A Poem by Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana

Beat style poem, loosely inspired by the novel of the same name by Greg Egan, 6/19-20/2017


(start out)

(breathe in, breathe out)

If you’re boring and you’re tired

And you’re restless and you’re wired

Incandescence (breathe ---------)

Cascading rain

Cascading pain

Always playing the game


Principles - Confusing foundation

God emotions - weights in motion

(Of which I did forget was Second!

That’s my gyroscopic intention)

The gravity of the situation

Is a storm full of fury and nothing Z!

Nothing to gain and nothing to pane

Third! Is power - back crack, make noise, big badda boom

In the rain, howl, whistle (while you work)

You wild thaaang

Just let who you are, bee

Fourth! Life is love eternal fall all time

Time is eternal for all love (All the love long day)

Fifth! is expression expressly expressed

What you need

Neat & concise, short & sweet

What you want, Who you are

What you do

What you be

Do be do be do be do be doooooooo

It’s all the same


Everything over and over a-gain

Nothing too loose, nothing too game

Except love! It’s all about love!

Love is ex-cep-shun-all

Creaking and moaning

Speaking and spoken

Tweeting + f*****g

All. It. Over. Again.

(Roll it over I said)


Is expression -

Expressly constitutional -

(mercury rising-na)



Spoke ingenue (Spock engine ewe)

Broke Injun

Broken English

Break and enter?

Donor wanna be a goodie two-choose

Choose you

(choo choo train woo woo,

I think I can x2, I can do the can can)

Wadda wadda wadda wadda

Water coming, dawn again

Coming down again again again

Let loose

Stormy night, boozy breezy third eye site

That’s sixth!

Dont’ gotta fight

Matty tatty tight

It’s all about PEACE and pain

Grease and rain

Streak and strain

A freak ordained

Peace is a wonder


Of the seven wonders

A piece of you is a piece of a STAR

As you were, as you are, sir

Duty tooty rooty, sir

What’s it like to be a god?

Glad you asked


Shallah shakka

God is number seven (On the list tonight)

And 7 Is


An Infinite-a-tessimal

A fractal ration decimal

(echo echo eye aye)

Yes, I know, that that’s a stretch

But be a friend, don’t be a wretch

And play along

But more than that

And more than last (time)

You always gave (and glad) a second chance

A sacred dance

A measured glance

To Robin Hood and Lancelot

He fucked around

Don’t think about it much at all

But anyway

There’s God, walking away (that way)

Through the open doorway

There’s God, yeah

He is U + ME + SHE +

All of us are God, at that, man

Atman - Brahman - Bro/man

God is just - a placeholder - yell oh a sign

From above and behind

(don’t forget to turn the page

Or you’ll get stuck and never age)

And all around that’s what is

Neither here nor there

Is what’s in here and

Won’t do you any good or

Get you anywhere but resonate resonate

With tortoise tortoise

And with hare


That - you love it - we love the game

(the story game)

Love da time you love yourself

Love ta be God and everything

And here we are all together

And its so saweeTAH

A news is in da air so there a where

So stay awhile, nows the time

To stop and smile, drink a little

Water hear, water ya think I mental slay

I meant what I said uh what I meant

And I mean - what i say (first principles yeh)

But don’t stay mean

And I stay all day and

I sleep all night but it’s

A dream less day & a sleep less night

(all dat s**t keeps raining down on me)

And it all comes together

(like American Gothic)

In a word purdy wordy boyd

Cloud sound is round and

It’s around and it’s about to get

Bit big better now (brutha)

Bow now

(and breathe -------)



Bow wow


Salute yourself


Don’t leave yourself, just stay cuz

Suicide is paradox

That’s all it is (FAXMAMN)

You don’t want out

To muck about with all that’s that

And all what’s what til time’s about

You turn in, tuck in (forward roll growler bout)

And turn yourself right about

Back awards four-a-words and

Inside out

Don’t shout

(but let it aaaaall out)

Its getting louder (candy trolley)

The storm we were a promise-dah

All the shadows in the

Corner of our mind

We scratch out all equations

A theorem

I think i’m in a play

(about a play about a play about a play about a play about…)

Or play about


Don’t doubt

It’s all about love

Humming human sum summon

and ergo sum cumming

Aum now

Stretch it aaaaaaall out yall

Sweet mystery (meeting ye) you pretty thang

Come to me / I love you / I don’t need you

Fortitude a solid tune your solitude

But come about and cast a spell

And we can cast

All - of - our - DEMONS - OUT (and)

Rooster come to roost and not too soon

Til harvest moon

But now it’s June

No bug a ground and til then

Dune doom the rhythm in

Basic bass is just

A fish a bicycle

A wookie moon defense

A cookie zen a nugget den

Sensical s senseless again

Beauty and the beast

Howl the moon and fool the tune

Sergeant surgeon lonely heart

There’s a song that we are li(o)ving

And it’s really never ending

And we’re singing it forever

It’s now and ever after

Soon all noon and each of 13 a good moon

And yet we still have not

Gotten to a few

Of the particular

So such that, here now

(inch closer)

Spring [email protected] (tigga please)


Well met, I’ll bet

It’s wed and bed

Fade out

(start out)

(breathe in, breathe out)

© 2017 Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana

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Added on August 24, 2017
Last Updated on August 24, 2017
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Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana
Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana

Port Jefferson Station, NY

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