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A Chapter by Irenic

Fajahad observed some sides and dimensions which were.................

................................sleeping is good for health, isn't it????
Night time
"Faraz,yeh rahi tumhari dawaiyan, jaldi selay lo tou"(Faraz, here are are your medicines, have it fast), Nida, searching for his medicines while coming in a room from the door to right side of the bed, said and as she took out the medicines she sat in front of him and hold it in front of his eyes.
He took out small bottle of medicines from her fist while looking down holding his head from right stretched hand with one leg crossed on the bed and other feet on floor. He was having headache, migraine. But he was tolerating, not reacting so hard and showing how much he was in pain.
"Ek minute dekhne dou kahin tumhe bukhar tou nahi hai"(one minute, let me see if you won't have fever), as he put the hand down from head, and other leg down too to have medicine with water, she said while checking whether he has fever or not.
"Please!!!", as her touch was felt, he shouted, a bit hard and a bit cold and panted, that her hand jumped away from head "mat aaya karo meray itne kareeb"(don't come so near to me), he paused, holding the resting glass on side table hard. "dar lagta hai k kahin meray haato sey tumhein koi nuqsan na ho jaye"(because I am afraid that me myself won't hurt you in future), he completed, and the hold on glass was no more. the hand was now on side table with nerves shivering. That shivering could only be sensed by him.
"Agar chor chori karne se pehle bata de k woh bagair poochay un ka maal lenay aaya hai, tou woh chor chor nahi hota, woh ek mukhlis aur shacha insaan hota hai aur sacha insaan kisi ko takleef nahi dey sakta"(If a thief tells a victim that he is going to take away their possessions without permission before stealing then he is not thief, he is pure and truthful man and truthful man can not hurt any one else), she said and walked away......
Next Day 
From ground into the passage between the long garden(at left) and long canteen (at right) that leads to face a huge brown ancient like building built in church style having three naval roves-the middle one was very high and there was written "be a leader",one word on each roof; and building leads to its left side between generators behind the building and parked cars in to a good space and the space leads to its right having a very small gate from one can jump in to a very narrow passage at which on turning around a student reached at wide passage having libary door in front which lessened into passage having building of 8 grade to college section (at left) and small classrooms for bibliography, sports room, computer room , controlling room which leads into wide passage from where stage (at left) and two small rooms for pre primary started and leading forwards leads into the ground where was the 4 storey building at right side in which each storey has 4 classrooms, he was running, running at last floor along the corridor, the foot steps were stepping behind the his presence making everyone to glued their eyes at him leaving the board and lecture without attention and making old but fit as fiddle Sir Abrar to say "50 seconds left", he ran down coming into the ground when he pointed at 1 grade and 2nd grade section i.e the area behind the small blue gate where his entrance and speed made children to chorus who were dressed in pink uniforms "ufffffffffff", and when he ran out of the area, still energized to run, he heard "come here at origin from the canteen passage", the feet ran fast on the floor and students of 4th storey who could hear the voice of sports sir came out of their classes to watch his rehersal and chorusing "East and West....our Faji is the best, East and west...our faji is the best" many times. He ran across the passage into another passage and ran from between the building and gate towards the ground at origin point. His leg bones were shivering and heart beat was leaving a breath and it was at pace when he a ball threw at him from canteen which he caught in once with mouth opened due to have no energy. with lumbering legs and feet around which water was dropping down on floor and on up at his hair, face and shirt, he reached at origin and bumped to fell and and lie on the ground but still listening "need more practice, you have 4 seconds more".
"jaa tu yahan sey, tujh sey baat nahi karni humein"(Go away from here, we don't want to talk to you)
-"kyun bhai kiya ho gaya"(what bro, what happen"
"salay ek tou rule banata hai aur khud tou aata nahi hai"(you idiot make a rule, and yourself you were not there)
"behen choot humein us Shabana k saath akela chor kar chala gaya"(you idiot sister f****r, left us all alone with that idiot Shabana)
-"aray aray aray  aray.....meri baat tou............."(oh oh oh oh.....first listen to............), he was walking backward as they were coming angrily towards him and started to beat him, started with tabbing on his hed as he was walking backward and bumped at net of zoo like squared and blocked area, they bent his head down hard and started to beat him at back hard and chorusing "ab tu bach"(now you save youself from us)
"humesha humaray saath nahi aat"(he never comes with us)
"Aray bus bus yahan sahi hai"(hey hey park it here), he said making her to stop the car at one street behind the location.
"main yahan sey khud chala jaoon ga"(I can go myself from here), he continued.
-"chalo theek hai"(ok, it is fine), she drove no more and parked at corner.
"acha ab main chalta hoon, meet you tomorrow"(okay so I am leaving now, meet you tomorrow), the right hand flew from hed towards her to show good bye.
"yaad sey kal college time sey pehley aa jana, yaad hai na movie dekhni hai"(abd yes remeber to come college before time tomorrow, we have to watch movie), as he was opening the gate, she stopped him and told him.
"ok my dear miss shela", he laughed.
"pohanctay hi mujhe message kardena"(message me when you arrive there), she said as he went out of the car and chin resting at window glass of seat.
"done", he excited.
She laughed. He walked forward and she drove behind him opposite to him.
-"aray Fajad mian, kaisain hain hain aap kahan gayab thay itne dino sey"(Oh master Fajad, how are you, where were you from so long)
"Sorry Zalmi Chacha, doston mein ulaaj gaya tha"(sorry zalmi uncle, I got tangled up in friends and friendship), he stilled have hand shaked with him and other hand on other side of his hand "par ab paka har haftay aaon ga"(now i promise to comeonce every week), he continued.
-"that is good my boy, we all missed you, now go inside Kashif sahab is waiting for you since an hour ago", an old man spoke in his own old man like style in english while patting on his straight shoulder and then asked him to go in.

"oo bhai Faji bhai aa gaye!!!"(oo our Faji bhai has come!!!), as he entered in, all standing near him, in front of him doing their work, packing the coming bottle of oil in card board and putting in cart, turned face at him and chorused. they all ran to him and he towards them, hugging them heartily and asking "kaisay hain aap sub bara miss kiya tha aap sub ko"(how are all of you, I missed you much in these days).
-"tou phir aaye kyun nahi"(so why you didn't come here)
"thora masroof hogaya tha"(I got a bit busy), he said. He gave them a genuine reason. "par ab sey paka har haftay mein ek din tou zaroor aaon ga"(but now I promise to come once in a week by hook or by crook), he ended.
-"bhai yeh sub tou chalta rahay ga, aap andar jaayein, Kashif sahab subah sey aap k intazaar mein ab tak sau martaba ghari dekh chukein hain"(this will continue brother, you go in cabin, Kashif sahab has definetly glanced at clock a hundred times in your wait since morning), one of them patted him.
"ooh acha, acha hua bata diya, main andar sey ho kar aata hoon"(ooh, it is good you have informed, I will come here in few seconds from inside the office), he patted him and walked along the passage by turning at right across the tunnels and machines from were gallons of oil were passing out towards his group where he stopped when his dearest uncle said "salam Faji babu, kaisay hain aap, sahab aap ko andarbula rahay hain"(Good Afternoon Faji Babu, how are you, sahab is calling you in).
"shukriya, shukriya, main andar hi jaa raha hoon"(thank you,thank you, I am going in), he bowed in his respect a bit to honour him and then point at small passage he is going at in office.

"kiya main andar aa sakta hoon, sahab jee"(can I come in, Sir), he opened the gate a bit, looking in.
"kaun"(who is here), he said while working on lap top but as he looked up, he laughed and burst out "aray yeh tou bhai apna Fajahad hai, come inside"(ohh, it is our Fajahad, come in)
on seeing him laughing he untwisted his legs and walked. He walked towards him. And both paternal uncle and nephew shared a big hug. He welcomed him with open hands.
-"kaisain hain aap"(how are you)
"main theek, AlHumdulillah, tum sunao"(I am fine by the grace of Allah, you tell)
-"main bhi theek, khairiat aap ne mujhe yaad kiya"(I m fine too, is everything alright you called me)
"yaad tou tumhein har waqt karta hoon"(I miss you everyday), on listening his words the lips of 54 year old Kashif uncle widened and iris looked with eyes narrowing and as he remembered he walked back towards his seat around the table to sit. "after all tumharay siwa koi kaam karne wala hai bhi tou nahi"(after all there is no one like you who work in our family), as he sat his chin rested on the plateau made by his fingers.
-"aisi baat nahi hai, Faraz bhi tou hai kaam karne wala"(it is not like that, Faraz is there too who work), Fajahad walked towards the seat and straightened his legs but laying them on the sofa beside his seat in front of his uncle seat.
"haan Faraz bhi hai, par woh hum jaisa nahi he is........."(yes there is Faraz but he is not like us, he is.......)
-"very gentleman type", a nephew knew what his uncle wanted to say
"thats my boy", he laughed and hands of both made the sound by colliding above their faces.

"acha ek baat batani thi, hum ne jo chay mahiney pehley shares khareeday thay, uss pey dou lakh ka munafa hua hai"(okay now i want to tell you something, the shares we bought six months ago, we have have profit on them of about 2 lacs rupees)
-"waah jee waah, mithai kahan hai, iss baat pe mun tou meetha hona chahiye"(wow and wow, where are the sweets, isn't it the time to fill the mouth with sugars and sweets)
"yaheen hai bhatijay sahab, tumhari favourite wali mangwai hai"(here it is mr. nephew, I have bought you favourite one)
-"chocolate barfi!"
and uncle sahab had him sweet from his own hand.
"yeh hui naa baat, duphair ka khaana mere saath khao gey"(that is myboy, you will have lunch with me, here), as he put parfi in his mouth he told him about lunch.
-"lunch kiya, shaam ki chai bhi aap hi k saath peion ga"(not only lunch, I will have today's evening tea with you), he said. he was swallowing mithai which ccupied his whole mouth.
"nahi bhai, warna tumhari chachi meri shamat lagaye gee, kahay gee k jahan is massom farishtay numa insaan ko dekhtay ho wahan tumhari nieat kharab hoti hai"(No way, otherwise you paternal aunt will scold me and say "whenever you see him, an angel like human, your intention turns at left"), he said instantly.
"yeh lo, tumhari chachi ka message bhi aa gaya suno kiya kehti hain"(see, your chachi's message has come up, listen what she has said in it)
-"sau bismillah"(100 times in the name of god), his hand waved above his face and joined fingers opened like a flower.
"kehti hain "Fajahad ko dekh kar begar na jana, chaar bajay tak ussay faarig kardena, bhai parhney likhne wala bacha hai humaray khaandan ka, unis bees marks kum aa gaye tou kiya mun dekhayein hum nani si jaan ko aur uski maa Farkhanda ko"(she says"don't take a ride at left on seeing Fajahad, leave him for home till 4 PM, afterall he is college going boy of our family, if he would obtain lower marks slightly then how we will face our dear boy and dear boy's mother, Farkhanda")
as the message ended the both laughed. They burst out to laugh.
"acha ab jaldi sey kaam par lagtay hain, mahinay bhar ka hisaab karna hai"(ok now so get back to work fast, accounting of many months is left upon us)

and the nephew-uncle got busy in accounting-their favourite work.
-"tumhari shaadi ko ek saal ho gaya hai na"(isn't one year has passed to your wedding?)
"jee, it is one year ago" (yes, it is one year ago)
-"abhi tak koi khush khabri nahi aai"(but still we all of us not listened any good news"
looked down in response.
-"waisay achi baat hai warna woh bhi najaaiz hoti, kyun k plus minus minus hi hta aur agar plus ho bhi jaye tab bhi it will have colours of minus, tou yahan pe bhi yahi hota"(but it is good otherwise it will also be illegitimate because plus and minus gives minus and if answer turns out to have plus sign still it will have colours of minus, and same thing applies here too)
"I am home!!!!", Fajahad announced
"aray, yeh tou khaali hai, sub kahan hain, bhabbi tou warna humesha yahan lounge mein hoti hain"(oh, there is no one, where are everyone by the way, bhabi is also not here today, otherwise she is always sitting here in lounge), no reply and no response he got and as he looked straight from up he found no one in lounge and thinking where were everyone.
"chalo khair ho gai"(but it is fine), he accepted it and walked upstairs while singing his favourite song "saali tu maani nahi, kab tu maanay gee, saali pehchaani nahi, kab tu jaanay gee"(you, idiot still not agree, when will you say yes, you still don't know me, when will you know me) and laid on his bed when clock ticked at 5.
"bhabbi k pas jaoon.....samjh nahi aaraha"(should i go to bhabi's.............or not.........can't understand), it was 5:30 and Fajahad was sitting on his bed trying to understand and do preparation for MCTS but he could not understand but he was confused whether to take help of his software engineer bhabi or not. 
while he was still confused when the phone. 
-"salam Faji, kaisa hai tu, mere ghar aa jaio, carrom khelte hain saath"(Salam Faji, what's up, come at my place, we will play carrom together)
"sau bismillah"(hundred times in the name of god), he laughed threw his books away from his laps made table and walked out of the house to the building's fourth floor a street away from his house . 
"tou Osama I am here, now open the gate kuttay(dog)", he was standing at the gate of his house and phone him.
"ooye medical k shaagrid parhta hai ya khelta hai, gate kyun nahi khol raha tha"(oo, you, the medical student, do you study or play, why you are not opening the gate), as a tall normal skinned guy having glasses and little facial hair around his lips opened the gate, Fajahad said.
"aacha ab tou khol diya na, andar aa ja"(ok now I have opened the gate, now come inside), the door was closed behind Fajahad and the gangsters who became friends when Osama came in their area for the first time because of getting admission Dow University of Health Sciences on scholarship from Lahore to live on rent in that building  and Fajahad was the one who helped him out in adjusting in that area.
the shout of many kinds could be heard from the house by everyone as they started to have chig whag and their favourite carrom.
"Nida", as he came inside the room after coming home from office, he found her lying on bed under the blacket. He tapped on her arms covered in blanket.
"kiya hua sub theek tou hai, tabiyat tou kharab nahi hai"(what happen, is everything alright, aren't you ill?), he checked whether she had fever or not by touching her head when she took her face out of the blanket and said "haan bolo, kiya hua"(yes say, what happen).
"tum ro rahi ho, are you crying, Nida", as he was checking her fever, he observed her swollen eyelids and wet lashes.
-"nahi tou, bus zara thaki hui hoon"(no, Iam just tired a bit)
"No, you are, you are crying, yes, tum waqai mein ro rahi ho aur roi thi, you are really crying and have cried", he disagreed. And when he saw the tears pouring out and she literally started crying because for her Faraz was provoking her to cry, his bent back bent more to sit on his left knee.
 "kiya hua hai, kyun rou rahi ho"(what happen, why are you crying), after observing her sitting up away from bed support on bed in front on him from laying down on bed and putting her feet on floor and looking down to hide her tears and weakness which was still can be seen from her two palms giving shelter to each other, he said calmly.
she was silent,still crying and gasping.
"Nida", he looked down at her, trying to cajole her "kiya hua, mummy ne kuch kaha"(is everything alright, mummy has said something), he asked very calmly as if she was his friend or daughter. 
-"mummy mujhe infertility k tanay kyun deti hain"(why mummy  taunt me on infertlity)
"kiya kaha unho ne"(what he had said)
-"k eh bohat achi baat hai k main infertile hoon"(that it is good I am infertile), these words hurt her so much that she said these words tears could remain behind her eyes and they poured out in such a burst along with her heart that she sobbed, literally sobbed.
-"kyun k najaiz ki aulaad bhi najaiz hi hoti hai"(because the children of illegitimate are illegitimate too).
He made a fist turning his face away at the wall at his right. He closed his eyes and looked down forcibly. His fist was opened.
He looked up. And moved towards his wife sitting a bit away from him at his left.

"Nida", he took her hand in his right hand and pressed her under his warmth and came in front of him kneeling down on floor."main mummy sey kahoon ga k woh tumhein meray aur un k maamlaat mein na ghassta karein"(I will ask mummy not to take you in btween me and her matters"
-"Nahi, nahi, nahi, nahi, aisa mat karna, woh khama khai mein hurt hogi, please"(no, no, no, no, don't do this, otherwise she would be hurt, please)
"acha theek hai"(okay okay), he nodded with closed eyes down "main unko kuch nahi kahoon ga"(i will not say her anything), he was moving his face right and left to show that he wont saything to his mother, "theek hai"(is it okay), he looked down at her clasping her both hands in his two hands. "liken tum ek baat yaad rakhna, chahe koi kuch bhi kahay, tum mera gift ho, woh gift jissay main kabhi kho sakta"(but you remember one thing, whatever the world or anyone says, you are my gift and that gift which I cannot bear to lose or wish to lose), he clasped her hands more tightly to cajole her up. And she was cajoled by this. Her gasping slowed down and she looked up at him when he said that how much she was gift to him and did not want to lose her.

"Bhai, khana lag gaya hai, aa jayein, aur haan bhabi aap bhi, aaj poora din aap ko miss kiya tha main ne, khairiat aaj aap poora din kamrey mein thi"(brother, dinner is reaady, come utside n lounge to have it, and bhabi you too, I issed you so much the whole day, is everything alright why you were in the room whole day?), Fajahad opened the door a bit of Faraz's room which was in lounge to call him for dinner but when he saw Nida waked up he told her how much she missed him and Faraz was smiling at her who was looking down.

"nida ki aaj tabiyat kharab thi isliye pooraa din kamrey mein thi"(today Nidawas not well thats why she was in room whole day), he said.

"acha, ab dono jaldi se aa jaein, bohat bhook lagi hai"(okay, now both of you come fast, I am very hungry), Fajahad said.
Faraz nodded.
And he left.
"Kamrey mein khaana hai, ya bahir, jahan comfortable ho bata dou"(whether you want to eat in room or outside in lounge, tell me where you are comfortable), he asked.
-"bahir lounge mein"(outside in lounge)
"chalo theek hai, phir saath chaltay hain"(okay, so we will go outside together).
he walked in washroom to get fresh.
-"tum jao main aati hoon"(you go, I am coming), she said as he came out of the washroom.
"theek hai"(okay)
and he went out.
All were sitting on dining table. Faraz was taking out salad in his plate and then handful rice at one place when Nida came out of room and Fajahad said "yeppi, bhabi is here too now, aajaein bhabi, aap hi ka intazaar tha"(yeppi bhabi is here too, come here, we all are waiting for you).
"Oo noda, aa jao", he saw her from side eyes while taking out rice.
"kiya logi"(what will you take?), he asked after putting the tray of rice near him at right hand side and when she sat down beside him.
"chawal?" (rice), he asked as she pointed at rice.

Farah and Fajahad were looking at each other and asking each other from sight and by raising eye brows and then side eyeing at them.
"yeh lou"(take this), he passed her tray.
she was still a bit confused.
Farkhanda too was looking at the young couple. 
"jee aap kiya lein gee"(yes what will you take), as he noticed his mother glace at him and his wife, he asked her to show that everything is normal.
"paani ki bottle pass karna"(pass the water bottle) she said. And he was taking a bottle from left she was observing him and trying to notice what is odd in that moment in his bhaviour.
"yee lee geeiyein"(yes take it), and when gave her a bottle, he reacted so normal that he seemed to be energetic a bit and his that behaviour puut the two yoiunger siblings in question that how their older brother can react as human being a bit energetic.
"salad thora sa lay lo, thoray aur chawal lay lo, please"(take a salad a bit, have more rice, please), he was requesting his wife.

-"kiya hua bhai"(what happen to you brother), Fajahad asked after getting that energy which he neededto ask abouthis being pecilat to Faraz.
"nahi kuch nahi, bus aaj Nida ki tabiyat ziyada kharab thi tou isliye zarafikar mand hoon"(no, there is nothing, I am just a bit more worried because Nida wasnot quiet well today)
-"kiya hua tha bhabi ko"(What happen to bhabi)
"sar mein dard aur kamzorri"(headache and fatigue).

"kiya bhabi aap bhi, mujhe kyun nahi bataya, you call me friend but still you did not tell me, I am disappointed"(what is wrong with you bhabi, why did not you tell me, you call me friend, but still you did not tell me, I am disappointed)
-"I am sorry, next time zaroor batoon ge, pehley"(i am sorry, next time I will surely tell you, first), he was smiling at her wife when she was answering Fajahad.
"thats a thing".
they were laughing when the door opened and Nida's parents entered in. She was going to stand but Faraz did not let him and asked her "pehley yeh poora khalo aaram sey,main dekh leta hoon"(first eat the whole meal without any tension, I will give them company right now), he patted on her shoulders and made her to sit.
He took her parents in drawing room-situated at right wall at right angle to the door.
he gave them company. 

"Beta yeh card denay aaye thay, Zehra ki shaadi hai, 13 Novemeber ko"(son, we have come to give you both a card of Zehra's wedding, it is on 13th of Novemeber), her father said.
While he was serving them tea and plain freshly oven baked cake, Nida called him outside.
-"Haan bolo"(yes say)
"I have to go at Amma's place"
-"haan theek hai, main tumhein chor doon ga"(okay, I will drop you there)

"Okay beta AllahHafiz, ghar par zaroor aana"(okay son, may god keep you under his protection, ccme at my place too), the parents left the house.
-"Okay so ghar aa gaya"(okay, so home is here), the car stopped at the gate of the house.
"thank you, Faraz"
-"thank you kis liye"(thank you for what)
"support karne k liye"(for supporting me)
-"it is my duty and responsibility to do, tum meri responsibility ho, Nida, you are my responsibility, I cant injure you" , he said "now go in they are waiting for you", he ended.
"Haye Allah, apne damaad pey tou main mar jawa kitna khayal rakhta hai humari Nida ka"( Ohh my goodness, I would on my son in law's etiquette, how much he adore and take care of our Nida)
-"yeh sub dinner k waqt khannay ki maiz pe kiya romance chal raha tha"(what romance was carrying on at dinner time on table), as Faraz entered in house and walking in to his room after dropping her, he was stopped by his mother.
 "main jaan sakta hoon aap kis romance ki baat kar rahi hain"(can you let me know of which romance you are talking about)
-"itne saada nahi ho Faraz k mujhe ek ek baat batani paray"(you aren't that innocent Faraz that i have to tell you everything )
"tou aap k nazdeek mera uski fiqaar karna romance tha, agar isay aap romance keh rahi hain, tou haan main ne romance kiya aur apni biwi k saath hi kiya hai kisi aur k saath nahi k ghabraoon"(so according to you it is romance to worry about your wife, if this is romance in your eyes then yes I did romance and did it with my wife not with anyone else that i would be asked or I would afraid)
-"yeh romance apne kamrey tak rakha karo, lounge mein khule aam na kiya karo, yahan tumharay ilawah tumharay dou bhai behan bhi rehtay hain"(keep this romance limited to your room, do not bring it outside your in lounge in front of of everyone because you two younger siblings liver her too other than you)
"tou, kiya Fajahad ko yeh seekhanay ki zaroorat nahi hai k ek shohar ko kaisa hona chahiye aur kiya farah ko yeh seekhanay ki zaroorat nahi hai k ek auratko kis mard sey shaadi karni chahiye hai"(so, isn't it important to teach Fajahad that how an indeal husband should behave and isn't it important to teach Farah that which kind of a man is suitable to be a life partner)
-"shohar kaisa hona chahiye ya beta kaisa hona chahiye. Faraz aaj tum woh betay saabit huay ho jo apni maa aur biwi mein phas gaya ho aur biwi ko chuna ho"(What kind of a husband should be or what kind of a son should be. Faraz today you proved to be a son that is tangled between his wife and mother and chooses wife)
"na main ne biwi ko chuna hai na aap ko, woh kiya tha jo sahi tha"(I have neither chosen a wife nor you,I just did what is right).
-"woh kiya tha jo sahi tha ya woh kiya tha jo bedlay mein shumar hota hai"(did you done what is right or did you done which seems to beeevenge??) 
"aap ko jo samjhna hain samjhein, I have to go now"(whatever you want to think, think it, I have to go now)
-"jhoot mat bolo, tum ne sirf aur sirf mujhe neecha dekhane k liye yeh sub kiya tha"(Dont speak lie, you did all of this to show how worthless I am)
"agar main bollon han tou phir aap kiya kahein ge"(If I say yes, then what will you say)
-"Main waqai bohat khush hoon k tumhari koi aulaad nahi hosakti"(i am literally happy that you can not have your own children in life time)
"main janta hoon aap kitni khush hain, par is khushi ka izhaar meri biwi k saamnay na kia jaaye"(I know how much you are happy about it but dont express this happiness in front my wife).
-"tou biwi itni aziz ho gai hai k maa ki kuch khabar hi nahi"(So a wife is so near to you that you have nothing know about your mother)
"kiya aap waqai meri maa thi, ya sirf biological mother"(are you literally my mother, or only a biological mother??)
"aur yeh rahi meri goti, aur main jeet gaya"(and there s my token and here i win), Fajahad was at local inn near his house where he was playing ludo with owner of inn and other 2 friends of that owner.
-"Aray bahi mummy ko bulain tou, un sey baat karni hain"(bro call mummy here I want to talk to her)
"excuse aap sunay Fajahad aapko bula raha hai"(Excuse me Fajahad is calling you)
-"what aap janab, call her mummy like me"
"dont try to involve in our matter"
"dont sandwhich Nida in me and your matters", the sentence was revolving around his brain
her teares and laments did not let him sleep for that one hour which he used to have.
"why mumm do like this, Why bhai is like this, whyyyyyyyy........................

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Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

World is a painting and I am one of wanderer in it who is known by the name of IRENIC in its tiny piece's another world called INTERNET. more..

Plain Plain

A Poem by Irenic

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A Poem by Irenic

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A Poem by Irenic