What's Next?

What's Next?

A Story by Robotic Assistance

This is something I'm going to be writing. The Characters name and goal wil be revealed in the next portion of this story. I love Post-Apocalypic movies/books so here's my verison of it.


"These days we all hide... There's to much out there wanting to take us out, we all survived the day that ended life as we once had it. We're not sure what happened exactly. The higher officials who covered up the event all died off holding the dreadful secret of what happened. That's not even the purpose of life, who gives a f**k about what happened, reality is it occurred and now we live in this shitpile we call earth. The water once our life, most of it contaminated, now a poison to us. Our landscapes burned and skeleton remains of trees reach up to the heavens and beg for rain. " 
                He shut the journal and closed his eyes. It was almost sunrise, it was now past his bed time. Shifting around on the floor he was resting on his own clothing he wore. The building he was in was abandoned, he hated traveling in old ruins this large, to much hazards, between the infected; people who have been deformed by the accident, cannibals who were looking for more bar B que, raiders, wild beast, and other life forms in general. There was rules to surviving this place, and it was either travel alone or in masses.   
                 Finally asleep. The blazing heat was near unbearable but it was so intense he literally passed out from it's wrath. As the burning ball in the sky scorched the dry landscape his mind took him into a place of peace and love.  
The explosion boomed the still night. Quickly jumping up and getting dressed even faster he rushed over to a hole in the wall and directed his attention to the source of the bellow. The smoke was just clearing and there stood several large men, all armed with makeshift weapons; ranging from crowbars, bats, hockey sticks, and the elites had firearms. 
Rushing over to a hidden buffle bag, he slid it over his shoulder. Rushing down to the lower level of the building he moved with great celerity and silence. Years of keeping to the shadows and striking silently allowed him to move with confidence. He was almost invisible, his clothing was select to compliment the nocturnal life style he lived, within seconds he was lurking in the shadows watching the men at the explosion site.  
"Mmk les' get in there and find the ones that didn't die " The largest one ordered, his flesh blistered and resembled hide more then flesh, it was almost disgusting. The rest of the bunch were crazed men all large in built and height.... 
Vikings...they're everywhere now... 
Thinking, not daring to speak a single word.  
The large blistered leader roared and entered the room they blasted, then the rest flooded in, leaving two behind to watch the hole they created. The two guards were armed with baseball bats, they were vigilant, veterans in this harsh reality. Moving closer, to the flank of the guard on the right the stalking figure crouched and plotted the next few movements, he needed to execute this quick and silently.  
In a blinding speed he dashed forward to the flank of the first watchman, he didn't even see it or hear the brassknuckled fist collided with the side of his skull, the guards legs simply gave out and his large mass was dominated by gravity and pulled lifelessly down. The living guard witnessed what seemed, his friends own shadow murdered him, his mouth opened to call the alarm but as his mouth parted, the shadow rushed to him leading with a powerful fist, the armored knuckles crashed into his mouth crushing teeth and powerfully hitting the back of his throat. The impact cause him to fly backward, pressing him against the wall. Shocked and wide eyed he simply cowered as the shadow pressed a sharp blade against his neck and slide across, with the windpipe slit he couldn't scream as the fist retreated from his mouth, the guard dropped this knees and before utter darkness enveloped him he glanced at the shadow...his assassin was soo young... 
Entering the room, the smell of the bomb was all that was registered. Keeping a wall to his back he moved quickly searching everything, analyzing possible escapes just in case he was overtaken, which wasn't likely. He crafted a smile to his lips as the though of him being defeat rippled in his mind. The shadow noticed several dismembered body, cooked from the explosion.  
"AHHH!" A scream, a femaine scream sounded from above, they were on the second floor already. With haste he picked up his pace ignoring details 
Heroic rush...leads to death 
A quote almost stopped him but he had to help.  
The Shadow moved at inhuman speed clearing the flight of stairs in seconds, entering the second floor he saw an open door, the scream was coming from there.  
Woof! woof!  
There was barking...the animal was crazed, it was barking and growling furiously. The shadow made it to the door and peered in to view,  
The blistered leader pressed a girl against a wall, her shirt ripped open revealing her breast. The Viking was smelling her neck and licking her skin leaving thick slimy saliva behind "Ooo what do I have here? A good f**k? Mmm? " in a fast violent motion he grabbed her throat and shoved her into the wall behind them, she grunted and grew dizzy, the Vikings grip was the only thing keeping her up. The dog went mad, and the two guards behind him laughed at its reaction; they kept him cornered as the their leader had his way with it's owner. 
The shadow closed his eyes, took a breath, exhaled, then went. With his impressive speed he entered the room unheard but as his elbow smashed into the Viking testing the dog was very loud, the other guard pointed a pistol at The Shadow and pulled the trigger in response, turning his torso moving his shoulder out of the way, the bullet missed but it was only luck that allowed him to move out of the way... 
The Leader turned at the noise and growled! Turning back to the female he punched her face with a bolder sized fist, putting her to sleep before he turn back around to see a Shadow and dog fighting his friend  
" RAWR!!! " he pushed his powerful body forward at high speeds, his shoulder collided with the Shadow and sent him flying to the wall behind, without hesitation he continued forward keeping the assault going, he threw his fist at the small figure in black, his punches were met with blocks but not all were dodged, some of his onslaughts were connected.  
The shadows vision was blurry as his eyes watered from a quick, strong fist to the temple. He punched when he saw openings but they weren't showing visible damage to the titan, a normal person would have been down already but his opponent was no where near the norm. He needed to do something quick before the bigger man would get another solid hit but before he could solve the situation, he felt a cold sharp pain enter his side.. somewhere inbetween punches the Viking unsheathe a blade and drove it into his stomach...his guard broke, as his hands fell to his side, stunned, his eyes blinking and as soon as they opened, a fist crushed his face blocking out his vision... 
Something was moving him. Reacting as quick as he could, doing his best to protest the cut side and soar muscles from brutal punches, he jumped up and saw the dog from the night before, it was nudging him trying to wake him, it was a scrappy German Shepherd, but healthy which was odd... most dogs were rabid and as dangerous as the Vikings. The animal approached him, limping towards him, it's leg was gashed open... 
" Did you protect me?"  
The dog moved closer and pressed his head against the side of his leg. 
" Thanks boy... let's get something to cover that leg "  
Both limping they moved out of the room.

© 2010 Robotic Assistance

Author's Note

Robotic Assistance
Please ignore grammer problems and enjoy.

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Added on April 26, 2010
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Robotic Assistance
Robotic Assistance

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