Chapter 1: It Begins

Chapter 1: It Begins

A Chapter by J.Peña

Sirius took out his wand and shot a black and white copy of The Sign in the air. Many people turned to him, asking for confirmation. He nodded, pointing at James- oblivious to Remus watching them.

It was quite an average day at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 
The teachers are trying VERY hard (McGonagall.... not so much) not to put much pressure on the Seventh Years due to the upcoming NEWTs; the students are trying VERY hard to not doze off in class due to lack of sleep; and Remus Lupin is trying... not so hard to befriend his Potions partner, Alicia Moreau. 
"Hey!" James called, running out of the Potions classroom and after his friends.
Remus ran up the steps, fuming. He'd had enough of their bickering, and thus did the only thing he could think of at the moment: run away. James stopped. He sighed, running a hand through his hair, mussing it up... more. Sirius stumbled towards him, feeling oddly lightheaded and giggly. Either it's from the fumes of Frank Longbottom's cauldron, or the big bump on his head, James didn't know. 
"Where'd Moony go?" He asked, smiling goofily. James rolled his eyes. "Library, I think. Moreau's riled him up more than I'd care to admit..." He trailed off, still unsure wether there was sexual tension between those two or not. 
Suddenly, there was a great rush of Seventh Year students into the corridors, talking loudly about the recent explosion. 
"Slughorn dismissed the class early, since you and Remus didn't go back from the 'bathroom'." Peter Pettigrew stumbled towards them, his chubby hands on the strap of his book bag. James nodded understandingly, while Sirius just hummed contentedly, fiddling with his red and gold tie.
"We really need to get you to the Hospital Wing..." James muttered, starting forward. He stopped at Peter's voice. "I'll take him, James. Why don't you see if you can find Remus?" The Potter nodded and sprinted up the steps to the Library.

Remus Lupin dumped his bag on the library table. He dropped to the chair and rubbed his temples. Why did she have to be so f****n' difficult?! He wanted to scream. Yes, he really did. But it wouldn't do any good for his throbbing temples, he's sure. And since he's in the library...

So he just sat there.

Minutes later, he suddenly wondered what was taking his friends so long. Usually they'd be here minutes after he storms out of class, and so he got worried when the bell, signaling that it's Lunch time, rang.

Remus stood up, taking his bag with him. After tidying his appearance and saying goodbye to Madam Pince (Who gave him a terse nod and smile in return. *shudder*), he stalked out of the Library, to the corridors, and into the Great Hall. Where he was met with silence.

He raised an eyebrow. Why are they staring? He spotted James and Peter eating on the Gryffindor Table, before walking over there. 

"Hey guys." He greeted, suddenly suspicious of James' terse nodding to Peter's questioning glances. "'Lo Remus." Said James, just as Peter stood up and scurried out of the Great Hall. The werewolf sat on the bench where Peter was a while ago, and began eating. 

"I wouldn't do that just yet." James said with a creepy smile. Remus raised an eyebrow and dropped the scone of his plate. "Why?" He asked suspiciously. James' smile grew. "Oh, nothing, just a little... solution... to your girl problem." 

Remus' eyes had narrowed dangerously.

"What do you mean solution?" He spat, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with all of the eyes on him. What did he miss? And more importantly- what did James do?


Sirius Black grinned happily as he plopped himself on the bench. Peter had gone to the Hospital Wing and dragged him here, before disappearing again. Remus started, eyes widening. "Oh... it's just you." He mumbled, turning to his scone once again. James gave Sirius The Sign behind Remus' back. Sirius' grin grew impossibly wider.

He took out his wand and shot a black and white copy of The Sign in the air. Many familiar faces turned to him, asking for confirmation. He nodded happily, pointing at James- completely oblivious to Remus watching him suspiciously while he did so.

© 2011 J.Peña

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Added on August 5, 2011
Last Updated on August 5, 2011
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