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The silent cold night fell upon the icy path, which mingled through the forest of Glamber. A sage waited with an small scouting party. The creatures of the dark waited for a few moment, it would be a while before the guardians would come. The foul air’s smell felt lightened as the dwarves first came into view, the human and elves followed behind them. 

All of them alert and protecting the high elf. A arrow would pierce the skull of any soldier, but the high elf was so much stronger, than your ordinary warrior. One mistake and the attempt would leave the sage and his force dead. He focused his magic onto one arrow and muttered, “Fire it in the skull of the high elf.” An vampire picked up the arrow aiming it at the head of the high elf, he fired.
The arrow flew through the air and made it mark upon the high elf’s head. Instantly the magic of the sage took effect. The elf grabbed the horses gray hair he fell to the left side of his horse and began drawing rugged breaths, his last breaths. All of the guardian looked at his chest raising for the last time. The high elf was no more than a mere memory for he had passed on.

The guardians scrambled to readjust themselves to the current threat did they not release that the sage and force could easily destroy them like a axe cutting through wood. The sage was hungry and thirsty, he desired the blood of the guard to quench his thirst and there bodies to feed off of. His teeth shone in the darkness, though his dark body did not even show in the darkness of the cursed forest. He divide out sword first into the guard slicing the remaining elves heads right off. His scouting party followed and attacked the remaining weak and feble dwarves and humans.

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preatty good
i like it!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

It was good...kinda scary I coild pictuer it rite in front of me

Posted 10 Years Ago

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