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The beginning

The beginning

A Chapter by N.G

I gazed into her ocean blue eyes I could feel my blood leaking to the sides of me. Her perfect oval face stared right at me with a piercing glare. Her face turned pale when she saw my shattered form, I could see the tears in her eyes, which she worked so hard to contain. Her voice quivered when she spoke, “ How, and who?” she asked looking at the cuts all over my body.

“ They had swords there were 3 or 4 of them but I didn’t know who they were.” I said trying to hide the pain, as she looked at my pale face. I tried to smile but failed miserably, I probably should tell her but I didn’t want her to get caught in this it was between her brother and me I thought to myself. I was going to die, I could see my shadows depth in her perfect blue eyes, which were concerned for me, and to bad it was too late.

“I’m going to go get a doctor, you wait here,” she said to her younger sibling and me. Tear’s flooded my eyes when I saw her turn her back on me, I knew I needed to tell her before I died otherwise she would live like the dead and I couldn’t bear that, even though a part of me didn’t want me to tell a lie and I wanted to see if she would be loyal to me after death.

“No wait I have to tell you something.” I yelled to her fleeing back, she turned on her heels her face had lost the little colour it had. “I don’t love you,” I said my courage growing with the lie.

“Your lying… you’re the one who said I’m the one… the one you want to spend your whole life with.” She screamed at me from the growing distance. I made eye contact her ocean eyes were searching for answers, yet I didn’t want to give them.

“No…I loved you but, not now” I said search my own brain for a reason to make her believe when I did not myself. “I never loved you, it was always your money and power.” The colour in my eyes fading all I wanted was a last glimpse of her.

“I hate you, I hate you Percy.” The pain had become less yet my mind throbbed in pain at those words. I fought hard to look into her eyes making sure that she would believe me if I could just look at her, a part of me wanted her to know. The pain was settling and her face looked beautiful, her crimson cheeks were pale yet, she held some magnificence.

My eyes slipped and she anger again became a fuel for sadness as she knew I had lied, a feeble attempt to make her not wait for me, in that instant she knew as I did, I was going to die. I tried to speak to fix my mistake, but I couldn’t even open my mouth my whole body now ached.

I could feel my sprit drifting toward the shadow, I fought with all the energy I had pulling out of its reach momentarily I managed to mumble “ I … I d..d love you.” It had drained the little of me left, I was going to fall into the shadows, I didn’t even try to resist, it was time I knew it.

I looked at her as my sprit slipped out, I felt complete yet hallow. I had told her what I had lived for, yet by doing so I took all her happiness and love, and replaced it with misery and a urge for revenge. I was living by her yet she couldn’t see me or hear me, I had become her transparent shadow.

© 2009 N.G

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Added on May 21, 2009



Calgary, Canada

I'm 16 and I live In Calgary more..

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