I am still alive

I am still alive

A Story by Robotic Assistance

a journal entry of a man surviving against a massive zombie outbreak.


March 2


hello, i'm sorry I haven't thought of this idea before...


I've decided to keep a journal entry to attempt to stay sane... The nights are long and their moans are ripping me up, i can't sleep and I don't have anything but my fingers to block out the sadistic cries!


Why do they moan anyways? communication? Or just a way of driving the living to a point of surrender; I've noticed though when one locates pry they'll release the moan and more gather... maybe it's true, they're attracted to noise.  Well I think i've held up for about a month now. I've kept myself busy by working out, routine stats checks of my cender block wall, their numbers,  and constant plotting of my escape when my walls are breached or my rations are nearly gone. I have enough for maybe two more weeks, my fresh water is extremely low so i've filled up my bathtub and other containers to keep the supply up...city water, gross. Taste like dirt more then anything, hah.


well the night is approaching and I have some patroling to do,


goodnight journal.


March 3


i think this journal stuff is working. Feels like I'm actually talking to another , heh. Am I crazy?


Well today I awoke at 6:00am to their welcoming cries, I did some push ups and counted my ammo, i have about 400 rounds for my handgun i haven't fired at them but if it's anything like the movies a headshot should kill them. Too bad I was ill prepared with my weapondry...one handgun and a couple hundred rounds. Speaking of preperation, I wonder if Alex is okay, he lives several houses away from me, he was a total undead fanatic, every night he slept with a sword to his side just in case of an outbreak, hah who's the crazy one now? I bet he's living it up in his home right now. Strange how he called it out, hmm, I mean who would of known that these ghouls are living dead people, zombies... sounds like a george a. romero film.  Sadly this is my reality now. I think the virus's orginal outbreak was in china, the media covered it up pretty well, hell it fooled me and I'm not that easily dragged by my hand and pulled away from the truth  but the government sure got me this time.


Around 7;30pm today they gathered at my wall today, about twenty of them appearently they'll even feast upon animals, an unlucky stray cat was cornered at my wall and it was shredded, now they're bumping aimlessly into my wall only attracting others....damn.


Well I'm going to bed. I'm tired.


I'm still alive.


March 3


I was awoken today around 3am to gunfire, I rushed to my gun and headed to my rooftop to observe with a height advantage. the gunshots were from alex's house. He's still alive! I had to reach communicate with him to know how he was holding up! I ran inside and grabbed my phone and dialed his number, the signals were still busy, I thought of something wild but possible. I logged on to xbox live and suprisingly some of my friends were online! who would've thought it was still up! I'm sure any day now it would crash with no one monitoring it but until then it was accessable. I stood up talking to my online friends, some where in havens, others in their homes holding up like me. A friend in lubbock was freaking out, he had lost it all, we all couched him through it, he stablized around 5am...It was a relief knowing I had some friends to keep my company.


no sign of alex that night, I thought maybe tomorrow. So i signed off and returned to bed at 7am.


March 4


Alex is bleeding! We're back at my abode, i have a taller walls and more rations but as i assumed his weapondry exceeded mine. we didn't bring it all we only had room for his 12 gauge and several boxes of shells, the carbine with about 1200 rounds, and all the food and water we could bring.


i woke up pretty late today around 3pm, the night was uneventful and honetly different, I even dreamt of a normal world where the dead actually stood dead, heh.  Might of been the night of being with friends over a headset, sure made the night go by fast. I skipped working out and went straight for the kitchen, I ate a can of soup, cold... As i ate it i imagined it was an extra long chilli dog and it kinda hit the spot. After consuming my meal I rushed to my room and turned on my tv and xbox, I had messaged from a bunch of friends, then I spotted Alex's gamertag, it was logged off but he sent me several messages, 15 of them.  the first one read


" buddy it's good to know you've finally signed on to xbox live, even before the outbreak you didn't even get on anymore. Man the other day I making routine checks at all four sides of my gate to see if they've made it past my stronghold, when i made it to my back yard i noticed they were crushing another to reach the top of my walls. A f****n' tidal wave of zombies bro' it was insane. they were spilling over the top-"

it ended but continued

"I rushed into my house and retrieved my carbine, i popped several rounds at the intruders but more came falling into my yard. I kept firing at them on the top aiming for the head, I landed some but missed completely at others. i freaked out and decided something dumb might do the trick, I ran to my frontyard and jumped my gate. I ran avoiding other stray zombies on my way to the alley, b******s were gathering to the noise i was making with my gunfire, I shot at the others  catching their attention the sluggish ghouls turned to me-'


"they all in massive numbers and in a slow march headed towards me. I ran firing at them hitting my marks and they kept coming, I drew them away from my walls  and started running towards home but one of them dead punks grabbed me and knocked me down, I fought it off and pushed off the ground, It was a girl no older then 16, I pointed between the eyes and fired,"


" I finished her off rekilling her, but the bullet richotte off the concert and hit my arm. i ran home...the roundup worked though man, they're gone from my fence."


My eyes were watering as i read through the rest,


"I need help "


"Please assist me, they're reuniting at the gate again and I don't have it in me to fight them off"

It continued with the same pleas and request for my to assist, once i was done with the reading i replied letting him know i was on my way, and that he needed to gather up as much supplies as he can and get ready for relocation. I jumped my fence and ran towards his frontyard, i assumed the numbers would be lower considering the gunfire attracted them to the back. I was correct, lucky. i made it into the house, he left the front door unlocked, rushing to his room I made it in time to witness him looking at his wound, he had no bullet in him but the bullet had grazed him pretty good making a deep apature. "Let's go " he said.

He got his two bags, one with weapons and the other with food and supplies.


Without question we leapt the wall and ran back to my holdup.


he's in the bathroom with the xbox live headset, someone is giving him advice on how to nurse his wound, he took some medication to ease the pain as he disinfected it, i could hear some grunts as he poured the rubbing alcohal on the wound. Thank god, if there is one, that we still had our xbox live working, it's a good way for tips on surrival.


it's getting late, we're going to start putting up blankets and padding on the winders to make it look less inhabited and soundproof from the zombies and looters, if any out there.


goodbye and goodnight,


I and still alive.


© 2008 Robotic Assistance

Author's Note

Robotic Assistance
please enjoy, it's something i'm working on inbetween my other stuff. Ignore grammar problems please.

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I like Zombies. Make them eat people. But in a serious note:
This was interesting and I liked it. One thing though, PLEASE go into detail about the Zombies; how they look, eat, walk.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on September 30, 2008


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