A Chapter by Dark Angel ~

Told by Isibell

Liam must be the angel I used to pray for when I was little, Goddess. When I used to ask for someone to take care of me and play with me. Ah, thank you, my Lady. Thank you for answering my prayer!
But why did I have to get the one who's been to Hell and back? Was that some kind of joke? Because my life had been at the lowest of the low, I had to get the angel with the darkest past? I couldn't get an angel-angel, I had to get the demon angel?
But he was my angel... and he was perfect for me. He knew me, knew who I was, what I wanted, what I liked, and what I needed. He knew how to take care of me (I knew from the times he let me cry on his shoulder or into his shirt, and all the times he listened and talked to me.)... He was my angel.
This hit me not long after I went home after spending a day with Liam, learning about him.
"So I didn't scare you?" He had asked me outside my house after walking me home.
"I told you I didn't scare easily." I managed to laugh.
He had chuckled, shaking his head. "You do understand everything you were told, right?"
"Of course." I answered automatically. Something in his eyes had shown that he doubted that, but he kept it to himself.
"I'll see you soon, then."
I nodded and went into my house, where I sat in the living room, going through the day in my mind.
"Liam... oh! Liam's my angel!" As I said it, I felt something connect with me. "He's my angel."
And I'm always watching over you.

"Good morning?" Liam said from the doorway of my room the following morning.
"Hey." I sighed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. How had he gotten into my room? Not that I minded, or anything- but he would've had to get past my mom...
"I got in because, I'm your angel. Nothing can stop me from being with you."
"What stopped you before?"
"You didn't know."
"What stopped you from telling me?"
"You weren't supposed to know. I was supposed to leave as soon as you didn't need me with you anymore."
"Why didn't you leave?"
He climbed into my bed and looked into my eyes. "I'd rather keep that to myself for now, darling." He said quietly. The light in his eyes shifted, as if to hide something.
"I promise I'll tell you one day, just not now."
I nodded.
"You still have questions for me?" He asked. "Even after yesterday?"
"I'm curious. Can you blame me?"
He chuckled. "You want to know what being half demon, half angel means?"
"I also want to know if you're always going to do the mind reading thing."
"Does it bother you?"
"Very much so."
"Then I suppose I'll be doing it more often."
I rolled my eyes. Great. Just answer the question, you cocky-
"Ah-uh. No insulting your angel, you might hurt his feelings." He winked. "Being half demon-half angel means that I have both entities in me. I am both bad and good, both dark and light. It means both sides fight in me as well as over me, trying to claim me, own me."
"Own?" I asked.
"Darkness lost me, and wants me back. Light has me and wants to keep me. They're in a constant battle."
I sat up and started to ask another question.
"I'm probably going to get you out of the habit of talking." He said over me. "You really don't need to."
"Then answer me already, butthead."
"See, now I'm hurt." He said, pouting and hiding his eyes. But he was instantly serious. "Sometimes, the battle is visible, most of the time, it's hidden."
Explain. I thought.
"It's visible in that sometimes... I-" He paused a minute and I heard his voice in my mind. Sometimes, I go back. Yesterday, when I said I've left the Goddess, and I don't know why she keeps taking me back, I was serious. I have a dark side, as corny as that sounds. It fights with my good side, and sometimes it wins. He looked right into my eyes, held my gaze. And every time it wins, it gets stronger. I get so scared... Because one day... I feel like nothing will be able to stop it.
I shook my head. "No... you'll..."
"No, I won't. You don't understand what it takes... I won't be able to stop it."
I grabbed unto him. "I'll help you"
"Goddess, no." He shut his eyes, shook his head. "You don't know what you're saying."
"Then tell me everything."
"I can't do that."
"Why not?"
"You don't know what could happen if I did. I'm not going to do that to you."

© 2011 Dark Angel ~

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this is seriously amazing. And its insanely addictive. I cannot stop reading.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Omg cant stop reading! This book is addicting great write! Next Chapter....more and more...

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ohh know. It's like a secret lie. We learn more about him AND her with each words, in a way.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love how we just keep learning more and more about his life and heaven and hell. Very amazing that you can do that in writing!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Dark Angel ~
Dark Angel ~

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