A Chapter by Irenic

The wind of learning, writing and reading was blowing everywhere in Daffty Institute of Learning.
Here and there, books were there in the hands of students. Books and pen were become very common to use after 6 months of holiday, again.
Learning became the only important task for everyone but not for Fajahad, what about "Saturday night bike race" of which he was addicted, which was his brain food,  which pours the fluid of ecstasy in him and make him relax and cool as if he is drunk.  An old group of seven boys, Qasim, Imran, Essa, Farhan, Kabir, Abbas and Fajahad, standing freely under the blue sky decorated with stars and crescent.
"Chal Ab race lagai?" (Do we have a race now?), Fajahad wanted to race with his friends and left them them behind as usual.
"Haan yar" (yes my friend).

Seven bikes stood in a line and seven boys looking forward with widely opened eyes. “On your mark” Essa, so called “chota chamcha”(small spoon) whose bike was in the centre alarmed them or woke their minds and eyes “Get set go” and the biking started on the quite road where was no people roaming around at night.

Hair was fluttering behind the air because of high speed bike.
Fajahad, master in biking was near the victory but the race was not had for victory and lose it was to remain one. He was now alone on the street near Teen Talwar which was quite peaceful because no one was there except him, at victory line but suddenly his eyes started to roll his sense of smell got stronger as as the lyrics of famous sindhi song “Dane pe dana” went in his ears and in result  smile came and his brain ordered him which he followed by rolling the wheels of his bike to change his way from victory line.
"lagta hai ye Fajahad Sab se agay nikal gaya hai” (I think Fajahad has gone far beyond us), Qasim stated, while biking, near his five other group members.
"Yes I think it too", Farhan agreed.
"Yar, tell me the final point", Essa asked, biking very near to Farhan.
"One street behind Teen Talwar", he answered, became speedy.
The answer of Farhan made everyone speedy and created fray but that fray was not kept for even fifteen minutes, it vanished suddenly in less than second when they didn't find their dearest friend at end point,
"Fajahad to yahan nahi  hai!"(Fajahad is not there!), Essa shocked to see the absence of Fajahad. Group members halted biking. With astonishment sitting in dark colour casual wear on their black bikes.
"How it can be, he knew the end point", Qasim reasoned.
The phoning to him also didn't work.
"O Dane pe Dana", lyrics of the most famous Sindhi song, Dane pe Dana, passed in the ears of Farhan. His brain started to solve the puzzle.

"Dane pe Dana!",  as the lyrics of Shazia Khushk’s famous song  which made everyone to dance, passed into his ears. The mind of Farhan started to solve the puzzle and that is; connection between song and his best friend. "definitely he would be there",he slack jawed and then scowled as the puzzled solved, while sitting on his halted average black bile of Honda. bike at once.


“saale kutay, hijray” (Idiot, dog, bender), the eyebrows  were raised of remaining five when the connection and existence of strong bond between their dog’s bullocks and quirky sindhi song formed in their mind when they tried to remember how he jumped from the bus just to dance on dane pe dana ,  playing outside, in past.
"Go there from where the voice of Dane pe Dana is coming",they finally decided what to do and that is find Fajahad.  

Placing feet on the paddle, giving pressure , the bikes started and they biked like a bat out of a hell.

They were biking in great pace, making the moment dramatic and filmy. The triangle was made by their different speed with Qasim and Essa on opposite sides followed by Imran and Kabir riding the bikes of same model and beyond all of them was Farhan, leading everyone.

but that triangle did not remain triangle any more when Abbas increased his speed which brought him near Qasim and Abbas but in their between, this changed the human made triangle into athletes made diamond, two athletes in centre parallel to each other and four on sides with increasing lengths.
Famous song of Shazia khusk was entering in his ears. Moving his hands slowly in front of his facebut very below to his chin like a native sindhi  man who had a big moustache  wearing Ajrak and enjoying the song. Shaking body like native Sindhis, Fajahad was enjoying heartily. Artificial moustache above the lips made him to look like pure Sindhi but Ajrak did more magic than moustache to made him look like Sindhi, which he was wearing. Dancing round and around Teen Talwar in crowd brought the biggest laugh and feelings of blessed human beings on this earth. There was traffic near Teen Talwar but traffic police solved the problem. Shops were opened and bikes were parked near them.
The zig zag line of vehicles was being drove and rode by energetic Karachities was made because of traffic. The group Fajahad was also tangled in that rope of traffic.
The whistling of traffic and not letting go anyone near Teen Talwar made fast rider, Farhan depressed but that depression went away when idea came in his mind. That idea was blown in his mind when he saw the car of rangers.
He left his bike in traffic, went near the quiet place, while his friends and others caught their ears. He putted a towel on his mouth and phoned the traffic police station.
"Aye!", he said like thefts.
"Hello", policeman replied quiet respectfully.
"Yahan tera hi ek Banda humain chori Karne par majboor kar raha" (Your one of the dog is forcing us to rob), he said like robbers, expressing that he don't want to rob.
His sentence opened the mouth of policeman completely in circle shape, "What!".
It was artificial but his acting was natural, born with the talent of acting "Haan tou!"(yes so!), he exclaimed trying to proof himself as innocent boy "Aj apni maa se wada kar ke aya tha ke chori Nahi karoon ga liken tera ek kuta kab se majboor kar raha hai" ( today I have promised my mom that I would not rob but your one of the dog is forcing), with same expressions and way of telling he said trying to express him that he was robber who came on right path.
Policeman was listening with astonishment but was angered by his behaviour "Acha bas kar tu, gali bata jahan Humara kuta khara hai" (Stop it, okay, tell us the road where our DOG is standing), exactly in cheap style, he said.
"Teen Talwar ke kareeb jo soon saan building wahan tera kuta khara hai" (Your dog is standing at quiet building near Teen Talwar), he informed in the same theft like style.
Theek hai, hum atay hain" (Okay, we are coming), Police replied straightforwardly and rejected the call by putting it down.

He wore his police cap and took stick, left the station for checking his junior's way of performing duty.


Farhan's plan succeeded, he ended the call when police replied that he was coming. The reply brought his emotions of succeeding in plan on his face. A great smile came on the good featured face of 5.8 ft heightened Farhan, who ended the call with excitement "Mission successful", he energized. Quickly sat on his bike back but within minutes the sound of horn was being heard by everyone on the street, even the dancers of Dane pe Dana stopped.

"Oh ho!", Farhan exclaimed with excitement. The great smile came on his face. Under the dark sky there was traffic on one side, and dancers around the Teen Talwar, dancing with enjoyment and Police van too but lighting and shops.

A police officer with balanced physique and traditional moustache came out of the van. With serious expressions he stepped forward.

"Salam Sir", traffic police saluted to Police officer.

"What are you doing here, Mr. Wasim?” he asked seriously. Serious expressions of his senior vanished his confidence within seconds in air "performing my duty, not letting them go further from this road", he informed expressionlessly. Standing straight.


"Oye, teen Talwaron ki taraf chpke se jao aur mujhe message do main bhi whana ata hoon." (Go near the three swords by hiding yourselves and message me. I am coming there too), Boy in dark blue open shirt and black pant, messaged and left his bike on place for going near the three swords. He was Farhan.


"But I was informed by third person that you are forcing thefts and robbers to rob innocent people", police officer stated. His traditional moustache was a source of frightening someone.The words shocked Mr. Wasim.

"No, I don't", he replied, his astonishment was coming on his face.

"Why should I do this", he further added.


"Is hujoom mein ab Fajahad ko dhoodo" (Find Fajahad in this crowd), Farhan said orderly his friends when they met near the crowd around three swords, dancing continuosly.

Six friends joined the crowd; some from left side joined, so some right but their object was one, to find his dear friend.

"arey yar agay barho" (step forward  My friend ), one of the guy of crowd said loudly but it sounds differently to Farhan who was standing near him.

"Aisa lag raha hai ye awaz kahi suni hui hai" (It is like I have heard this voice before), it sounded suspicious to him. He was staring him for minutes. 

Man in pant shirt who was dancing near him asked him to dance in sindhi. He was trying to run away from him."Arey ye to Fajahad hai" (He is Fajahad), the mind of Farhan worked with sudden and he exclaimed.


"Arey bhag Fajahad! bhaag warna gaya!" (Run Fajahad run then you are gone), a teenager said to himself while running away from Farhan.


the proof in favor of Mr. Qasim was numerous which made police officer to go back but pat on his shoulder because he was loyal to his country.


"Saley harami, kuttay, Ajrak pahn kar yaha dance karne agaya" (Bender, dog, you come here to dance by wearing Ajrak), Farhan irritated put his hand around Fajahad's neck, tightly.

"Tujhe kab se dhoond rahe they" (We were finding you for hours), he murmured loudly slightly, holding his neck tightly.

"Oye Fajahad mil gaya hai" (Fajahad has found), Farhan phoned Qasim, still holding his neck by putting his hand around his neck.
"Ab to meri gardan chorde" (Leave my neck now), Fajahad who was wearing fake moustache and Ajrak to make himself look alike 30 year old Sindhi man said, facing a bit difficulty in breathing.
Pulling him out of the crowd by holding his neck like owner makes his donkey to move forward by Farhan. Other five friends of the group gathered near the line of scooters.
He took him like a donkey near the near the line of scooters.
He laid him down between the two scooters, touched his mouth and eyes to earth and back in front of his friends.
"yeh kamina yahan humein begair batay agaya tha" (he, barmy, came here without telling us), Qasim angered put his leg of his back.
Using slang languages for him and beating him by putting legs on him and with ankles on his back under the dark sky on road side, cars and vehicles were moving here and there. But the beatings and slang languages stopped when police officer's words and presence was appeared
"Yahan yeh sab kiya ho raha?" (What is happening her?), he questioned sarcastically with straight back and posture. Beating hands and slang languages stopped with sudden, there, the faces of six boys of group turned around automatically. His words stood them, their anger evolved and nervousness absorbed.
That evolution and absorption switched on the sharp and cunning side of brain of poor Fajahad "Police class le rahi hai, ek kaam karta hoon bhaag jata hoon" (police is taking class of them, I should go away from here), the idea moving round and round in his brain like electrons in a circuit for providing electricity. He stood, turned on his dramatic mode to make drama in case if needed, with small footsteps he moved forward like a theft, hiding from friends and police and biked away. But he was not so easy, after coming behind the police, making taunting faces and then biked away.
Sealed mouths unsealed suddenly of all six members with opened astonished eyes, "Yeh idiot humain begair batay yahan dance karne agaya tha" (He, the idiot came here to dance without telling us, barmy), the truth in front of police, came out with irritating and angry expressions from the mouth of all at the same time.

"tou kiya isi liye us ke milne par usey mar rahe thay?" (So that's why you were beating him when he was found out?), police questioned slowly, so that they don’t come in practical life and tell him the whole truth because they are in shocked which took them away from practical life.

"Afcourse!", again chorused with angry expressions, all six under the dark sky wearing dark colored shirts and pants.

Police laughed "Acha theek hai, tum sab ja sakte ho" (It is okay, you all can go), he allowed but still they were in shock then he said quiet loudly which effect and they came in the real world.

"Okay Sir", they chorused once again with dramatic respect and biked away.

Found Fajahad very near their bikes was quiet astonishing for them because he biked on the speed of light was the mantra of them.

"Saley to ruk" (barmy stopped), Essa shouted while biking. 

Fajahad was beyond them, looking them by turning his face and laughing "It is impossible for you to catch me", he biked and laughing.

Others were behind making improper triangle. But the words of him produced the spirit in Kabir to catch him. He biked on great speed.

In purple shirt and black pant, Kabir was biking, came very near to Fajahad on quiet and peaceful street. He was going to catch him but eyes of Fajahad were not less powerful than any wolf, he watched and biked two times in great speed "I have said it is impossible", he taunted with a lovely.

"Abay Fajahad ruk ja tujhay koi nahi mare ga yar plz" (Please Fajahad stop biking no one will beat you), Imran and Abbas cried under the the street lights one on left and other on right, "Thak gaye bike chala chala ke" (we are tired of biking), they were tired.

Fajahad was laughing and smiling loudly "Paka na nahi maro ge" (Is it true that you all will not beat?), he asked to assure.

"Haan yar nahi marein ge" (yes we will not beat you), everyone, all six chorused with the feeling tiredness.

The ZOOM ZOOM sound near the small shop coming from Fajahad's bike, stopped.

"Shukkar" (Thankgod), Farhan thanked with irritation.

"ha ha ha", he laughed while standing from his bike, he heard the thank god of his best friend and special treatment given by his friends to stop him biking.
"Kya hai, has kyuon raha hai?" (What happen, why are you laughing?), Abbas stopped biking and shouted.
"Kuch Nahi" (nothing) continuously laughing and smiling like a drunk teenager, Fajahad said while coming near them.
Again united group standing against the row of trees but very near to each other under dark sky decorated with frosty stars and a crescent.
Seven friends, standing and talking only was not possible, unexpected thing from that group.
A shop on the quiet street where men were talking and laughing minutes before, formed clouds of idea of having cigarette in the small mind of Abbas "Cigrette pene ka kya khayal hai!" (what about having Cigrette ), with exclamation and amazement he exclaimed with stuck eyes on shop which were filled with craziness and enjoyment.
"Cigrette", Imran sounded differently and in pathetic manner.
"Waise bhi no one has ever had so have we today?” Abbas's idea puzzeled Imran but it was likened by Kabir. His idea made him to stand beside him and favored his idea.
"I am with you", tall heightened with good features and hair, Farhan favored standing close to Fajahad.
The fountain of excitement and craziness was switched on by his idea in the blood of Fajahad "yar, everyone is ready", he favored standing beside his best friend looking Abbas with excitement filled eyes.
"So..... Let's go", Kabir standing in exact centre of the line was eager to have Cigarette and to have experience of blowing out gases from mouth. They all had cigarette once in their life except Fajahad.
The line was going or a group was stepping forward to fulfill their craziest wish, under the dark blue sky on the quiet street, had row of trees in middle.
Stone is always there to stop the completion of task "Ek minute!"(One minute!), the words halted the steps of everyone and made all six to look small heightened child resembled Essa, "Which barmy will pay?", expressions expressing irritation and annoyance came on the faces of all six "he is not less than any hurdle in our fun", the murmuring of angry Kabir was loud enough he was very excited because he never had it before. Actually he had twice in life time but still he was excited.
"chal tu mat pay karna" (Okay you will not pay), the angry smile of tall Imran while dabbing him was the way of continuation stepping forward to the path where they never walked before with friends.
Red small shop, like an inn was their point where all seven wearing dark shirts and pants stopped.
"bhai saat cigrette dena" (give seven cigrettes), the excited order given by Qasim on behalf of all while standing with his close friends, quiet away from the inn.
"Saat nahi chay hain" (there are not seven there are six), the statement travelled in the ears of Qasim, standing a bit away from friends and bit near to shop.
"Kya?" (What?), the statement travelled not so well in his ears.
"Samajh mein nahi aaya" (I don't understand), asking him to repeat his statement indirectly while all six, standing  near the shop with their close friends chatting after parking their bikes near the shop.
"Chay hain saat nahi" (there are six not seven), the statement of him made him to feel unsuccessful. "Oh no!", his exclamation made Imran to come and ask him "Kya hua" (What happen).
"he has six", the statement made Imran to ask five friends standing against the bikes which were parked in two rows, three in right and four in left.
"Yar chay hain" (friends there are six), Imran announced because he want solution.
"so what?", the words spoken by Fajahad , stood straight from slant position with his friend "Me and Farhan will share a Cigrette", his words satisfied everyone "ok", "Do you have any problem, Farhan", he asked farhan, standing near him, looking at him with questioned expressions.
"No, not at all” he replied, with folded arms, looking not so excited. But not studious Kabir "Then you will get AIDS, no one will come near to you", sentence irritated Fajahad.
"Oye! Fake doctor, mere saath saath ise bhi hoye  ga" (Oh! Fake doctor, he will also get with me), Fajahad irritated so much, who was standing beside Kabir too. "So do not take tension, he will live with me", he added, trying to calm down him.
"Do you stay with me, Farhan?" he asked dramatically, making fake benign expressions.
Farhan was not less dramatic than him “no no I will stay with you in future even you will be AIDS patient", he dramatized, said like a lover of any Indian movie. Essa, making pathetic expressions "okay".
"Haan bhai chay de na" (okay give six), Qasim agreed.
Two of seven, Qasim and Imran standing near the shop, and others standing against the bikes which were parked in front of the shop.
"First you than me, okay", Farhan, standing beside Fajahad, suggested him.
Imran gave cigarettes to everyone except Farhan because he was going to share with his friend.
"We are going to start at the same time", before lighting the cigarette, Essa increased the excitement.
Everyone agreed cheerfully "that's a brilliant idea!".
Before lightning the cigarette, Fajahad asked "Yar have on your mouth until we both, me and Farhan have".
"Okay, All right", everyone favored.
"Tu pehle Phir main" (first you then me), Fajahad standing in front of him against the bike asked him with cute actions and smile.
He agreed.
Cigarettes on mouth, end of each was lightened. Qasim standing near the shop, took out the lightened Cigrette  from the mouth "I 2 3 start!", he alerted.
He alerted and there the blowing out of gases started.
Majority of them had first experience. The feeling of taking out it was dancing in their body  but they didn't take out because Fajahad was left.
Farhan smoked for a half minute with calm without any dancing feeling of taking it out as if he was he would have it regularly.
"Give me yar" the gases coming out from the cigarette excited him more to smoke. His excitement was immeasurable. He took from his hand rapidly.  White and brown lightened Cigrette which he putted   in the mouth with excitement and blew it with craziness for the first time , was taken out by him within second, he blew firstly and great bitter cough feeling came in his mouth which him he coughed out.
 He was coughing continuously and there his friends took out from their mouth and smoking gradually. "Achoo achoo", was not stopped, it had been going on  for two minutes with bended back and hand on mouth by 5.8 ft heightened Fajahad.
"Aray pani to de do yar" (Give me water yar), continuously achoo! Achoo! Made him to shout for water.
The laughing six looked at him with chill "Oh! Poor fellow", the words of Qasim bring the laugh again.
Farhan, so called husband for friends of him walked to him while blowing the Cigrette, "Yar hota tou de dete" (we would give you if we would have), he laughed and patted by bending himself.
They were not laughing because they didn’t care about him, they were laughing because he couldn’t had more and he was so excited to have, he wanted to have but the cough start when he blew for the first time.
His heavy and great cough resulted the end of the series of cough, ha ha ha.
He straightened and saw that his six friends staring him, making funny expressions by tightening their lips which they want to open and burst into laugh "Kya hua" (What happen), their expressions puzzled him.
His puzzling opened their lips and finally they burst into laugh.
"Why are you laughing?", their laugh left him with question.
"you were crazy to smoke", Qasim who was standing with other four on left and in front of him was laughing and that us why he could not say properly "and when you smoked the rows of cough began", Abbas completed, came forward.
 "Haan yar" (oh yes!) he stood comfortably and relaxedly against the bike of Farhan because he got tired because of huge coughing. They all were behaving like drunk.
"tu bare aram se smoke kar raha hai" (you are smoking with calm!), Farhan who was smoking without any cough like others puzzled Essa.
"He has it usually", to put his question Fajahad answered while panting lightly.
"Now I need to go home!", after watching a time which was 12:30 he told them.
"Why", Farhan, smoking still asked with sudden expressions "it is not too late" he completed his sentence, gave his opinion.
"Tomorrow I have to go Moin Khan Academy for competition", Fajahad standing in front of him informed him in Urdu.
"Oh!", he expressed.
"When will you stop taking part?” except him and his best friend all chorused.
"Never!” coming on left side where his bike was parked by him to start to go back, he laughed making cute expressions.
"You will win", Farhan standing near him but in front still, predicted the result of tomorrow's race but he said not so loudly that everyone could hear.
They were standing in front of each other but philosophically they were standing most closely because the bond exist between them was the strongest bond.

He went back to house and he was still standing with five but the bond energy was same for each other still and it could not be changed because that bond was not a common bond it was a special bond between two friends and it would even they died.

© 2016 Irenic

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Very expressive and culture-filled snapshots of camaraderie and friendly competition. It gives the reader a window into other languages and cultures. Every one tend to cling to their powerful heritage. An excellent one.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you soo much!!!
Sami Khalil

4 Years Ago

You are most welcome.

4 Years Ago

A very entertaining story. I liked the photos and story shared. I believe everyone should read. We learn about different people and places. I liked this place in the story. Thank you dear friend for sharing the outstanding story.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

thank you sooo much for this loving review.
Coyote Poetry

5 Years Ago

You are welcome dear writer.

5 Years Ago


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