Old Memories New

Old Memories New

A Poem by Matthew Paul

When opposite souls attract; deliverance is no more our knack    
We strike on such  indifference; the state is rediscovery  
Intent is sowing our rebirth 
Illiterately we blindly attempt to depict each others signs 
Our eyes are thrown to fires by frustrations, so   
Minds instate defense 
We try to bend ourselves to extend a reach, a hand with will to understand the ways we bleed 
Knowing within one another; the love in each other flares   
Nothing dears to test, hence all fear to tread on such certainty of  solid ground  
True loves strength fends the fears and tends to tears ending attempts to see it fade 
Swaying through olden dances  
Watching seeds freely sprout from memories gone 
Spawns of new comforts flourish inside our ancient song 
Ashes of yesterdays dusk predestining the dawns  
As god is creation; god is nature  
One witness one reflection, one love,  
These complexities see simplicity whole  
Definitions told by fresh winds in the soul 
“Love me as I love you and we are whole” 
We learn to hold one another 
To know one another as one another; through one another  
We see it in windows to souls, freedom reigns in eyes so evolved 
Deep beneath the flesh a spirit works within 
In giving thanks for gifts, Soon its voice ensues  
 “Graduated love, feel my touch, feel my blessings and feel the rush 
Fear not to let your vessels dance, for sin and death have no right to judge 
For Evil itself cannot defeat your love  
Eden was made to be experienced as thus 
If trespassers interrupt; 
Authority will strip light, then strip dark from the devils grasp” 
“Quick now look up above 
See now your lit up path 
Watch closely you're glowing stars 
Witness freely new beginnings start” 
Love, held in an evermore, sustaining continuously growing state   
Mutual solace in silences shared alone together  
Reaching farther than



© 2009 Matthew Paul

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Added on June 19, 2009
Last Updated on June 19, 2009


Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul


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