Beauty Can Be Fierce

Beauty Can Be Fierce

A Poem by JadeTaylor

I write this for the young women in my life. Currently my niece is growing up faster than people always say they do. I write this for her, for my unborn daughter and for my future grandchildren.


Beauty can be fierce, my darling.

I want you to understand that the doll you’ve been given, the princess you hold in your hands is one soul’s version of beauty.

Every soul is different and I see that yours does not belong to a damsel in distress.

You belong on a mountain top, a warrior, fierce and terrifying.

You are a hurricane of truth, breaking down walls and laying waste to a valley of snakes.

You are a pearl, long have you spent growing from a grain of sand to an imperfect jagged beauty.

You are not a doll, meant to be painted and prepped. You are not as delicate as a rose petal, you are the whole rose. You are the thorns. The glow of your fierce beauty and the fire you emulate will light up the world.

You can hold your barbie doll for now, but know she is just a doll. A mockery of the human form. A piece of plastic. Cold and hard, shallow and hollow. You are a shark. Terrible and majestic, hunted and praised. You are your own beauty. You will bring the world to their knees and you will show them all that true beauty is a heart of gold.

True beauty is a peacekeeper. True beauty is friendship and family, a humble mind and a dignified soul.

What you are is not plastic and hollow. You are beautiful. You are so much more than the word. You are it’s meaning.

© 2019 JadeTaylor

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I adore this piece. It's one that ought to be mentioned way more often than the facade that is littered everywhere in our society! Whether one becomes just another brick in the wall or to truly be defined by who they are. It is a great reminder to stop listening to expectations as anything more than guidelines and to only think about who they could be by examples of those that were from millions of different people.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on March 20, 2019
Last Updated on March 20, 2019
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