Hello! I'm dying.

Hello! I'm dying.

A Story by Robotic Assistance

He's been infected, experience the transformation.


I killed most of them! The remainder is knocking at the door, I have three more bullets! Should I go out in flames? Or sit and wait for them to bore and find a new host to serve them dinner?

I don't know where I am, this room is cold and very dark, it appears to be a child's room. There's toys and posters of Disney films. I decided to lay down on the tiny bed, my guest were still begging for seconds, I could hear their balled fist banging at the door. I decide to take off  my shirt and examine myself, I was wounded three times; once at my wrist, forearm and chest. The wounds aren't bleeding anymore but look seriously infected. The mouth of the wound is puffy and pussing now, damn b******s!

I'm exhausted, I put the gun next to the hello kitty alarm clock and fall asleep.

I awake with a yawn, the sun is shooting rays through the blinds. Finding a corner I urinate in it, I still can't exit they're wanting breakfast now. Examining the room I find coloring books and five crayons, I think I'll color for the mean time. The pages are colored and I'm bored, hmm? Let's see what's outside, opening the blinds there's nothing in sight but ruins, in the distance there's fire and smoke. The streets are barricaded with road blocks and cars left behind. How ever there is patrons walking about, they're hungry though I think they're looking for me...By The hundreds they come responding to the noise my guest are making, they know there's a feast going to happen.  Soon enough they'll be enough weight against that door it'll splinter and leave me exposed to their unforgivable actions.

I can hear the more of them gathering, it was just a handful and now I don't wanna the populace. Darkness approaches now, I've been wasting time thinking of the past, wow how beautiful we had it, where sunshine wasn't a bad think (you're an easier target in the sunlight) and there was grass, flowers, and bodies of water not littered with blood and the undead trying to find a way out to add more to their numbers. I guess I gunna sleep.


SHUT UP!  I try to out scream the noise!




I'll count! It'll work I'll count louder then them!




I can't handle this! They want me! They're crying to let them in! I don't think they'll hurt me!

NO I can't let them talk me into it!


I know a solution! I open the bullet's chamber and exit all but one bullet, and rotate the chamber!

I smile!

The barrel is against my skull, let this decide my fate! I'll squeeze the trigger with no hesitation!

Click, nothing happened!

I wont give up you savages! I grab the bed and toss it out the window and quickly jump after it, it's time to leave my room and find another place. I land on the bed destroying it with my weight, the disturbance alerts the undead but I'm already running away from them! They're soon at my heels reaching and lashing out trying to embrace me! My chest is hurting, I don't know if it's from the extreme distance of sprinting of the bite. I'll ignore it!

My haste increases as my tired legs pumps all my desire of survival in every stride that gathers needed distance between me and the crazed, starved men and women behind me. I turn into an ally, quickly. The first fencing I see I scale over it and land roughly, opposite of the bricked fencing, I'm not sure if they're on to me but I rush into this house and shut every door behind me that I open. I find a larger room and begin to barricade it with nightstands and dressers. My eyes are heavy and exhaustion is defeating me, I think I'll sleep.

The blinds are closed but the suns warmth penetrate it's shut position, sparkling specs of dust dance in the rays spotlight. Dried saliva cottons my mouths, my leathery tongue feels around inside my mouth, I'm terribly thirsty....

Getting to my feet my wounds protest. I take off my shirt and observe a terrible transformation. The infected areas are deformed with swelling and discoloration. Veins around the bite marks are as black as motor oil, and the worst part is the rancid smell it's producing... Smells like rotten food. 

There's a mirror in this room, I strip completely and look at myself.... I've grown so pale and thin.... My hair is knotted and dreading now. The sockets of my eyes are colored with shades of grey and my eyes are glazing over... I stratch the back of my head bemused over my appearance, bringing my hand back and before placing it to my side I look in horror... My fingernails are gone! They were just there! WHERE DID THEY GO! A gross greenish discharge oozes from the exposed tissue... With my other hand I reach to the back of my head where I gave the confused gesture. Gently picking through the tangled length I find those nails...in My open palm I examine them...they Fell out...

My stomach twist and before I know it there's vomit everywhere. More blood then vomit... Too much blood. I'm getting light headed, I think I'll sit down now.






I think I'll try tasting my own flesh...


NO! I can't be come like them! I'll avoid the flesh but pick at my hair and fingernails! YES That's not flesh!


The remainder of my nails are gone, and my hair which was falling out easily has all been consumed! Aww! I'm not as hungry now. I think I'll fall asleep again, I'm surprisingly very tired. Oh well. Maybe if I wake up I'll be better, I think I'm running a fever.


Uhhh....Getting To my feet was very difficult. I'm moving out of here! I violently shove the barricades to the side and try to open the door!

It wont open!

I start banging on the door!


My balled fist bang against the door hitting harder and harder until my flesh is soften and after every hit blood stamps the door....I want out..I'm soo hungry!

© 2010 Robotic Assistance

Author's Note

Robotic Assistance
ignore grammar problems! And please enjoy.

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f**k the grammar, Bro... this, is great! ;)

Posted 10 Years Ago

************************************************************************ all stars ******************

[Finding a corner I urinate in it] I really like this short and found in the new group joined. So far so good, an ran into this line... not to be critical friend. Yet opportunity to extenuate character here, and the scenario. Is I feel, a slightly missed opportunity. If I may, provide a small example...

Poundin on the door, and wounds aside. Maybe hasty, but found a corner to piss in an release the strain, of this s****y predicament.. Look down at now soaked Teddy Bear an shrug just a little guilty?

Three sentences that can really say a lot and add drama ie: bad asses outside, the place, his wounds, frame of mind and stuff ya have to do like piss, even when Zombies are at the door. To recall as well, emotion to the room setting being some kids with toys. Just pissed on!
Makes the ironic 'pop' some...

Subjective to plot dynamic. Hope this suggestion can assist in your writing.
I love the movies in my head. Track that and feeling having as ya write. Man, this has potential. The group Surviving an this scenario... fit right in!

************************************************************************** Awesome Short ******
Romon in Review 05/27/10 9:33pm.
Quesnel BC CANADA. Heart & Soul Peace....

Posted 10 Years Ago

Awesome story

Posted 10 Years Ago

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