A Poem by Kat


Innocence at lost
Feeling dead within
This was the cost
Of my horrible sin

Sadness and pain
Cuts me like a knife
It pierces through my veins
this is how I failed at life

Burning cutting drinking
Are my horrible confessions
Oh please help I'm sinking
Back into my depression..

Rejection fills the air
It had to happen again
Why did I care?
Why did it have to happen again..

Maybe I could have saved you
But I can barely save myself
What if I died too?
Maybe then we can save ourselves..

Holding onto another day
This isn't a game anymore
I don't know what to say
My choice of words are poor

I won't survive this much longer
I can't handle this war
I'm not becoming stronger
I can't take it anymore

Seeing you with her used to kill me
But seeing her change kills more
Humanity just hurts me
I refuse to do this anymore

I'll take a bottle of pills
And a knife to my wrist
Knowing this will end brings chills
I know I won't be missed..

© 2012 Kat

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So sad.Death aint a solution to any problem.whats love anyway?.Stop thinking of the kisses or the outs they are nothin special coz even fools do that.
cheer up.lifes good.

Posted 8 Years Ago

i hope you will feel otherwise.
emotional yet fantastic write. i hope to read more of your poems soon.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I can relate to every word of this. All I can say is, wow. You have a special way with words.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Chilling... Very well written. I can relate to parts of this. Fantastic piece. Keep it up.

Posted 8 Years Ago's so hard to stop this kind of feeling to fill you with anger, shame, regret, inferiority complex... all of them strangling you...and a few cubic centimetres inside your skull can only be makeshift refuge during this violent storm...

I really loved this piece of work. The line where you said your choice of words was poor...and honest humbug...cos it happens when you're lost like that in this poem...

Posted 8 Years Ago

I enjoyed reading poetry like these because this is when the raw emotions come out to play and for that I loved this poem its a wonderful piece

Posted 8 Years Ago

Such an emotional read, I like this it's full of gut feelings.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I loved the lines 'what if I died too then maybe we could save ourselves. That was SHEER poetry. I feel that you really need to forget the rhyme. I write comic verse mostly and THAT has to rhyme. But something as serious as this would benefit from a more relaxed approach...'Sadness and pain cuts through me...Piercing my veins...this is how I failed at life....In my opinion this is more dramatic...The rhyme can put people off. You can use it but in a more subtle way. I am not an expert, this is just my opinion. But to be recognised as a true poet in this modern world you have to follow certain rules. My stuff gets some response but the funny stuff...The rhyming stuff, gets far less. Hope this helps Sorry for going on...Well done

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on June 21, 2012
Last Updated on June 21, 2012
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