The Wind

The Wind

A Poem by goldenElectric

I wrote this hanging out downtown on a Sunday.

While I like the wind across my face,
I don't like it between my knuckles
As it just slips away
It doesn't stay put
Nor does it keep me warm
I can't give it comfort
Or protect it from harm
The wind has no opinion
So I can't concur nor disagree
And it doesn't feel as nice
To sit with under a tree
I can speak my mind,
But I can't get a response
While it is beautiful,
It's nothing I can flaunt
I can't tease it
And I can't make it laugh
I can't put it at ease
And I can't cook it a snack
The wind can't give me little ones
And it can't sign a lease
It can't give me a part of itself;
Not one little piece
I don't know what do with it,
But at least it's always here
So even if I'm alone and gray
Something will fill my ears

© 2020 goldenElectric

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4:19 PM U.S.A. MST
This review content authored by PB Jacobs (
My review content of "The Wind," by goldenElectric.

Happy PM, goldenElectric!

I hate having to walk in the cold mountain early morning air. My hands always get cold, and I can't wait to get to where I want to get, to warm up. It's neat that you take an objective, yet creative look at what's in front of you. I'm the live type who pops on this website to blabber away at the keyboard, just so you know...

True, I type nonchallant smack, to some authors, but at least I review, here and there... The nag of some people!

Sounds like you are cleverly protesting cold hands! Nifty, if you ask me, as you are making a work of art out of everyday living, in my opinion. That's cool!

My first impression of your content is you kind of think in-depth, but you don't, as what you're writing is a thought. It's matter of fact, yet right on, in way's...

It's an awesome "Dime Store" poem! And it is!

PB Jacobs (

Posted 2 Months Ago

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Added on January 26, 2020
Last Updated on January 26, 2020
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Sonoma County, CA

Hi. Most of my work is poetry, but I intend to put some stories out in the future. I write about what makes me feel strongly. This approach mostly results in romantic pieces, but I hope to branch o.. more..

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