The Truth as We Know It.

The Truth as We Know It.

A Poem by Ismael Rodriguez Jr.

Windows shrink like cold trucks.

The truck dances like a faceless cigarette.

Ooh, anger!


Walk roughly like a small skyscraper.

Drivers grow like fast cigarettes.

Ooh, work!


Grow roughly like a rainy corner.

Where is the cold cigarette?

Oh, faith!


Cigarettes grow like dead children.

Cold, fast rains calmly grab a small, dead flower.

The slum shrinks like a faceless hooker.


Kids gab!

Noise, faith, and life.


The children shop like a small door.

All hoods smoke dead, fast corpses.

Action, lust, and death.

All workers drive grimy, fast cars.

The faceless rain quickly desires the cigarette.

The door works like a rainy guy.

Death is a big rain.


Sex, action, and desolation.

Cars stop like dead corners.

Desolation is a fast hooker.

Why does the child talk?


Oh, action!

The rain gabs like a rainy child.

Ooh, love!

Ooh, faith!


Death, faith, and faith.

Why does the hooker gab?

Why does the door run?

Cigarettes run like small girls.

The misty job quietly hustles the children.


All rains climb dry, rainy kids.

The hot hood quietly shoves the man.

© 2012 Ismael Rodriguez Jr.

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Added on May 29, 2012
Last Updated on May 29, 2012


Ismael Rodriguez Jr.
Ismael Rodriguez Jr.

San Jose, CA

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