as he was walking, he felt something uneasy in his stomach as if someone took it and turned it to a knot. One of the officers saw and ran to Usbeorn.

“You alright, do you need to go to the hospital?” said the officer with a lot of concern

“No, I will be fine.” Usbeorn said as he clenched one of his hands to the area in pain. He knew he was lying and added with a slight wince in pain in his voice, “Could you escort me out of this place?” bending over gripping that area much more than last time.

“Yeah sure,” The officer nodded and escorted Usbeorn out of the headquarters. “No problem.”

Finally, the door open and a bright white light filled into Usbeorn sight. Usbeorn came in a dazed conscious and saw things blurry. He heard few words from a concerned blur, this guy to- and found himself awake lying on a hospital-graded bed with his eyes both open. He peered to his left without moving his head with his eyes and sees another person sleeping comfortably and wheezing a little bit. Quickly changed his direction of his eyes to the other side was a huge plastic glass wall with transparent doors that automatically opened when something or someone came through it.

“Damn, how did I end up here?” he said confused. A blank board on the end of the bed blinked red a few times and then green. It opened up the approximant time that someone or something been on it. The board read 17:62, his eyes glared up. He couldn’t believe he was asleep for that long. It felt to him, it was 10-15 minutes. The end of the bed scared Usbeorn when it suddenly changed to “Doctor is coming to check up” and then turned blank. As the doctor causally took his time, Ahlani pushed him out of her way scattering paperwork all over the floor. Ahlani gotten to the door and it opened slowly for her to get in.

Usbeorn peered in the corner of his eyes, a moving black figure. Eventually, he saw that it was his sister. Ahlani looked genuinely concerned for Usbeorn when she got closer to his bed side. By the time that she was going to say something to Usbeorn, the doctor tending Usbeorn cleared his throat. Both Usbeorn and Ahlani looked at him as he was flipping to the correct paperwork filled with sensitive information pertaining to Usbeorn.

“Usbeorn Kinnick is it?” he looks up with one of his eyebrow cocked. “It seems you fainted when you left the law enforcements headquarter.” Ahlani went from worry to upset looking straight at Usbeorn’s eye. He felt distress in Ahlani’s eyes peering at his eyes. “According to one of the witnesses, you had stomach pain as you were leaving?” Usbeorn didn’t remember any of that besides a few words after, he believed. The doctor added as he went to the last note, “It seems he has something that hasn’t been seen for a very long time. It might be a start of epilepsy.”

“What is epilepsy?”

“It is a neurological imbalance in the brain, but epilepsy hasn’t been brought up since we cured it a long while back.”

Ahlani took a deep inhale and sharply exhaled and said with sternness, “What is the cure and how much does it cost.”

The Doctor quickly replied, “It is a cocktail of serums that selects certain neurotransmitters with specific chemicals, eventually reforming those transmitters that were defective from the get. Also improving the threshold and eventually getting rid of the epileptic condition. He quickly frowned and added, “Unfortunately it hasn’t been around since the government has discontinued it.”

This information at this time for Usbeorn was overwhelming him, but it would make sense in a way. He thought the odd hallucinations were just his mind playing tricks on him at certain time.

“Anyways, one of the law enforcements already paid for Usbeorn visit to the hospital. He wouldn’t give us any name, but he felt that Usbeorn will do well for society.”

“Do you know what the serum is called?” Usbeorn asked.

“Ah, let me see” the Doctor looked to the ceiling and around to remember the name of the serum. “I think it started with JW-h546. I remembered a colleague of mine, a decade ago, was working and researching it to help her daughter with the same condition of yours.”

All of a sudden, the blank board at the end of the bed blinked green and should a UI of Usbeorn’s vitals. The Doctor looked through the paper and jotted down the information given off the board. 20 minutes later, he clicks his pen as Usbeorn and Ahlani sits there patiently for this to be over with.

“Alright, so unfortunately I can’t help you out with your condition.”

“Yeah I know, and that is quite sad.”

“Don’t worry bro! Don’t let it stress you out.”

“There is a way however.”

            Usbeorn heart rate digits went up quite a bit. What is it Doc,

© 2018 Brateous

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