The Victim

The Victim

A Poem by A poet's heart

You’re feeling hurt, you’re feeling low,

Anger and hatred all in one go

You’re feeling pain; ‘why me?!’ you say,

The victim as always ‘help me’ you pray.


But have you ever stopped to look at your pain?

Your quest for happiness that seems ‘in vain’?

Ever looked at your anger to see what it’s done?

It’s not helped in one way- now what have you done?


But you do have a choice- a forking path;

One that wallows in the aftermath

Feel sorry for yourself and hate all you like

Build anger inside, a ‘wounded’ psych.


But really where is the point in that?

Getting nowhere and stuck in the past.

Your built up tension, hatred and anger

Giving rise to your very own doppelganger.


No, the most liberating thing you could do

Is to forgive the girl you thought you knew

We all have problems, all make mistakes

I mean really? Come on? Take it to your grave?

So what you were hurt? You’ve been punished enough

Forgive and forget, move on, life’s tough.


So say the hardest words to say,

Say them and mean them- for that’s the way

To move on and do it for you,

Go on just say it; ‘I forgive you’.

© 2012 A poet's heart

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Brilliant write, all actions and experience are labelled 'Good' and 'Bad' by humanity, humanity though has not yet understood the greater meaning in actions. If such awareness was gifted to us many of those actions would be reclassified. The line I am most proud of and use a lot is 'Without the darkness that surrounds, the stars could not shine'. I am grateful for the darkness and the light in me, the pain and the pleasure, the joy and sadness and my defeats and victories. Every second of us makes the clock face of our lives. Really enjoyed this peice

Posted 10 Years Ago

A poet's heart

10 Years Ago

Thank you, your message about the stars is very similar to my recent poem 'Rainbow after Rain' actua.. read more

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Added on September 20, 2011
Last Updated on April 11, 2012
Tags: victim, liberation, forgiveness, letting go


A poet's heart
A poet's heart

United Kingdom

Hey! I'm a university student in the UK and write poetry as a way to clear my head and figure out what I'm thinking. I think that most of my poem titles could do with a great deal of improvement! S.. more..