A Sunny Day

A Sunny Day

A Story by Mr. Moore

Living for the Moment


It was a sunny day that Monday. Golden rays shown teasingly through the window shades as I stared out of them. I looked beyond the shades and through the line of pine trees that lingered in my sight, and I saw water lapping loquaciously onto the sides of a pool. The sun shone on that too.

It wasn’t an expensive pool, nothing but a rectangular hole in the ground with a plank hanging over the water and crass concrete surrounding it. It was plain except for one sole facet that struck me as exceptional. The water was so blue. I had never seen the ocean but I like to think that it was so beautiful. The sun glinted off of the ripples that swam across the crystalline surface. A gem surrounded by rubble, boarded by a sea of green.

It was then that I saw what I could only assume to be humans splashing about in that petite sea. They tore through it, piercing the water and flying through the air. I had never seen such an individual spectacle. The sun made them shine like gods as they careened towards and away from each other, rampant with a lust for life. Diamonds flew into the air where they landed, and shone like none other. 

After what seemed like hours of acrobatics, big and small, they laid themselves upon a manicured lawn that surrounded their sapphiric court. They were still, and for it, they shone all the brighter. They lay there, lazily reveling in their supremacy. For them, there was no yesterday and no tomorrow. They ruled the moment.

Each of them looked up at the sky, except for one. He gazed with eyes that shone deep with longing, the kind that burns deep within your soul, for one who it appeared looked at the minute clouds passing overhead to avoid his eyes. They were sad. I think she was afraid of those eyes. With what desperation his eyes sought hers. It seemed like he was looking at her and the past. Maybe that’s why they were sad.

He tore his eyes away from her and gazed into the endless expanse with the rest of his companions. The fire that burned before drifted away, replaced instead, by the calm of the sky. And so hours passed, the group oblivious to the slowly approaching night. They soon slipped into a peaceful sleep. I watched as the clouds passed slowly over them, as if they too wished to witness these blissfully oblivious lords and ladies. The breeze greeted them with a gentle kiss, and grass stirred restlessly to be apart of the moment.

 When the sun neared the edge of the horizon,the kings and queens of the day raised themselves from their slumber, and into tomorrow they sauntered.  Till next Monday. I slowly reeled from the window and took in my somber surroundings. Gray walls, bare, with light that exuded no warmth. What a weathered, battered soul this place possessed.

 I slowly dragged myself from my pauper's chair, and trudged over to the door and I looked forlornly at the brass knob that blocked my way. What if I did, i thought. This could never be. But, why couldn't I fly? Why couldn't I splash and crash like some vehement being, thoughtless to the world? I reached out slowly, fearfully for the knob. What if...

© 2013 Mr. Moore

Author's Note

Mr. Moore
Please help me improve my work. I do poetry more often and short stories rarely. So, please critique this work.

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Mr. Moore
Mr. Moore

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