surviving an undead world.

surviving an undead world.

A Story by Robotic Assistance

My preview to the story i'm writing.


"check in men!"

A massive man armed with an assault  rifle exited a forest, and shortly after him three other men would follow.

" Fox in."

"Orc in."

"Chaotic in."

they would announce over their headsets while leaving the treeline behind them. the ambience before them now was a high grass field; the blades of nature clawed passed their knees. the four men would travel for hours and before dusk they would paused and ready camp.  Benny(Orc) threw down several logs of fire wood gathered from the forest and began making a campfire.

" Make it quick Benny we need that fire out before dark " Chris would say, the squads captain.

" i know the rules man "

Quickly the small fire would grow and benny began cooking the meal, the others pitched the tents and counted supplies. 

"yo luis! really think you can keep watch? i mean i'm not sure if you even know how to handle a firearm that big, hah " Jeremy(fox) chuckled alone at his own joke, and luis's(chaotic) only respond was a shake of is head and a middle finger. Luis was holding a sniper rifle, he was the lucky one who would patrol the night while the others slept. Dinner was done and they gathered and ate then the team entered the tents and rested while Luis stood watch with a nightvision scope and rifle. The night was uneventful and rather boring, Chaotic spent most of his night kicking rocks around and talking to himself about the dreadful boredom.

"man..." sigh "this sucks..." Luis put the rifle down and looked up at the sky and analyzed the stars. Returning his eye to the scope he would make a swift view of the distance head!

"Oh god! AWAKE UP!" Luis rushed over to the captains tent and kicked at it, waking him up. "Cap wake up we have fresh ghouls heading in this direction fast!" Chris pushed off the ground gathered his supplies and rushed out the tent, finding all his men ready for the encounter. "Okay guys, lets do this quickly and quietly pull out the bows and let's take 'em down" Chris gave the orders and the squad nodded. The men croached low under the height of the grass and knocked arrows.

"Okay men wait for my shot then you follow, remember headshots!"

Chris lifted up just above the grass trained his sights on a target and released the projectile. the almost silent zipp hissed gently in the air just before it's zenith drove deeply into the skull of a zombie! and without noise the ghoul dropped hitting the ground. Once the mark was made three other arrows hit three other targets, they repeated the process several times, after every shot they would  slowly advance towards the ghouls, the goal was kill as much as possible without alert then take the lower number in any fashion.

"man arrows are boring..." Orc spoke over the earpiece

" hey man, the furture away they are away from me, the better! confontation isn't fun trust me, we've lost too man good men including your brother Harold, he was the best captain we ever had... We lost him at the el paso zone..." Chris the current captain stated.

Benny nodded to himself understanding the true dangers of this job. The captain popped up his head and quickly ducked "damn! there's more of them, too many of them, i think we're heading into a massive infection... we need to head back, now!"


click clack click clack!!!!

"Men! check in, check in!!!" Cap ordered.

"Fox in!"

"Chaotic in!"

"Orc where are you, check in damnit!!!"

"....." silence on the other end.

"Orc check it!!"

"*****d got me, bite my thigh, got me good....I got 'em though. I'm sorry i pulled out my rifle but i got 'em... he has an arrow in his chest...we missed the head and the b*****d crawled towards me."

While benny was talking, fox popped up and peered and the sight was frightening. the loud burst shots of the m16 rattled the delicate silence and threw away their position and the swarm of undead rushed with savage houls, letting others know food was ready. "Crap guys find benny and let's get out of here!" Fox jumped up and ran towards benny,

"no! just retreat and leave me, i'm no use now... I've been infected just head back!!!"

"We can't do that benny!! " Fox said,

"No he's right Jeremy, Benny is infected we have to leave him here, he'll stale them" chris turned on his heels and sprinted away, the rest of the men followed leaving benny alone.

"Stay strong Orc, ripp them to pieces! Orc it out on them!" Fox said,

"Heh, don't worry I'll be fine guys" Benny jumped up from the ground and pressed his face to the cold steel of his gun and trained his vision down the red-dot scope, and fired the burstshot of rounds at the on coming traffic of zombies. Fragments of skulls and brains blew into the air as bullets landed their marks.

then the a click.... the clip was out and the numbers of zombies where still numerous swarms. Benny pulled out a handgun and pointed towards the bunch, but he was tackled to the ground and just before the pain sunk into his neck he heard a growl, almost like a savage dog. the ghoul ripped at his neck and licked at the blood leaking out the gapping wound. with shaking hands benny lifted the handgun and fired rapidly at the undead figure. Pushing the dead again body aside benny put a hand to his neck and started crawling backwards in a last attempt to get away. As he clawed at the grass pulling his body away from the onslaught his body grew tired... then he had no energy... benny looked down to the handgun and smiled at the simple solution, he lifted the gun and pressed it's cold touch against his temple, took a deep, closed his eyes, then pulled the trigger...

click.... out of ammo.

he pressed the trigger several times in panic but it was time...the ending. A mob of ghouls lept at the meal and sank their jaws into his flesh, they took in a mouthful and jerked their heads around ripping at the flesh. benny didn't make an noise he just accepted the fate. The zombies dismembered him and feasted on his intrails and remains....nothing was left, not even a body to be reanimated. Another collected by the massive spread of infected.


The team was long gone from the slaughter of Benny they sprinted until morning heading towards Midland Texas a city of 150,000 where their objected was located, it was a round-up, they had to collect survivers in a heavily infected zone, this time there was reported children, they were the real objective.


more to come!

© 2008 Robotic Assistance

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Robotic Assistance
ignore grammar problems,

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Awesome story so far dude. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

I really like this pice of work id love to see more in the furtre

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on September 11, 2008


Robotic Assistance
Robotic Assistance

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