First day

First day

A Chapter by Irenic

"Main Fajahad Husaain sona chahta hoon" (I Fajahad Hussain wants to sleep)

the legs covered with washed and pressed white Shalwar moving forward on the soft cream coloured tiles of the modish and chic house  with black school shoes  “Fajahad uth gaya?” (Has Fajahad waked up?) the fast moving lips for others from which words were coming slowly interrogatively asking one of the peon about her brother.

“Pata nahi” (Don’t know) he replied but that reply was negative for her “Acha” (Okay) she started to move forward fastly murmuring “Fajahad bhi na” (Fajahad is urhhh) .

She marched in his room. “Uff ho” she irritated when find him hiding in his blanket. She was gazing at curtains which were still  hiding window their behind. She  grimaced at him. she rushed in room, stepping on the floor heavily with her pony tail moving too up and down, looking 18 year old in white and blue school uniform. She removed the curtains with strength. The rays of sun could enter in his quiet large room. Now they rays could pass. As the shiny waking up rays of sun striked on closed eyes of Fajahad, his eyes felt some irritation. " kya hai" (What happen) he grimaced tightening his eyes he did not want to open. Fingers holding his furry blanket, put it on his face at once.
She stood near the bed in front of Fajahad, sleeping on bed facing his back "Fajahad, utho" ( Fajahad wake up) she shouted loudly,  bangs were coming out on her face.
"Jao yahan se" ( Go away from there) he replied hidden in blanket with sleepy eyes and grimace.
"Fajahad utho, ajj college ka pehla din hai!" (Fajahad wake up, today is first day of college) as she shouted today is college, his eyes opened wide at once, his want of sleep on his comfortable bed under the blanket was gone. He sat on bed with sudden, threw blanket on one side and  jumped near  the study table on whose chair his pressed uniform was kept. "What are you doing, man?" she remained with astonishment that what happened to her brother/  She was astonished from his extreme boost up with lots of energy ,making pathetic facial expression of opened mouth showing her astonishment and disapproval. He took on uniform shirt on his grey shirt which he had already worn.
"Pehley uthne ka naam nahi le raha tha aur jab uth gaya tou superman ban ne ki kar raha hai!" ( first he was not in mood of waking up and when he woke up he is in mood of becoming superman) she was annoyed by his behaviour.
He took pants in his hands. He lifted his feet to wear it on his pyjamas but Farah's mouth opened quiet enough and she shouted Andar jao! andar jao! (go inside go inside) pushing him towards the washroom. He pushed her hard "main kyun andar jao" he resisted like naughty kids " tum bahir jao"(You go out) he ordered like mischievous and cute kids who have sharp minds.
He started pushing her outside his room. He pushed her outside his room. He locked the room. Put his pants on his pyjamas and  smiled "ab sirf brush aur mun dhona baki hai"(now brushing teeth and washing face is left only) he was standing like a super hero with hands on his waist in front of window occupying most of the wall. He smiled. He stepped forward to brush and wash his face.
"Mummy" running down white  stairs made of shining white marble on which sunlight, coming in from windows quite above on the soft of white coloured walls, reflecting. "Yeh mujhey na kaha karein Fajahad ko uthanne ko” (Mummy don’t ask me to wake up Fajahad),she came down and plopped into sofa, placed in front of counter kitchen. “Kya hogaya aaj nahi utha hua tha warna tou humesha pehle se hi uth kar baitha hua hota hai” (What happened, he had not waked up already today otherwise normally he is waked up already Farkhanda was taking Fajahad’s side indirectly. “pehle uth nahi raha tha”(Firstly he was not waking up) she was telling her about his son. “Liken jab main ne kaha college ka pehla din hai”(But when I said today is first day of college) she was looking at her. “Oh oh achanak se uth gaya” (Oh he woke up suddenly) she raised her eyebrows. “Apne nightsuit ke upar uniform pehane laga” (he started to wear uniform on his night suit) she said negatively.

“Mummy” Fajahad was running down on the stairs, putting his shirt in the pant to do shirting to look cool.

“Think of the devil and devil return” she murmured

“Van agai kya” (Has van arrived) he asked suddenly.

“Main yahan tumhe nazar nahi arahi kya” (Cant yousee I am sitting here) she grimaced.

He looked at her than turned towards Farkhanda, “Acha tou phir main jar aha hoon” (Okay, so I am going).

As he stepped forward to go college by bus, the booming honk of school van made him to run and exclaim “Van agai!” (Van has arrived).

He ran to the van with high pace like children run towards the hawkers selling candies and chocolates and entered in it with sudden “Oh” he blew out air from his mouth, “Kaise ho yaar” (How are you guys?) he looked at them asking frankly with eager.

‘fajahad”  Imran sitting behind hugged him “Kaisa hai” (How are you) he was going to answer him btut he came up with slap to him “Salle jumme wale din aaya bhi nahi” (Stupid you have not come on Friday).

‘abay yaar busy tha” (I was busy man). He was laughing.

He gave sardonic look and then “Oh yeah busy” he gave scornful smile. He glowered and punched him at stomach “idiot”.

“Acha na sorry” he was pleading him. he hugged as friend.

“Oye Qasim” (Qasim!) he handshaked with him “Kaisa hai?” (How are you?)  he greeted with ecstasy.

“Cha lab andar ho” (Okay now go inside) he sat with.

“Aur Aliza tum sunao” (And Aliza what about you) he waved his hand “Kaisi ho?”(How are you?).

“Perfectly fine” she amused.


“Hello guys” Farah entered in van.

“Shukar aaj hi k din mein aagai” (Thank god you have come within today).

She grimaced at him.

“Shukar” (Thank god), he murmured as she entered in van after few minutes. “AHH” Farah felt a jerk and was pushed backward as the van driver started to drive suddenly with high pace.

“Aur yaar US mein kya kiya?” (And what you did in US?), he was talking to his friend.

“Main wahan”, he was going to tell him his visits but he dashed out of the van as the van stopped at Gulshan e Iqbal street no. 12 in front of the well built bungalow of one storey whose paint in falling down.

“Poooooooo” van driver played the bell to alert Mr. student to leave the bed and come out quickly.
"Farhan!” he shouted as Farhan came out of the house and ran to him.

“Fajahad” he whispered.
"Oye mere jigar kaisa hai tu" (How are you my friend), Fajahad completely excited and eager to have a gangster’s hug.

“Main theek tu bata” (I am fine what about you), he glared at him.

“Main” (Me), as he was going to answer him he punched him “Saley chution mein ek bar bhi July mein milne nahi aaya” (You idiot, did not come  to meet me in July even once). He was punching on his back.

“Arrat yaar who” (Oh bro I), Fajahand whose  back was bent was going to answer but as the bell rang and they got to hear yelling “Van mein aao” (Come in van), they both had to go in van.

His bell worked. Within minutes they were on their seats.
            At College.
The diary of school days was not going to be closed; it would remain open because they were going to fill it with the moments of college now.
"Samar", he exclaimed with joy, opened his hands to hug him, coming in school under the blue sky having a decoration peace called, Sun which shines a lot, expressing the starting of the day and the starting of the day of them is filled with ecstasy and euphoria.
"Oye Fajahad" (Fajahad), exclaimed with excitement, coming near with open hands to hug him.
At entry they hand a gangster hug and bring smile on every face.
"Yar van mein kyon Nahi aya?" (Why you did not come in van?” he asked very friendly, standing in front of each other.
"I have planned to give you a surprise", he replied, stood beside him.
"Oh", he laughed.
Vertical lines in front of each other made by students of school and college according to their section by standing behind and beyond each other under the clouds, shinning because the hidden sun was shing so brightly but today that shining was not annoying them because the sun was smiling too. Talking in lines brought smile on their faces.
"Subha Bakhair" (Good Morning), wished by headmistress, Mrs. Karim to students, dressed in green Shalwar Kameez and had short hair till neck through mike, to make them look up and leave their topic on which they discussing for minutes.
"Good Morning", thousands of children chorused.
Teachers to students, students to peons, stood straight with straight shoulders and posture suddenly, when the tune of  Qaumi Tarana, passed through their ears into brain to realize them that there is respect of National Song.
"Nice to see your respect for our National Anthem", Miss Ann commented, who had beautiful big eyes, good complexion and was covered with Shalwar kameez and Duppatta. “How was your holidays?”, she asked with joy and laugh to all students. “Awesome!”, they shouted with joy. “Ha ha ha”, she laughed on mike. “Okay now go to your respective classes”, she ordered friendly.

(yeh sound kabhi jaan nahi chore ga” ( This sound would never leave us), A boy irritated on the pain staking sound which was being  played to made all the lines of students walk to their classes but that sound made  beginners and college students to walk at the boards where their sections are mentioned.
       BOARD A and BOARD B
Board A for pre-medical students, information was given to them by senior teachers. Crowd of pre-medical students searching for their sections on that white board placed near the building which was behind the stage. It was quiet large.
"Sections of beginners are mentioned in right column", student, standing very near the board informed loudly.
Beginners of pre-medical didn't do anything except shifting their position from left to right and make it like a shop of fish market.

Everyone was pushing each other, making their way to stand near the board to find their section. Boys didn’t know where their ties are going and duppattas of girls were sweeping the ground.
"142997= PM1-G", Sadia standing near the board moved her finger from left side where GR number of students were printed to right i.e. section written side.
"Arey tera aur mera section ek hi hai" (My and your section is same), Farhan exclaimed with happiness to Fajahad, standing near the Board B towards its left side, putting their hands on the shoulders of each other , chuckling to see their same section. The crowd of twenty or more than twenty students was behind them, pressurising them and creating panic by asking of their sections. His movement was being controlled by his fellows standing behind because everyone pushing and pulling him from here and there.
"Yar yahan se nikalte hain" (we should go out from there), Fajahad advised after being fed up from them surrending him and Farhan pushing and pulling him like a tool.
They left the crowd,hanged their bags and left the ground, surrounded by two huge departments of college. "Oye chakay tera section kiya hai" (hey, bender, what is your section?), Danish asked while going in a crowd, standing in ground where was a great rush, going here and there, of students.
"PE1-O hai, hum dono ka" (PE1 O, is the section of both of us), they replied, standing in ground, in a rush.d
Here and there was being searched by Farah in girls' column of Board B for her section but unable to find, standing very near to the board, the crowd was very behind her,
"Farah what is my section", one by one asking her to tell their section. She was too facing the same situation as Fajahad faced after all she was dog’s bullocks among her friends.
Her friend saved her from the mountain of pressurizing and panic creating students by pulling her hand out from the crowd.
"Tumhara section PE1- R hai" (Your section is PE1-R), her friend informed standing in front of her.
She relived her tension of searching for section.
"Thanks for solving my problem", she thanked, taking calmful breathe, standing in ground open from upside. Her brown hair was coming on her face breating with opened mouth.
Two departments of college, pre medical department (PM) and other was pre engineering (PE), had a crowd of students entering with bags on their shoulder wearing uniform that was white shirt with dark blue tie and pants of boys and white shalwar kameez with dark blue dupatta and collar was the uniform of girls. Chilling and euphoria filled in the hearts of students was coming on their faces which were decorated with their smile and laugh. Here and there in their classes they were entering, sitting beside or behind their friends group.
Boys of first year of pre engineering, entered in their sections that were PE1-B, PE1-O, PE1-Y and PE1-S.
Girls of pre engineering had following sections, PE1-G, PE1-I, PE1-R and PE1-L.
Girls of pre medical had PM1-G, PM1-I, PM1-R and PM1-L sections and boys of pre medical had PM1-B, PM1-O, PM-1-Y and PM1-S sections.

“Finally we are together again” the dog’s bullocks, Fajahad was sitting in centre of his group with chill.

© 2016 Irenic

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I enjoyed the photos and the story. I feel like I'm part of the story. I liked the history shared and the personal thoughts and actions in the chapter. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter dear friend.

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4 Years Ago

Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!
I am very sorry for late reply....
Coyote Poetry

4 Years Ago

I enjoyed this chapter and you are welcome.

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