To the aging hippie

To the aging hippie

A Poem by Isiah Holmes

To the aging hippie

To the aged freedom fighter that sits before me

To the older free spirit, the elderly kindred spirit

I can sense wisdom seeping from his teeth

Dripping from his lips as if he were a drooling dog

His eyes shielded by his glasses

His eyes rightfully protected from the young he watches

The youngsters he looks after now

The children which he loosely guards as his own

His eyes seem crazed and deep, abyss-like

They tell me, the sparrow-the seeker, they show me a delighted truth

They show me the secrets of the elder shaman

The valuable treasures I could find within him

Within the aging hippie

Like a chief of a tribe I don’t recognize

Like the leader of this clan of rebellious souls

He sports a beard full and grey

Groomed and symmetrical

Wild yet kept and trained

What an interesting man I stalkfully observe this day

Perhaps he is one of my own

Perhaps I am one of his own

Perhaps I long too much for a tribe of my own

To end this semi-nomadic lifestyle

To cease this begging campaign I have begun

To end this frustration that I can’t seem to shake

Evade, evade, run away from

I can only assume that the chieftain knows of this pain

This strange pain, this odd ache in my head and heart

I can only hope that my perceptions are correct

That the slight grin my keen eyes spy squirming beneath his beard

This hidden signal, cryptic call

I can only hope to know that my presumptions

Are correct, I am correct

Hail the chieftain, respect to the aging hippie

I hope to meet your kind again some day

Perhaps as old as yourself

Perhaps disguised in flesh as new as my own

With a consciousness that goes beyond flesh and bone

Proving that though you are old, tired, and smiling

What you have done still continues to echo

Be heard, be known

To the aborted fighters of my generation

© 2015 Isiah Holmes

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So long a poem, yet it was not boring! Keep it up! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on May 19, 2015
Last Updated on May 19, 2015
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Isiah Holmes
Isiah Holmes

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