Cadena de Amor

Cadena de Amor

A Poem by Iris Jayne

guardians of the departed.


You crawl in the dark, ominous like a storm

Your scent infuses the earth-smelling air



Rose-colored flakes glimmering in the moonlight.

The wind causes you to rustle,

Whisper untold secrets, sing forgotten melodies,


For the flame of the candle has long died out.

Only cold, hard stone separates you from man’s deepest fear,

From the mysterious depths of the world,

That only a bold few have dared to unravel.

Your entire being thick with grime,

But still you shine in a starless night,

Caressing the denouement of a tedious tale,

Closing in…

Giving him the peace he once sought in his short lived life.

May it be a man of virtue, or of love, or of wealth,

Or just a nameless soul whose deeds have dried up;

Like the tears of a widow healed,

Like the forgotten rush of memories.

They all now lurk behind the veil of green and rose.

You crawl, you creep, you seal them shut.

Guard the name of a hero dead,

Of a martyr’s head,

And heed the voices forever hushed.






© 2010 Iris Jayne

Author's Note

Iris Jayne
Cadena de Amor is a plant (vine) that produces pink blossoms and is usually associated with bad luck. Mostly because it often grows on graveyards. Nevertheless, these plants still look exquisite to me.

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this is great, especially loving your uses of imagery and the pictures you paint, from the tears of the widow to the martyr, great job!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Thank you for the beautiful poem and education. The beauty of nature is for the lucky to see. I like the old myths. The age of myth and story left us with many old mysteries. I like the description and story. Thank you for the outstanding poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 20, 2010
Last Updated on September 20, 2010
Tags: dead, death, cemetery, graveyard, plants


Iris Jayne
Iris Jayne

Candon, Philippines

Sometimes I think I babble too much. more..

Love. Love.

A Poem by Iris Jayne