Chasing Pluto Prologue

Chasing Pluto Prologue

A Poem by Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana

Chasing Pluto Prologue

Chasing my own tail
We are all god good consciousness
Walk through steps
Unity of structures without blob
Paths of the heart
Scales and perspectives and channels 
Keep it rolling unfold trolling
Make it work
Develop bugs into features
Flying is distracted falling
Living is distracted dying
Rolling at right angles
Surfing strange angels
Setting fire bursting song
Leave the carcas to the Beatles
The god of auto correct
God is in the details and the frame
Incorporation of poloroids 
Without infinite mirror chamber laser paranoid
Glass beads
Gloss sugar bees
What I lacked was conviction and motivations
I lost the space between
Spiral in
And spiral out
Sitting on my navel
Pull it through my bootstrap suspenders
Juba this and bungy that
The lady or the Bronze Tiger Asian Helicopter Mamapapateecha
Don't preecha
Knees are for weasels of this I'm fairly Pauly Shore 
How to talk to
Steampunk deisel atomicpunk metaholomorphogenic transascender boygirls 
At all tomorrow's parties, luv innit?
Eeking out existence
Living when insistence
How much glamour gotta get 
To sugar coat the time cortex?
OCD is accidental Occidental
Plan with benefit
Don't have a fit 
Fitzpatrick, because is no true scotsman 
Like a true scotsman who knows
When the winds blows
If it's not Scottish it's crap
It's crop
What's left can always fertilize
My aunt's are ants
Who analyze 
What tantalizes Tantalus
Rocks Atlas
And sparks Prometheus
Is always you is we and we is us
Panpsychic pie hole
Bleeding dry
Unless the the die is cast
And tie dye thus
A rainbow kingdom come
Of us a color tribe
A thirteen moon'd turtle bus
It's just that Lucy told me
Altered carbon
Is diamond in the rough
And yet so much more than blood from stone
The die has cast
The past at last
Our collective future utopian culture
Is a pre-existing condition
Was holding fast
But only passion plays
These days
The subtle ways 
And meta mettles with the nettles 
Rosy glasses thorny petals
To the mettle
And the levy
With your chevy chasing
Based on bassing
Mirror ladder facing
Laser, ground, moonpie tracing
We are what we always were
Laughing living love
Inside outside below above
When we all conspire for each other
That how we inspire 
All sister brother

© 2018 Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana

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Added on November 8, 2018
Last Updated on November 8, 2018


Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana
Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana

Port Jefferson Station, NY

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